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Healing, Purification, Transformation and Imagination.

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Welcome to the Mystery School of Awareness. In the spirit of One Love, we invite you to visit our Sacred Temples of Tantra. Within this site you will find Certified Massage Therapists, Sensual Massage Bliss Therapists,  Tantric Masseuses aka Tantrikas or Dakinis, Energy Healers, Yoga Teachers, Tantra Teachers, Spiritual Counselors, Artists, Photographers, Workshop Leaders, Sacred Ceremonies, Wedding Planners & our Shamanic-Tantric Ministry of Holy Love.

Temple of Bliss is a collective of awake and deliciously loving Independent Providers! In bliss, only love exists. Tantra maintains that these bodies, these gifts, are ours to awaken and realize Heaven, Nirvana, Supreme Bliss, Shambhala all here now.

We offer Sacred Temple Bodywork, that is, Full Body Sensual Massage & Tantra Massage sessions for men and women. We also offer Couples Bliss sessions – specially catered to the couples themselves, as well as Doubles Bliss Sessions with two therapists. Sacred Temple Bodywork is a sensual variation of Hawaiian Temple Bodywork. We invite you to be embraced fully in to “the wings of the Dove”… our wings, with Love.

Dakini Therapists in Temple of Bliss Premier Collective Spaces in the San Francisco Bay Area:
Oakland Convention Center: *82-510-545-6834 Zen Temple
Southern Novato: *82-415-683-0703 Lotus Temple
Marin San Anselmo: *82-415-574-0219 Shambhala Temple
San Francisco SOMA: *82-415-683-7607 Castle Temple
South Bay/Santa Cruz: *82-831-205-1656 Tree Temple
Dakini Therapists in Temple of Bliss Premier Collective Spaces in the Los Angeles Area:
Heart of Hollywood: *82-213-290-4467 Star Temple
Downtown Santa Monica: *82-323-521-9776 Ocean Temple
Dakini Therapists in Temple of Bliss Premier Collective Space in New York City / Manhattan:
NY Midtown West, (Between Hell’s Kitchen & Columbus Circle): *82-646-580-6150 Nirvana Temple
Dakini Therapists in Temple Affiliate Private Spaces:
Boulder, Colorado: *82-720-432-0748 Cassie Rose/Rose Temple
Venice Beach, Los Angeles: *82-310-243-6722 Phoenix Rose/Light Palace

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In All of our Spaces – California, Colorado & New York : Same Day Appointments are available, advance scheduling is preferred. Please be prepared to provide us with verifiable background information on yourself, as we do have a screening policy.

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