Delphina Rose

Level II Tantrika

Delphina Rose

Delphina Rose


I am an ordained priestess of the Rose Lineage Mystery School serving you at the highest levels of devotion and play.

I invite you to enter a safe and surrendered state where you can experience opening into the most beautiful layers of receptivity. My greatest pleasure is to guide you through a sensory experience that allows you to access deeper aspects and expressions of true self.

With curiosity at the forefront I meet you exactly where you are on your journey to experiencing yourself as embodied divine love.

My training -

  • Graduate Shivakti Tantra Yoga Teacher Training 2022/23
  • Ordained priestess of the Rose Lineage Mystery School -5 years.
  • Feminine wellness and Embodiment guide -6 years.
  • Pelvic bowl & yoni steam practitioner - 4 years.
  • Yoni mapping and healing -4 years.
  • Hosting womens transformational retreats and training -5 years.
  • Personal study of space holding for entheogenic medicine journeys and immersive experiences -2 years.

Women, men, and couples welcome.

Thankyou, Bless you.

Additional Offerings 

For those wishing to dive deeper.


  • Rose Womb Heart Session 2hr minimum 

Hands on attunement for heart and womb healing using Venusian Rose Temple Body Arts. This modality is amazing for breast and womb health and wellness. 

  •  Womb Clearing & restoration 1 hour minimum

A guided meditation through your subconscious to unlock beliefs and patterns stored in your womb that are not serving. Using breath, sound, and movement to release any shame, fear, trauma, or karma in order to fully step into the magnetic feminine power, wisdom, and beauty within.

Men & Women:

  • Sound Healing 30 minute minimum

(must prebook a week before this experience)

Add on a sound healing before and or after your session. Permission to melt into a curated sound bath using sound bowls, chimes, and voice. Allow the tones to drop you even deeper into your experience.

  • Voice Activation 1 hour (Can be added on to a session).

Immerse yourself in the healing modality of somatic therapy. Allow me to guide you deeper into your own sound expression as we work with toning, chanting, and embodied voice practices.

  •  Tantra coaching 1 hour minimum (Can be added on to a session).

For those who are seeking deeper support working through blocks and desiring to step more fully into embodied present awareness. 


  • Couples Tantric Worship 2-3 hours 

For couples wanting to dive into tantra together! I welcome the beloved in each of you to serve one another as the altar in which we come to worship. Allow me to guide you into a sensory experience that invites devotion at the forefront. Together you will get to explore Tantric practices, bodywork, polarity, and deep vulnerability.

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Delphina RoseDelphina Rose

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The sweet angel Delphina has brought a new depth to my daily meditation. Her true strength is to be found in her eyes.During our session I was drawn into beautiful moments of deep connection by her warm and loving gaze, She definitely supported my search for spiritual growth which only deepens each day. Thank you Delphina for the lasting peace you brought into my heart.


Feb 9th, 2023

Delphina, perhaps, her initial contact with me, that simple txt. It was just so positive, there was good energy as with her smile...and as we continued to settle on a was more and more positive. I was intrigued...I wanted more to meet this wonderful energy behind the words...

As I got to the location, she understood completely with parking and travel issues...her smile was welcoming.. and we talked, talked of experiences, talked of life, talked of what brought me in...and so much more as this was a first visit for me with her.

As we began our time, her touch, her massage was warm and soulful....I was actually expecting and looking for part deep tissue muscle issues, but she was able to respond to my true sense of need/ her hands pushed on my energy, and hers through me. It was soulful, she could read my deeper energetic tensions, and it was light but so positive...with a sense of whimsy...all combined....different from many, as this takes an exceptional being with an ability to respond and read someone, and to take that need, and bring my senses to life. I wanted to melt.

She continued and for a moment, it was as if, she was a floating angel, a perfect special session with some creative and thoughtful techniques which brought a certain intensity, which I reflect to days later.

Delphina, what a wonderful moment with you.


Jan 31st, 2023

It’s fortunate that my vocabulary of superlatives is limited to “amazing,” “awesome,” “unbelievable,” “mind blowing” “incredible beyond belief,” and “superb,” because this would be the longest review ever published about a Temple provider. I was distressed when I arrived to see Delphina earlier today, but I’ve been on Cloud Nine since my session with her. Seeing Delphina is best described as an “experience” that begins immediately when you meet her and stays with you long after you departed. Delphina is warm, caring, and full of empathy, and her massage skills are among the best I’ve ever experienced. There are few guarantees in life, but I guarantee that seeing Delphina is an experience you will cherish and remember for a long time, possibly forever. A very, very, special woman.


Dec 21st, 2022

As Delphina Rose opened the door to let me into the Temple, she opened her heart and soul to me as well. Her enthusiastic nature guided me through the next three hours of joyous celebration. This unique Goddess and her disarming curiosity and innocence led me through our beautifulTantric journey.Thank you Delphina!


Dec 9th, 2022

Joyfull, playfull, and skillfull in Tantra, Delphina Rose filled our three hour session with energy and truth.

Deeply sincere in her practice, Delphina brought the kind of spontaneity to our time together that created a deeply spiritual experience for me. As we locked eyes I became aware of her powerful, glowing aura. At that moment I surrendered to this Goddess. Laughter, joy and ecstatic dance filled my soul. I highly recommend this beautiful woman to guide you on your path of Tantra.


Dec 8th, 2022

Delphina is new to the Temple, but make no mistake - she is AMAZING at what she does. It is very rare that I have a session as perfect paced, connected, and as deeply nourishing as my session with Delphina. I left so rejuvenated and energetic my high lasted for several days after. Thank you Delphina!!


Dec 6th, 2022

Absolutely wonderful. An engaging and captivating presence. Her dark and beautiful eyes are jewels in which you might witness something of the divine.


Oct 16th, 2022

Amazing experience. Delphina provided a caring and comfortable environment that allowed me to destress and really live in the moment. Could not recommend more. Her presence, smile, and genuine care during our time together was above and beyond.


Oct 16th, 2022

Delphina is genuine, warm and as beautiful as the goddess herself. For me, this was a wonderful, healing morning.


Aug 28th, 2022

Delphine was an absolute goddess. She was caring and warm and a great healer. I loved my session with her and will see her again many times over. One of my best experiences ever at the temple


Aug 15th, 2022

Delfina might have been the most beautiful girl that I’ve ever been connected to, you can see her beauty, not only in her body, but in her dark, gorgeous eyes. She will absolutely be my new regular. I left feeling so relieved after a long, stressful week. I hope she is here to stay.


Aug 7th, 2022

Delphina RoseDelphina Rose

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