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Vajra Yogini

My intentions for pursuing the path of the Dakini is to cultivate awareness while enhancing our innate ecstatic energy for the sake of service to others in holy love.

Vajra Yogini


Over the last several years, I’ve spent time working intimately with some of the earths most precious master plants. I’ve been fortunate enough to work in a traditional context with Native elders as well as in the natural habitat where these cacti grow. Tuning in to the environment with the high vibration of these master beings has had profound effects on my life in realizing my potential and purpose. I wish to bring all of these lessons I’ve learned into a healing container to share with you.

I deeply believe that self love and full body acceptance are a prerequisite to having successful relationships as functional members of our communities. In our modern world, disembodiment seems to exist at the root of most human dysfunction. I wish to serve as a medium for the alleviation of self self-shame and deep trauma through the loving service of the whole human system.

Movement and touch are some of my greatest gifts as well as my preferred artform. I am a sweet, playful, and energetic being, with a natural ability to captivate those around me and encourage childlike wonder in others. I love moving my body through dance, spending time with nature, swimming and exploring our beautiful Mother Earth and connecting heart to heart with others.  What is alive in you? I look forward to connecting in the Dance of the Body of Bliss

~ practicing Yogini of 13+ years
~ trained in Edgu, Evolutionary Spinal Maintenance, Esalen Institute
~ student of Karsai Nei Tsang
~ student of both eastern and western traditional massage practices
~ 25+ years of dance and movement training

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Vajra YoginiVajra Yogini

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Vajra Yogini

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