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Tantric Dakini Application

This application is for Tantric Dakinis who are wishing to advertise/be posted with us and join our current Collective to work out of our Collective Temple spaces SF / LA / NYC / MIAMI / SAN DIEGO / MORE CITIES.

To be a Dakini/Tantrika/Bliss Therapist with the Temple of Bliss, we look for ladies who have some or many of the following qualifications:

  1. Certified Massage Therapist Hours
  2. Yoga Teacher Trainings/Certification
  3. Tantra Workshops & Trainings
  4. Hands-On experience
  5. Reviews & Testimonials
  6. References/friendships with past or present Temple ladies
  7. Heart-Centered Philosophy & Spiritual Practice
  8. Beautiful, healthy, conscious & embodied person
  9. A sincere desire to learn & grow with us.

Maximum file size: 209.72MB

May add more than one