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Luxy Lou

Luxy Lou

“Tantra is not technique but prayer. Is not head oriented but a relaxation into the heart."- Osho

Luxy is a devoted Tantric Dakini, teacher of Holy Love and sacred relationships, Shivakti Tantra Yoga instructor, CMT, and certified integrative Somatic trauma therapist. She leads workshops and trains others on the path to the Priestess through Temple Arts.

In 2009, Luxy began her expansion and passionate practice in YabYum workshops with Psalm Isadora, deep shamanic transmissions with Sharene Shamana Ma, and in sisterhood with The Temple of Bliss collective. She received her 200 hr YTT with Holy Love Institute of Tantra Yoga, studied at The Advanced School of Massage Therapy, received her certification in Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy through The Embody Lab, and is a certified Reiki 2 healer. She continues to be a seeker of embodiment and remembrance practices. The journey is the medicine.

Luxy's life purpose is to meet you where you are so that you can can see yourself clearly, like through the eyes of a child, and recognize your own Divinity. Cultivating a practice of awareness and transformation looks different for everyone and is a deeply personal experience. Luxy is a compassionate guide in the search for Truth and blissfull awakening through the body.

Her work uses Pranayama (breath work), guided meditation, Asana yoga, Deity yoga, intentional touch, sound and mantra, ecstatic movement, shamanic ritual, and radical acceptance to bring you back home to yourself. Her passion for the subtleties of personal growth and exploration, especially in the mirror of interpersonal relationships, lead her to weaving Tantric teachings with heart centered holistic trauma therapies to create the most supportive container for healing and connection with Self and others.

-YA 200-hour Shivakti -Tantra Yoga Teacher Certification with Holy Love Institute
-550-hour Certified Massage Therapist
-E-RYT with Yoga Alliance
-Reiki 1 & 2 certified
-Tantra Workshops with Psalm Isadora
-Healing Trauma Certification with Dr Peter Levine
-Divine Feminine Tantric Healing and Expansion certification
-Philosophy of yoga certification Through Embodied Philosophy
-Kundalini Yoga and YabYum Workshops with Psalm Isadora
-Inner Healing Journey certification with The Embody Lab
-Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy Certification Through The Embody Lab
-An Inner Path To Shakti's Realm course with Dr. Kavitha Chinnaiyan
-Embodied Breath: An Exploration of Prana and Pranayama workshop
-Trained & worked alongside Luna Lauren for 5 years
-Tantra Workshop with Triambika Vive of ISTA
-Tantric workshop with Destin Gerrik of The Evolved Masculine
-Multiple Shamanic Temple Bodywork Trainings and initiations with Shamana Ma
-Energy & Healing Workshops at The House of Intuition
-Body Tripping: Exploring Your Inner Worlds through Soma Nidra with Bex Nagy
-Upaniṣads & Vedānta Sūtras with Edwin Bryant
-The Tibetan book of the Dead with Holecek


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Luxy LouLuxy LouLuxy Lou

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