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My name is Shantara and I'm so pleased to meet you!

I was born and raised within the sweet paradise of Hawai’i, and so am a blend of cultures, ethnicities and flavors. Throughout my travels, the islands remain deeply imbedded in my heart, and is always reflected in the way I carry myself. I am open and explorative, curious about the human condition and its deep esoteric nature, and my love is vastly infinite.

I’ve spent over a decade exploring the depths of my own mind and body, purifying my inner channels, while remaining committed to the Hawaiian way, “Malama Ka Aina”, utmost respect and care for the land. I hold deep reverence for what is sacred, and ask that you open yourself to the gift of being in physical form and pleasure, as reflection of the Earth we walk upon. Caring for one another, the land, and all living creatures is an utmost priority, as that is living in “Pono.”

I will introduce you to the principle of “HA”, which in Hawaiian literally translates to “the breath of life”. HA is your soul, your spirit, your eternal essence, the life-force that we work within Tantra. My desire is to call you back to with your senses, taking you on your own personal journey, and my deepest intention is to call you to your natural elevated state of being.

Through this sensorium experience, I interweave breathwork, sound activations, aromatherapy and other ancient Temple Arts to fulfill your needs, opening your body with gentle ease like the sweet tropical Hawaiian breeze.

Let me hold you, love you, and guide you to the depth of your own magic.

All my love,  Shantara


Tantra Illuminated Workshop: Stanzas on the Recognition of Divine Consciousness 2022 ~ Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Teacher, RYT 220 ~Plant medicine ceremonies ~ Certified Recovery and Integration Coach with Being True to You  ~The Rose Ankh Training with The Rose Lineage + Venusian Rose Temple Arts training (2019-current) ~ Certified aromatherapist with Wisdom of the Earth ~The Supreme Sound with Simrit Kaur (currently completing) ~Foundations of Tantra & Tantric Bodywork with Destin Gerek ~Awakening Women’s Temple LA Embodiment Practices ~Tantric Alchemy Feminine Embodiment Facilitator Training ~Ayurvedic Mastery + Kundalini Yoga for Romantic Partnership & Deeper Intimacy with Jai Dev Singh  ~Somatic Dance Immersion ~Ally of Herbal Symposium (learning to commune with nature and our plant allies) ~ White Tantric Yoga workshops (2014-2016) ~ Tantric Initiation 2008

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Shantara is a master of her craft and was able to move stuck energy that other healers have not been able to. I was completely blown away by how I felt after the session. So much clarity and peace that I can focus on accomplishing my life purpose. I look forward to doing more deep work with Shantara


Sep 1st, 2022

I had a wonderful massage yesterday, what a great experience...From the moment she welcomed me at the door, Shantara made a deep impact on me as a genuine, loving and very warm person with a welcome warm hug. Then we both began to walk to the room. I booked an hour and the hour spent with Shantra was not enough. My body was so relaxed with her wonderful touch she knew how to read my body and what I needed to relax my mind, body and soul. I will be back and see her again and I highly recommend her.


Aug 20th, 2022

It is hard to put in words how powerful of a session I had with Shantara - Her ability to be so compassionate amazed me in addressing any pain - I cannot wait to go back again as she balances her curiosity with providing so much wisdom at the same time. Thank you


Aug 17th, 2022

I can truly say this was an amazing experience. Shantara is even more beautiful in person. From the very first moment she made my comfort a priority. She is very skilled and super easy to talk to. She made me feel like I was in a dream leaving me glowing for days after. Defiantly will be treating myself in the future.


May 24th, 2022

This was my first visit to the Temple of Bliss and my first experience with Tantra. I was so fortunate to be guided and cared for by Shantara. She made me feel welcome and instantly at ease. Not only were all the details related to the space and the process spot on, but Shantara settled me into a space of calm and wellness from the very beginning where I encountered an unexpected spiritual element to the overall experience. Thanks to Shantara for taking me on this journey and giving me a glimpse into this special practice.


May 14th, 2022

My evening with Shantara was nothing short of magical. She was stunning and met me with an embrace that made me melt and forget everything else. Her touch was gentle, nurturing, and sometimes feather like, and it transported me to a whole new dimension. I will definitely see her again.


May 12th, 2022

It was an amazing electrifying experience, this was my first time and shantara was amazing as she guided me through. I felt like a new person when I was done!


Apr 13th, 2022

As soon as I arrived, Shantara helped me feel at ease and at peace. The whole experience with her was magical and one of a kind. I haven't before felt as relaxed and totally comfortable as I did walking out from my time with her. Highly recommend a full 90 minutes.


Mar 28th, 2022

It’s hard to describe the journey I went through with Shantara. Her energy, her mood, her tone, her vibe, her touch, her caring. Her magic that gets you somewhere else, where you can’t imagine you needed to be. Big, warm thank you.


Mar 9th, 2022

Shantara is an alien witch angel in gorgeous human disguise. She is a true healing priestess who transported me deeply into the creative vibratory realms within while lovingly working her magic to relax my tensions, coaxing my body and mind to release into the delicious ocean of bliss. A+

*Queen Love*

Feb 25th, 2022

Shantara is a gift to mankind. She was able to quiet the chatter in my head and help me focus on my breathing and relaxation. She has a very special gift and you are very lucky if you get to experience it. Can’t describe it here, but thankfully it’s now in my memory. And I’ll be back.


Feb 3rd, 2022

Shantara was a fantastic person to provide my induction into the Temple. I not great about avoiding smiling during more serious moments of concentration during our session, but she took in stride and laughed along with me when I broke. Great conversation, incredible energy and touch. I look forward to when she visits again.


Dec 10th, 2021

Wonderful couples session! Shantara has a beautiful, nurturing energy that made us feel immediately comfortable. She is very skilled, incorporating a variety of techniques and thoughtful details to create a relaxing, blissful experience that allowed us to deepen our connection as a couple. Highly recommend!


Nov 7th, 2021

My evening with Shantara was transportative — from the moment I arrived until I walked out the door I felt nurtured, cared for, blissed out. The smells and sounds she incorporated into our session were otherworldly, and I have never had someone touch my hands that way. A gift to anyone lucky enough to find her. Namaste.


Oct 27th, 2021

Shantara is a gift. She is sweet and gentle, yet strong, grounded and very present. She opened me in a way which was nothing short of magical. I look forward to continuing the journey.


Sep 26th, 2021

Shantara is one of one. A really special and welcoming soul. She will instantly make you feel comfortable, and will make you melt away with her touch throughout the session. I highly recommend her, and for at least 90 minutes!


Sep 12th, 2021

This girl really deserves far more reviews. Shantara was warm, friendly and thoughtful from the moment she opened the door. A stunning beauty and warm touch, it was a fantastic experience from beginning to end. I'd definitely consider going back again.


Jul 6th, 2021

Shantara is even more beautiful in person. She made me feel completely comfortable and relaxed through the whole session. I will definitely be a returning customer. I left there in a perfect place of bliss.


Jun 29th, 2021

Shantara truly is something special. If you have an opportunity to spend quality 1:1 time with her, your life will be enriched by the experience. She is beautiful, incredibly loving, and very deep. You can see it in her eyes, and feel it in her presence. I will be coming back for more.


Jun 14th, 2021

Shantara is one of the most generous and open people I’ve met. She will thoroughly listen to you and makes sure to ground you during your session. I hope others get to experience her. I look forward to when I’ll see her again.


Jun 9th, 2021


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