Madeline Luna

Level II Tantrika

Returning Dakini Invites you to be lovingly lavished and awaken your senses...

Madeline Luna

Allow me to take you on a poetic and cathartic journey with the body that fluidly interweaves between therapeutic to wholistic loving, intuitive to physical, numinous to deeply earthy.

Madeline Luna

Blessings of Delicious Embodiment,

Currently based in Berlin, I have been practicing tantra massage for 9 years and have received numerous trainings tantra, deep tissue massage, energy work (reiki/qi gong), yoga, and trauma hypnotherapy trainings across the USA and Europe over the years. I am looking forward to visiting the USA and bringing the blend of approaches I have developed over the years across various lands.

I see tantric massage work as a beautiful dance with another’s physical and energetic body that requires a fine tuned sense of intuition. Every body and every mind is a unique canvas with it’s own set of individually woven fibers, stories, preferences, and as a tantric practitioner and healer it is my service and responsibility to intuit the needs of each individual canvas, fluidly dancing and responding to what is needed in the moment.

I have been told on numerous occasions that I have ‘magic hands’ that go exactly where they need to go, in the ways they need to flow. My style is earthy, intoxicating, and fluid, whilst subtly working with the energetic body in a way that is electric.

In loving respect,
Madeline Luna

formerly Luna Tiara

Trainings and Certifications: - Multiple tantra trainings in the USA + Europe - Certified Reiki Practitioner - Certified Hypnotherapist - Certified Herbalist - Multiple deep tissue, qi gong, yoga and dance therapy trainings - Workshop teacher in : qi gong, herbal medicine, dance therapy

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Madeline Luna

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Madeline is truly a goddess. My wife and I are middle aged and have a very rich relationship and life. It is a 2nd marriage for us both. We are always looking for ways to make great even better.

Having done tantric work in the past, I wanted to share the experience and see what it would bring. Madeline made us both very comfortable in this very convenient and nice space. We discussed what our options were for our session. She was both very professional and very attentive. We felt like we were with a friend and a guide at the same time.

We came away with new ways to be with each other and a plan to make this Tantric practice a more regular part of our life. We highly recommend a session with Madeline.


Jan 27th, 2023

With such a complete menu of offerings at Temple it is always nice to have a therapist that really listens to your needs before commencing with the session. I felt relaxed and welcomed to express what I was hoping for in the session, and Madeline was gracious and accommodating. Pictures (as nice as they are) fall short here of the actual beauty that answers the door. Her radiance makes you want to ask about her secret diet or workout regime! Long, strong and healthy, her youthful energy gets the job done on a tired body looking for rejuvination. Also super nice and genuine. Total treat!


Jan 18th, 2023

Madeline accommodated my needs during my session. Warm and compassionate. Her guided meditation and massage were soothing and healing. Namaste.


Jan 11th, 2023

Madeline is absolutely wonderful. I told her about my background and the kinds of "knots" that I had deep within my soul and psyche and body, and she listened and intuited and eased them, with deep love and compassion. I was even a little tearful at one moment when something inside me was unlocked, a kind of self-acceptance that I needed to find. Not only that, but after bringing me to a place of relaxation and ease, the subsequent energy that flowed through my body and between us was so powerful. I felt a sense of self-love within myself as well as a wider love that expanded beyond myself to her and to the universe. While life can still be challenging and get me down from time to time, I have also been able to tap into the energy from sessions with her and it brings a smile to my face and brings my heart to a place of serenity, while also feeling like a deep well of powerful energy is there within me to be tapped. At another session, the energy was quieter, and nourishing in a different and wonderful way. I am still learning and growing through all of this. I am deeply grateful and I look forward to seeing her again when she is back!


Mar 8th, 2022

Wonderful in every respect. Really made an effort to make a connection. I am only sorry that she will be leaving town and will not be available until some time in the future. She is not only beautiful but is a beautiful person. Thank you Ms. Moon.


Jun 9th, 2021

I showed up pretty anxious with what is going in the world and she quickly put me at ease with her warm welcome. In her description she mentioned that she had experience with deep tissue massage and I can confirm that she does! She was able to work out some pretty bad stuff in my back. I would love to try to see here again before she leaves. My experience was wonderful!


May 27th, 2021

Stunning and warm. Really enjoyed our conversation and guided meditation. Tantric massage was thoughtful and enveloping. Thank you.


Mar 13th, 2020

Very special, warm, gentle, caring and oh so lovely, a special experience.


Mar 9th, 2020

Meeting and interacting with Luna was a great experience. She is kind and thoughtful. Very very loving. Her gaze is to die for. I can only recommend all 10’s across the board with this goddess. I’m still thinking about our session right now. Cheers 🙂


Feb 29th, 2020

Luna is insightful, warm, and the perfect tonic after a hard day's work. She takes her practice seriously, and truly makes you the center of the universe for the entire time spent with her. I highly, highly recommend. She's the only practitioner I'll ever need to see. So don't book her to the point that I can't get in anymore! What a gem.


Jul 18th, 2016

Luna was amazingly open and accessible as a person and therapist. She is a remarkable lady and her healing powers are profound. She heals both body and soul...


Jan 13th, 2016

Meeting and interacting with Luna was an extremely delightful experience. Her grins express a certain mischievous innocence that I found quite endearing. What she mentioned in her profile about her way of healing being unique is accurate. Her fingertips "dance" on your skin. All the while seeking out what needs to be healed firmly yet tenderly. Tis all done with much attention and loving care. I have been honored to receive the blessings and grace of this beautiful Goddess twice already and I indeed plan to do so again and again... 🙂


Sep 19th, 2015

Luna treated me to my first actual tantra session. Her looks, touch, and personality are divine, and unmatched by very few. I felt extremely comfortable from our initial greeting to the end of our session. Luna is open, warm, and has deep bold beautiful charm to her. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who is looking to expand on a mental and physical level!!


Sep 2nd, 2015

Luna is so sweet, intelligent, and down to earth. Her strong hands worked out my knots and eradicated my migraine! Amazing, sensual massage technique. It feels like she's gliding across your skin so smoothly and sensually and yet somehow she's also getting in there and going deep. What a relaxing, sensual and exciting experience. Thank you.


Jul 18th, 2015

Luna's a true masseuse, and not just a masseuse, but a true healer. You can tell her intelligence and depth through her touch. The best massage I've ever received, from a beautiful, sweet, shockingly intelligent young woman. She enlightened me about meridians, acupressure and much more, and I walked away with some knowledge for my own self healing. I highly recommend coming to her to relieve your knots, reset your energy, and pick her smart brains.


Jul 5th, 2015

Luna was an exceptional experience. She's great looking and highly experienced. One of the best, most attentive massages of my life!


Jul 4th, 2015

Luna is a goddess among women. Earthy, grounded, funny and sweet, she has a fantastic touch & strikingly beautiful. There is a true sense of naturalism to her that is magnetic.


May 12th, 2015

Very excited about Luna! Much more gorgeous in person. A tall, super exotic, dancer type goddess. I have to say that her touch is phenomenal. Her massage was one of the best I've ever received. What I noticed about her massage is that she had an absolutely thorough attention to detail from start to finish, as though she was in intimate dialogue with every inch of my body. Her touch is very strong and also loving. Overall, blew my mind! I have no idea how she knows or figured out what she did, but it was surprisingly unique, skilled, very effective. It blew my mind. She really knows what she's doing from start to end! A real unique treat.


Apr 30th, 2015

Madeline Luna

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