Kathena Sol

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Kathena Sol

"The roots of the Divine are entrenched in this body. If you nurture the roots, how can you avoid the flowering?" - Jaggi Vasudev

Kathena Sol

Welcome ,

My name is Kathena ,

Let me bring tranquility into your life by healing you with positive energy.

I been doing loving healing esthetic body work since 2015. I was  raised in the beautiful wine country in Sonoma . I like having a strong connection with others as we dive deeply into a place of magical paradise.

I look forward on connecting with you .

Kathena Sol ✨

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TherapistDateTemple NicknameExperienceComment
Kathena Sol07-20-2018*ClaK*10

I know Kathena from another venue. She’s amazing, a natural-born Dakini. Great addition to the Temple!

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