Our Temple Integrated Tantra Menu of sessions are divided as follows:

Kundalini Body of Bliss Therapy Tantric Ritual Bodywork
Couples & Doubles YabyumPurely Therapeutic Offerings
Sacred Weddings & CeremoniesDaylong & weeklong Retreats

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About our Temple Integrated Tantra Menu:


We welcome you, dear seekers of embodied bliss and joy! Your journey has led you to a group of beautiful beings, each with their own unique gifts to unite YOU with your internal divine compass. All truth, love, healing, ecstatic states of bliss union ~ may be accessed within. Be prepared to expand your awareness to embrace a new understanding of the human body. Before you make the decision to connect with one of our practitioners, we would like to offer you some information to ensure that you understand exactly where our work falls in the spectrum of the healing arts.

Please read thru the descriptions of Kundalini Body of Bliss Therapy, Tantric Ritual BodyworkCouples Bliss/Doubles Bliss/Tantra Double Yabyum and  Purely Therapeutic Offerings to be sure your desires & intentions will best be met by the appropriate provider. Our sessions are a prayer that you will receive the nurturance, unconditional love, awakening, healing & transformation that is perfect for you.

Integrated Tantra Menu:

The entire universe vibrates with pleasure and desire, thus, in Tantra, the experience of pleasure on a microcosmic, individual level, evokes the universal process. At peak moments of pleasure, the practitioner has an opportunity to experience a state of union (or Yoga) with all that is, with the infinite creative bliss from which we all emerged, our true and pure essence nature. 

Open the gateways to wonder and delight. Live in embodied bliss. Look into the mirror of your mind, the home of the Secret Dakini. Remember who and what you truly are. Realize that at this stage of our global journey it is interconnectedness and inclusivity that aligns with our soul’s purpose. Compassion and an all-encompassing respect for diversity and dignity brings us full circle to our spiritual nature where the love of Self extends itself to the love of all. Awaken to the Universal Tantra of Truth, Holy Love.

Our goal is that you will come away, renewed, empowered, encouraged to create the world as you dream it, every minute of every day of your life. Our intention is that you will be excited & inspired to continue along the Tantric path together with your partners, realizing greater joy and true Sacred Union. We are honored to be your guides. Sat Nam ("whose name is Truth").

The Petals of the Lotus they are many, but the flower is just one.

Philosophies, Religions - they are many, but the truth is just one.

May All Beings Remember & Open to the Source of Holy Love. May All Beings be at Peace. 

All prices listed are for In-call Services in one of our Gorgeous Private Temple Spaces.

For Outcall, please add an additional $100 to any of these services. *Outcalls are only available to five-star hotels. This is true for all cities.

California Prices

Body of Bliss Massage
  1 hr 1.5 2 hr 2.5  3 hr
Levels 1 & 2 Dakinis $275 $415 $550 $685 $825
Level III & Advanced  $290 $435 $580 $725 $870
Tantric Ritual Bodywork
Levels 1 & 2 Dakinis $290 $435 $580 $725 $870
Level III & Advanced  $305 $460 $610 $760 $915
Tantra Ties Ritual
Enhanced sensory ...          
Tantra-Ties(Level 1 & 2) $320 $480 $640 $790 $960
TantraBond(Level 3+)  n/a $495 $660 $825 $990
Couples +$20/hour per therapist if Level 3 & Advanced
Couples Bliss~1 therapist   n/a $525 $700 $875 $1050
Couples Bliss~2 therapists n/a $830 $1100 $1360 $1650
Couples Tantra~1 Therapist n/a $600 $800 $975 $1150
Couples Tantra~2 therapists  $580 $870 $1160 $1450 $1740
Doubles +$20/hour per therapist if Level 3 & Advanced
Bliss~For Individuals (2 therapists) $550 $800 $1100 $1360 $1650
Tantra~For Individuals (2 therapists) $580 $870 $1160 $1450 $1740

New York Prices

Body of Bliss Massage
  1 hr 1.5  2 hr 2.5  3 hr
Levels 1 & 2 Dakinis $320 $480 $640 $800 $980
Level III & Advanced  $340 $510 $680 $850 $1020
Tantric Ritual Bodywork
Levels 1 & 2 Dakinis $340 $510 $680 $850 $1020
Level III & Advanced  $360 $540 $720 $900 $1080
Tantra-Ties Ritual
Tantra-Ties(Level 1 & 2 Therapist) $350 $525 $700 $875 $1050
TantraBond(Level 3 & Advanced Therapist) n/a $565 $750 $940 $1125
Couples +$20/hour per therapist if Level 3 & Advanced
Bliss~For Couples, 1 therapist n/a $600 $800 $1000 $1200
Bliss~For Couples, 2 therapists n/a $960 $1280 $1600 $1920
Tantra~For Couples, 1 therapist n/a $660 $880 $1100 $1320
Tantra~For Couples. 2 therapists $700 $1050 $1400 $1750 $2100
Doubles +$20/hour Level 3 & Advanced
Bliss~For Individuals, 2 therapists $640 $960 $1280 $1600 $1920
Tantra~For Individuals, 2 therapists $680 $1020 $1360 $1700 $2040

Purely Therapeutic

  1 hr 1.5  2 hrs 2.5  3 hrs
Private Yoga $220 $330 $440 $550 $660
Private Meditation $220 $330 $440 $550 $660
Private Forest Walk  $220 $330  $440  $550  $660
Purely Therapeutic Spa Massage $220 $330 $440 $550 $660
Shamanic Temple Bodywork $220 $330 $440 $550 $660
Spiritual Counseling $220 $330 $440 $550 $660
Life Coaching $220 $330 $440 $550 $660
Love Coaching $220 $330 $440 $550 $660
Couples Counseling $300 $450 $600 $750 $900
Tantra Education Over Tea $220 $330 $440 $550 $660
Bike Ride & Talk NA NA $440 $550 $660

Day Long Journey

All Day Guided Shamanic Spiritual Journey ~ $220 consultation, $1500 private journey(consultation fee applied to journey if you book). This is a deeply intentional & healing adventure. This is for those who have a desire to embark deep within themselves and open Pandora's box, to find the path to their liberation.  Email All Day Integrated Tantra Spiritual Journey ~ Together we will design together a beautiful day, starting with Tea & and fruit plate, then a few hours at the most exquisite spa(where your companion might watsu you in the pools), lunch, a hike/walk/bike ride, (museum perhaps) and closing the day with a Tantric Ecstatic Bodywork session. You would cover the expenses of the day, and pay your Tantric Guide a Companion fee.  Email

All Day Private Yoga Intensives ~ Email

For: Sacred Ceremonies/Weddings, Private Workshops & Retreats, Daka/Dakini Initiation & Shamanic Temple Bodywork Certification ~ prices vary, please send email to te[email protected]

All Day Groups ~ Customize your own via our group form

Kundalini Body of Bliss Therapy : Sacred Temple Bodywork

While the Kundalini Body of Bliss Therapy IS Tantric, as the recipient you are in a horizontal & passive receptive space, rather than sitting up or interactive. We blend our bodywork styles with full body-to-body flowing strokes, moving the energy continuously around your body; deep, strong, light and soft... Kundalini Body of Bliss Therapy is Sacred Temple Bodywork, our unique loving, shamanic & holistic version of Hawaiian Temple Bodywork. We invite you to be embraced fully in to "the wings of the Dove"... our wings, with Love. 

While you are invited to express your needs before and during the session, here in this session you are encouraged to go on an inward journey to experience the healing more fully and deeply to allow yourself to enter a loving shamanic trance. 

It is the human condition of separateness that has us longing to touch and be touched, without judgment, in unconditional love and acceptance. We invite you to awaken to the love within the sacred temple of your own heart and being, to the Art and Body of Bliss! 

Tantric Ritual Bodywork

Temple02Tantric Ritual Bodywork combines the Kundalini Body of Bliss ~ Sacred Temple Bodywork(read above) ~ with various additional active tantric principles. The intention of our Tantric Ritual Bodywork sessions is to explore in a mutually dynamic interactive way.

In this experience the client is a loving participant and together we embody Shiva & Shakti, God & Goddess, unveiling and mirroring our divine essence. We will play with many tantric yoga poses ~ beginning by opening our hearts through eye-gazing and dropping into a Ujai Ocean breath (slow deep breathing where you can hear the breath as it flows through the back of your throat), while sitting together in yab-yum(lover's yoga pose).

After dropping into the moment, we will engage in conversation about how the session will unfold and any specific tantric principles that you may wish to experience and learn from. Here I would like to express that our Temple's Tantric Sessions are more experiential than conversational, unless verbal coaching is specifically requested.

We will explain in the beginning how to follow the therapist's breath & gestures. And of course, we will use words when necessary! Yet, it's so nice to dissolve into essence, to escape the mind's constructs, to follow by touch, by tenderness, by intuition, by Spirit, by Love.

Couples Bliss & Tantra, Double Bliss & Double Tantra Yabyum

tantra-buddah-green-cropped1Are you looking for a deeper, richer, fuller experience with your beloved, taking you to new heights of spiritual communion together? Do you feel the desire, the yearning for more spiritual intimacy in your sharing of your love? 

COUPLES BLISS & TANTRA DOUBLE YABYUM sessions are about cultivating the Art of Intimacy, with your heart, your body, your hands, your eyes, your entire being; spiritually, physically, emotionally, ecstatically.These sacred rituals are designed to give you a deep dive into Tantric Relating, to help you take your connection to the next level of intimacy, understanding, and desires fulfilled.

DOUBLE BLISS! Ride the magic carpet while you surrender fully onto the massage table and two skilled Dakini Therapists massage you deeply and sweetly from head to toe, by the wings of the dove in holy love. Feel all your chakras(energy centers) activated and allow yourself to open in new ways in a sacred accepting container.

DOUBLE TANTRA YABYUM! Be held in loving embrace by the goddess in a classical tantra posture, known as Yabyum. In the Double Yabyum there are two goddesses holding you front and back, while breathing together and surrendering fully into the divine feminine current by her grace. This session begins in Yabyum and then unfolds organically, intuitively and in a beautiful Tantric ritual intended to celebrate, activate and honor YOU in a sacred accepting container. It beautifully moves from Yabyum into the Tantric Bliss Massage, and organically weaves in additional Tantric practices based on Tantrika levels of experience.

For Couples Session info, go to Couples Page

Purely Therapeutic Offerings

Purely Therapeutic Spa Massage Therapeutic massage with long, comforting effleurage strokes of light-to-medium pressure improve circulation and evoke a warm, soothing sensation. This massage is perfect for those that need to decompress and escape the stress of life while entering into a world of total relaxation. Hot Stones & Deep Tissue also available by some providers/please inquire.

Shamanic Temple Bodywork This is transformational bodywork: a deep journey for your soul, an ancient healing art working on the physical & luminous energy body to clear, restore, harmonize & balance your system. Using a combination of massage, breath-work & shamanic healing practices (chanting, toning, feathers, smudging, flower waters, aromatherapy, Reiki, Soul Retrieval), this work can have profound restorative effects on one's overall well being.

Private Yoga & Meditation Originally, yoga was taught one-on-one, passing knowledge and experience from teacher to disciple. Understanding the importance of individualizing yoga to meet the needs of each student, we offer private yoga. Begin your practice, get deeper insight into specific poses or practices, or spend time working with an existing injury or condition with personal guidance from one of our qualified yoga teachers.


Spiritual Counseling/Life Coach Being Spiritual is not Religion. Being spiritual is about living in harmony with that part of our-self that is connected to the Source of Creation. Bring your willingness to be cracked open, to dive in, dig deep & discover your truth & personal connection to your divine self. Once you are able to connect to your higher self, your approach towards the issues of life and towards others changes. With this change, your pain takes a new meaning and life gains a new enthusiasm for a more meaningful growth. Our Challenges are our greatest opportunities for growth & transformation.

Create a Life That's a Masterpiece! Share your dreams & visions with a Life Coach and be guided & inspired to create the life which is the manifested expression of your highest excitement.

Couples Counseling/Love Coach Whether you are single or in a relationship, allow one of our couples and relationship counselors/Love Coaches to show you how to “do love well.” Doing love well is about being love, embodying love, emanating love & expressing your heart from a space of love. Learn Compassionate Communication skills & the law of attraction. Uncover & remove the blocks to your relationship happiness.

Find out exactly how to get what you need, how to attract your heart's desires.

Eliminate deeply ingrained patterns of communicating that are preventing you from having the relationship you want.

Move away from struggle/stress and feel more appreciated and loved.

Learn to trust more and have deeper intimacy.

Tantra Education ~ this is "tantra over tea," conversation only. What about Tantra intrigues you? How can you bring a living embodied relationship with Tantra in to your life with your Beloved or alone with your self?

All-Day Guided Shamanic Spiritual Journey ~ The first step is to schedule a Counseling session to determine if this level of in-depth soul discovery & transformational healing is for you. Email

All-Day Tantric Spiritual Journey ~ Together we will design together a beautiful day, starting with Tea & and fruit plate, then a few hours at the most exquisite spa(where your companion might watsu you in the pools), lunch, a hike/walk/bike ride, (museum perhaps) and closing the day with a Tantric Ecstatic Bodywork session. You would cover the expenses of the day, and pay your Tantric Guide a Companion fee.  Email

Sacred Weddings & Ceremonies

“Love in its essence is Spiritual Fire and to Love and be Loved is to feel the Sun from both sides!”

It is my highest joy and privilege to offer alternative Spiritual Ceremonies to celebrate life, for any situation involving the union of souls... weddings; vow renewal ceremonies; commitment ceremonies for lovers of any kind; traditional, tantric or same-sex unions, and more.

I work closely with each couple to co-create a custom wedding flow, script, and vows that best express the sacred beliefs shared by you as a couple and your highest truth. 

Sat Nam & Blessings, Queen Love

For more information

Daylong Retreats

"Aire Ancient Baths" Spa in Tribeca in New York is one of the beautiful & Relaxing Spas where we could accompany you in one of our custom tailored daylong retreats.

In the SF Bay Area for Daylong retreats, we reserve space in West Marin at the private Forest Temple, where there is an outdoor hot-tub, hiking in the woods, 20 foot x 20 foot Sacred Temple Dome in the Redwoods. 

In the New York Area for Daylong retreats, we may reserve the Vajra*Yogini Temple for the Day in SOHO  Downtown Manhattan. 

Weeklong Retreats

Holy Love Institute of Tantra Yoga


Courses in Tantra Yoga & Transformation

Artist: EkaBhumi, One Earth Sacred Arts

We are holding In-depth Private Trainings & 200-hour Shivakti Tantra Yoga Teacher Trainings on the Land of Holy Love in Northern California, twice yearly.

The next Shamanic Tantric In-depth Immersion starts in Summer, 2022. Student Applications are now being accepted for individuals who wish to dive deep into the Heart of Tantra Yoga - within small groups of twelve students(only) at a time.

Join us for a profound, transformational, Shivakti Tantra Yoga Teacher experience: Facilitating the Shamanic Tantric Embodiment of your soul's purpose and reclaiming your essence nature. This Teacher Training is a comprehensive and inspirational program, inspired by the Kaula Trika lineage of Kashmir Shaivism. This Course Study is a compilation of gems our Teachers have learned from decades of learning, practicing and teaching Yoga, Tantra, Bodywork, Shamanic Transformation and Conscious Communication. Whether you are an aspiring teacher or desire to deepen your practice, this certified program will give you a solid foundation to practice and teach Shivakti Tantra Yoga.

While honoring Yoga’s historical background, we approach Shivakti Tantra Yoga as a modern and holistic practice, providing you with a potent blend of Eastern tradition & lineage, Western science, Shamanic Unwinding/Soul Retrieval Practices & Temple Arts. We are the "Bhakti Shaktis" of Tantra Yoga, devotionally embodied while empowered and awake.

Regarding Tipping: When you schedule a session with one of our practitioners, you should know that your donation is for their time and healing presence. Every practitioner works in their own special way & you will have the most fulfilling experience. The Fees we charge are all-inclusive & there are no "extras".

When you arrive, please be open to receive the gifts they have to offer you. Tipping is not required, nor is it ever expected or requested. However, many of our seekers have such a fantastic experience that they wish to give an additional donation at the end of the session, which is entirely your choice.

We thank you for taking the time to educate yourself & we look forward to meeting you.


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