Level I Tantrika



Hello angels,

I always found a calling to help people find their highest potential and to lead with love. I was put on this earth to heal in my most authentic light, and I’m here to help you connect to your highest self.
I’ve been a creative being from a very young age singing, songwriting, doing body work & yoga. I love expressing myself through music and touch. Let’s dive in deep together as you trust me to take all the weight off of your body through divine love and wellness.
I’ve come with a clear intention to guide you. Now it’s time to close your eyes, take a deep breath, and let me show you the way.
With love and gratitude,
 Annaliese Bliss
Foundations of Sacred Temple Bodywork Certification April 2023

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Annaliese draws you in from the moment you see her smile. She prepares your mind and body to receive the healing touch of her gentle hands. Like a pianist she will play softly but not without emphasizing the high notes.


Oct 27th, 2022

Annaliese welcomed me into the temple with her warm and kind heart. Her sweet smile and beauty will stay with you.
Incredible massage therapist


Oct 14th, 2022

Annaliese..........yes, what a wonderfully beautiful woman. Not quite, the girl next door...she is too cute, but then, she has the same manners and etiquette, that you would expect from the girl next door, well, depending on where one is from.

Her smile as the door opens is just beautiful, and engaging, and she is happy, excited to see you, and that becomes so positive...we talk, we say hello and get introduced. Yes, she is just engaging, and open, be yourself and open up to her...and the flow becomes so easy.

The body work, there were moments, where I felt I could have stayed all day...she found the right pressure points....that deep almost painful, but pleasing push into the muscles that needed massage. She is comforting, but then, beautifully healing , one can tell, she enjoys holding space .

Thank you Annaliese.....I will see you again next round.


Aug 30th, 2022

My new favorite! She is the best, beautiful inside and out. Respectful and professional with a great energy.


Aug 28th, 2022

Annaliese is new to the temple but being in her presence felt familiar and calming. Upon meeting her, the stresses from the previous week quickly evaporated, and by the end of our session I was truly in a state of bliss. Her physical beauty is unmatched and she’s genuinely sweet, caring and curious - offering an incredible experience that left me truly cared for. She has an old soul that’s ready to give and her offering is differentiated in ways that can’t be expressed in words. Don’t miss an opportunity to see her, and don’t be surprised if you find yourself checking the calendar for her name. I’ll


Aug 5th, 2022

My session with Annaliese was absolutely incredible. She has an amazing warm welcoming intuitive vibe and is impossibly attractive. I’ve been thinking about it ever since


Jul 23rd, 2022


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