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The Holy Love Institute of Tantra Yoga is holding In-person Shivakti Tantra Yoga Teacher Trainings and monthly weekend workshops, "The Many Faces of Shakti" on the Forest Land of Holy Love in the Bay Area, Northern California, as well as online/virtual classrooms and weekend immersions in Venice Beach, Southern California and New York City.

The next Shivakti Tantra Yoga Teacher Training starts Spring 2022. Applications are now being accepted for individuals who wish to dive deep into the Heart of Tantra Yoga, online & in-person.

Tantra Teachers & Tantra Yoga/Dance Teachers 

Tantra Retreats/Workshops/Private Groups/Shamanic Circles & Tantra for Executives/Tantra for YPO

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While many of those in our collective are teachers of massage, yoga, tantra, dance and more, the following are those whom we hold in particular high esteem to recommend to those seeking out personal growth, guidance, advanced education and dakini initiation.

All of these teachers are also capable to present high-quality workshops and retreats on their own and in combination with others. If you are planning a workshop, Men/Women's Group (or both), or retreat at your own healing center/yoga studio, or wish to book one in one of our spaces for groups, these are people we highly recommend to bring on board! Stay tuned here for upcoming highlighted offerings from these teachers in the SF Bay Area, Los Angeles, New York, Germany and Costa Rica. 

We have worked with people from differing backgrounds to include working with several YPO groups, offering Tantra Groups, Daylong Educational & Devotional Embodiment Experiences and Shamanic Sound Journeys.

We offer Temple guided & personalized workshops in the following areas: Tantra Yoga, Shakti Kundalini Yoga Flow, Transformation Groups, Shamanic Circles, Rituals & Pujas, Tantra Circles, Women's Groups, Men's Groups, Shamanic Temple Bodywork Trainings, Sound Healing & Meditation, Evolution for Executives, Loving Communication, Love Coaching for Couples & More. 

We have held several custom groups in a variety of formats and feel confident that together as "Team Bliss" we have the skills to offer you a top-notch transformational, educational & evolutionary experience. 

To arrange a private group workshop/event/ongoing series tailored to your group, click below:

Image Collages of previous Workshops, Holy Love Councils & Sacred Healing Ceremonies 

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