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Orange County Tantra: Newport Beach 

Men, Women, Couples & Groups

Welcome to our Los Angeles & Orange County Tantra Yoga Collective. We are Tantra Bodywork Guides, Bliss Awakening Dakinis, Certified Massage Therapists, Shamanic Healers, Teachers and Life/Love Coaches working as independent Practitioners, offering various modalities to you in beautiful temple settings. Locations in San Francisco, Oakland, SF Peninsula and Marin.

Though our therapeutic bodywork styles & Tantra trainings differ, we each offer the Temple's Kundalini Body of Bliss Therapy,  a session we've created to address all parts of you: physical, spiritual, emotional and kundalini energy bliss activation. Many of us also offer Tantric Bodywork sessions, though we each have different levels of experience as outlined below.

The Kundalini Body of Bliss Massage is a Sacred Temple Bodywork session similar to Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi Massage, where we massage you in full-body flowing strokes “like wings of a dove” - the entire time deeply therapeutic, transformational and enveloping you in love. 

Please read each therapist's bio page to get a sense of our energy & offerings. Please also read through the descriptions of Kundalini Body of Bliss Therapy, Tantric BodyworkCouples Bliss/Doubles Bliss and  Purely Therapeutic Offerings to be sure your desires and intentions may best be met by the appropriate provider.


Our sessions are a prayer that you will receive the nurturance, unconditional love, awakening, healing and transformation that is perfect for  you.You were born of bliss, to love & be guided by the light of the tantric union within.

Surrender here in our sanctuary.

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LA Dakini Therapists in Temple of Bliss Premier Collective Spaces

Queen Love

Tantric Bodywork
Advanced Tantrika & Teacher
Counsel Couples & Groups
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OC Dakini Therapists in Temple Affiliate Private Spaces

Danielle Avalon

Newport Beach, CA

Tantric Bodywork
Advanced Tantrika & Teacher
Kundalini Bliss Massage
Couples ~ Women ~ Men
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Tantrika/Tantra Levels of Experience

Level I/Freshman: CMT, Intuitive Touch, Basic Tantric Training, Some Kundalini Body of Bliss experience.

Level II/Sophmore: CMT, Additional Bodywork skills, Intuitively Tantric,  Kundalini Body of Bliss & Tantric Bodywork experience with the Temple & positive reviews, Basic Tantric Training+More Tantric Studies & Trainings and/or Yoga Teacher certification.

Level III/Junior: CMT, Advanced Bodywork skills, Intuitively Tantric, Lots of Hands-on Kundalini Body of Bliss & Tantric Bodywork experience with the Temple & positive reviews, More Advanced Tantric Studies & Trainings,  Yoga Teacher certification and/or Shamanic Studies. 

Advanced Tantrika/Teacher/Senior: CMT, Advanced Bodywork skills, Intuitively Tantric, Lots of Hands-on Kundalini Body of Bliss & Tantric Bodywork experience with the Temple & positive reviews,  More Advanced Tantric Studies & Trainings, Yoga Teacher certification, Shamanic Studies, participation in multiple Shamanic ceremonies, multiple years of experience as a Tantrika, multiple trainings/workshops in tantra & dakini initiations.

California Prices

Kundalini Body of Bliss Massage
 1 hr1.5 hrs2 hrs2.5 hrs3 hrs
Levels 1 & 2 Dakinis$245$365$490$610$735
Level III & Advanced Tantric Dakinis$255$385$510$640$765
Tantric Bodywork
Levels 1 & 2 Dakinis$260$390$520$650$780
Level III & Advanced Tantric Dakinis$275$415$550$690$825
Tantra-Ties(Level 1 & 2 therapist)$290$435$580$725$870
TantraBond(Level 3 & Advanced Therapist) recommended 2+ hrsn/a$450$600$750$900
Bliss~For Couples (1 therapist/teacher)n/a$500$650$800$1000
Bliss~For Couples (2 therapists)$500$750$1000$1250$1500
Tantra~For Couples (1 therapist/teacher)n/a$525$700$875$1050
Tantra~For Couples (2 therapists)$550$775$1100$1375$1650
Bliss~For Individuals (2 therapists)$500$750$1000$1250$1500
Tantra~For Individuals (2 therapists)$550$775$1100$1325$1650

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