Tantra is a path to truth; truth as Love. Truth as bliss.


Couples Tantra: Are you looking for a deeper, richer, fuller experience with your beloved, taking you to new heights of spiritual communion together? Do you feel the desire , the yearning for more adventure in your sharing of your love? Couples Bliss will have you cultivating the Art of listening, with your heart, your body, your hands, your eyes, your entire being; spiritually, physically, emotionally in Holy Love.

The entire universe vibrates with pleasure and desire, thus, in Tantra, the experience of pleasure on a microcosmic, individual level, evokes the universal process. At peak moments, the practitioner has an opportunity to experience a state of union (or Yoga) with all that is, with the infinite creative Nirvana bliss from which we all emerged. Imagine sharing that experience with another sweet soul. Imagine flowing in waves from the depths of the Ocean Soul together, upward toward the Sun, wrapped in spirals of cosmic creative light, pulsing with divine joy.


The Art of Shamanic Tantric Communion is a ritual, a choice for you & your Beloved to intentionally open yourselves up as Universal vessels, to receive the nectar from the heavens, to embody the god & goddess (Shiva and Shakti). It is a choice to trust, reveal and be seen.

By acting impeccably in the world, we create an atmosphere within and around us which not only nurtures our own development as human beings, but also betokens our ecstatic entry into the realm of self–awakening. We will need to be brave to open to the reality of who we are, but being brave in this context is simply having the courage to wake up to who we really are, to open ourselves thoroughly and honestly to this basic expression of what it means to be alive, to look deep within the mirror, the crystal Temple of the Soul.

The Art of Shamanic Tantric Communion requires the sensitivity to be completely, intentionally present, the willingness to feel raw emotional vulnerability, the openness to explore the unknown, and the courage to let the genie out of the bottle. You have the powerful potential to completely transform the way you see the world and your place within it. There is the opportunity of entering altered states of consciousness, where you may receive ecstatic visions and transmissions. Let the genie out of the bottle, ask for what you want to receive. The Infinite Love of the Universe wants to play with you!

Are you looking for a delicious new experience of feeling all of your senses and chakras activated while being massaged from head to toe by four hands? ...If so, then a Doubles Bliss/Tantra session is an exquisite loving bliss massage journey not to miss! Surrender to the capable hands of two women.

Let us guide you on your journey through the gates to Source Bliss!

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