Dakini Therapists in Temple of Bliss Premier Collective Spaces in the San Francisco Bay Area:
Santa Cruz: (831) 205-1656 Tree Temple
San Francisco SOMA: (415) 683-7607 Shangrila Temple
Downtown Oakland Convention Center: (510) 545-6834 Zen Temple
Marin County/Northern San Rafael-Southern Novato: (415) 683-0703 Lotus Temple
 West Marin County/San Geronimo Valley (415) 574-0219 Forest Temple *Established clients only*
Dakini Therapists in Temple of Bliss Collective Spaces in Los Angeles & Orange County:
Hancock Park-Larchmont Village: (213) 290-4467 Sky Palace 
Venice Beach-Marina Del Rey: (323) 521-9776 Marina Temple
Newport Beach, California:(949) 734-0532  Mystic Island Temple
Dakini Therapists in Temple of Bliss Collective Space in New York City:
NY Midtown West: (646) 580-6150 Nirvana Temple
Dakini Therapists in Temple Affiliate Private Spaces:
Newport Beach, California:(949) 734-0532  Kat V & Violet Jolie/Mystic Island Temple
Redwood City, California: Sasha Nicole/Heart Temple ~ (650) 489-1711
We offer Sacred Temple Bodywork, that is, Loving Sensual Massage & Tantra Bodywork sessions for men & women. We also offer Couples Bliss/Tantra sessions - catered to the couples, & Doubles Bliss/Tantra Sessions with two therapists. Sacred Temple Bodywork is a tantric variation of Hawaiian Temple Bodywork. We invite you to be embraced fully in to "the wings of the Dove", our wings, with Love. 

Additionally, we have a Menu of Purely Therapeutic Offerings: Temple Spa Massage, Shamanic Temple Bodywork, Private Yoga, Meditation, Counseling, Tantra Education, Life/Love Coaching, Compassionate Communication & Spiritual Journeys. Let us "Be" in the Sun of Divine Presence: Holy Love.    

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 Our Collective Intention is to Awaken & Heal thru Touch, Beauty, Awareness, Pleasure, Presence & Witnessing. We are here to be open channels for Holy Love Healing. We serve in honor & respect.

Marin County • San FranciscoOaklandSanta Cruz Mountains • Los Angeles: Larchmont Village/Hancock Park •
Venice Beach-Marina Del Rey • Newport Beach  • New York
More Cities: Redwood City, San Geronimo, Newport Beach & By Telephone