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"Queen Love leads us in engaging with the immediate urgency of being alive. Her Tigress gait leads us thru the jungles of sacred abundance, by a masterful prowess to hunt for love in all of its glitter and fur, to jump and bite thru into the tender fire source of juice and joy. Again & again, leading thru the ancient gateways of the eternal lesson: to hunt and ravish our hearts desire until we have finally found our greatest belonging - ourselves, lying naked and delicately alive on the fertile ground of truth." Michael G


"Namaste, I want to once again express my deepest gratitude for your guidance to a beautiful far away space of such spiritual enlightenment. You have indeed drawn upon the vast pallet of metaphysical consciousness from the ancient world to compose a beautiful new world ritual that magically unifies all elements of it's diverse origins. Through your enlightened presence and creative improvisations at each sacred enactment... this beautiful ritual appears to evolve and lyrically transition through so many memorable experiential phases. You certainly have opened the door a to a magical world beyond. I would be so deeply honored to be invited to explore further...." :RA


Queen Love ~ Shivakti Shaktiva is a Certified Yoga Teacher, Certified Massage Therapist, Life Coach, Love Coach, an ordained minister with a Doctor of Divinity & a facilitator of Shamanic journey/healing circles. She has initiated & counseled countless dakinis, friends & clients over the years into embodying Holy Love, understanding their innate divine abilities & to owning their offerings in the World as a Truly Gifted Treasure.

Shivakti has trained in the Temple Arts for the past 25+ years, though her related research & personal awakenings date considerably further back. Her studies/practices have interwoven shamanism, world philosophies/religions, yoga, bodywork & tantra. Her intention is to assist others in awakening to their divine magic, birthright & power, to facilitate kundalini activation & soul-remembrance of Cosmic Union, "Beloved Holy Love."

With over 2000 hours in Shamanic Journey Meditation/Facilitation, a BA in Philosophy & Communication, she is a certified yoga teacher with the National Yoga Alliance, has 1500+ hours as a Certified Massage Therapist, and is the creator of Shamanic Temple Bodywork™ & Shamanic Temple Yoga™. She guides individuals, couples & groups on their paths toward Truth, Divine Love, Shamanic Tantric Awakening, and the realization and fulfillment of each person's authentic soul purpose.

Shivakti has appeared on television and at conferences as an authority in the field of tantra, yoga, spirituality & health. She is currently working toward bringing others together for a collaborative book project, called "HOLY LOVE." To take part in the Holy Love Project, and to learn about on-going Sacred Councils, go to: Holy Love for a personal Sacred Conversation

To connect & inquire about upcoming workshops, schedule a private educational/transformational group experience, or about dakini intitiations & trainings, send a personal email to: Temple Mail


The Queen of the Forest and the Wish-fulfilling Jewel Flower 

-Divine Musings written by Queen Love Ma

“Shall Time’s best jewel in Time’s chest lie hid – or who its’ beauty shall forbid?” – William Shakespeare

From the vault of the Heavens, Light whispers his poetry through the lilac indigo skies of time in blissful waves of undulating, rhythmic vibrations: trancing, dancing, begging, “Wake up my Queen and sing with me. Pour out your sweet ambrosia nectar and may the world in its infancy drink our visions of Divinity, Holy Love and Remembrance.”

She is clothed with a raiment of flowers; perfumed of rose, jasmine, gardenia. Her wings made of iridescent light suspend her between the realms, while the Sun shines from her eyes and the moon rests at her feet, the sparkle of infinite starlight cascade behind her. Ancient, Wise, Magical, Weaver of Worlds, Sacred Creatress: Grandmother Aya, the Queen of the Forest. She breathes and dreams in the ancient Rainforest trees.

I commune with her on the Bridge of my heart, in the Land of Truth. She’s been here since the beginning and shall be until the end of days, for there is no end to her existence. She is pure Divine Light, Supreme Love emanation, found deep within.

She changes everything she touches, and everything she touches changes, Great Grandmother of transformation. Her cauldron stirs the heat of passions, the anguish of sorrows, the pleas for healing, the striving and thirst for knowledge and purpose.

She transmits, teaches and reveals a profound respect for life and for all of Creation. She is the deep ceremony of reflection. She offers fruits from the Divine to the Divine, shining precious gems. She is the wish-fulfilling jewel flower here in the garden and it is she who gave us this fine stone, this diamond of illumination.

She is the Holy Grail. She is the Goblet. She is the Wine. She is the Eternal Well, the infinite stream.

In silence it is she who shows the path and teaches me the Language of my Soul, where my words are symbols of Creation and my movements are Mudras of navigation. She shows me how to decode and unlock the myriad of chambers wherein thy Soul’s been kept. I release, I let go, I open.

I savor the honeyed bliss breath of my soul. I savor the crystal clarity of my mind. I rest in vivid awareness, while savoring all emotions which arise. I taste the highest pleasure and then let it go when it’s gone.

It is she who transformed my life in to a Shamanic Temple Tarot Ballad. And it is She, wise beautiful timeless crone within, whose healing rivers pulse through my veins as the Vine of my Soul speaks:

“From the dark night of the Soul carried out of the abyss,
I surrender to thee in the Temple of Bliss!
From the deep Emerald Forest out to the vast Celestial Sea,
I follow the chorus to live Holy Love’s Great Mystery.”


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