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ValentinaGreetings… What an honor it is to be here in this Sacred Temple offering my gifts of bodywork and following the Path of the Priestess. I welcome you with open arms on a journey of bliss.

Let me offer you a sacred place to unwind, relax, and destress from the plights of the world.

With me you will find sensitive, intuitive, nurturing touch while my warm hands will guide you into a trance-like state.

It is my honor to be a container for the sacred energies of the body to become truly enveloped in the love and acceptance it yearns for.Let my warmth wash over you, my gaze penetrate you, and my arms hold you as you relax into a tantric world you’ve never experienced before.Your journey to bliss awaits you….I’ve been certified with over 800 hours of hands on massage work and have been in the bodywork industry for 2 and a half years.  I’ve been told I know exactly just where to go, where the trigger points lie, and what emotions have been held in the body that are ready to be released. I’ve also been called the “Knot-Whisperer”.


In a day and age where we are bombarded with so much tension and so much stress, it’s important to seek a refuge where we can melt and let all of it go. Journey with me as we work through layers of trauma, stress, and tension so you can become the lightest version of yourself, ready to soak in more light and love.

I bring to bear fully my deep heart energy, with a clear intention to be in and of service to the divine in each of you. I know that our natural state of being is one of divine pleasure and from this space our heart speaks its truth the loudest . It is my honor to be your conduit of Divine Feminine energy.

Blessings, Valentina

Reiki 1CMT 800hrsStudied with Somananda Tantra SchoolPersonal yoga practice

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Great doubles experience with Valentina & Bindi Hart. What a dynamic duo that have a great partnership. I was transported into another reality and enjoyed every moment. Highly recommend visiting with these 2 beauties.


Jan 24th, 2023

Valentina is beautiful, a skilled cmt, and a generous nurturing healer. I'm grateful to have her in my life.

*la*k K*n*

Nov 10th, 2022

Valentina knows intuitively how to connect and is so gentle and firm. She is brilliant in calming any nerves I had and allowed me to begin this journey. Thank you Valentina!!


Jul 27th, 2022

I called for a last minute appointment and sure enough I was able to see Valentina again. This time I had Tantra and she is a true Tantra practitioner. Her dedication to the craft was exemplary throughout the session and I left feeling reinvigorated and reengaged. Her soft touch coupled with her soothing voice will never be forgotten. She is an absolute angel and I would like to see her more often for more sessions.


Jun 27th, 2022

I had one of the most delightful session with Valentina. What a goddess and amazing massage. She's a guide, and she will take you on a journey of bliss like no other. I am truly grateful we finally crossed paths and connected.. What an absolute magical experience. Simply amazing with a great personality and smile. .


Jun 9th, 2022

Valentina was my first visit to the temple. I really enjoyed her relaxed demeanor and felt very comfortable. Her touch was soft and exhilarating. Her movements were hypnotic and rhythmic and never felt mechanical. Our session came to my mind for many days afterward and was a pleasant memory. I will definitely see her again.


Jun 4th, 2022

Valentina is awesome. Warm and sweet. She has a loving embrace and a magical touch. Treat her with respect - she's a goddess!


Apr 27th, 2022

Nice addition to Novato Temple, enjoyed the tantra and good massage, very comfortable to be with and talk to. Will be back to see her.


Apr 21st, 2022

What an amazing Goddess. Although new to the Temple she has “ the touch” and will guide you on a journey of bliss
Valentina is simply one of the most intuitive givers ever. I will definitely see her again


Mar 29th, 2022

My time with Valentina was so transformative. I didn’t know my body could feel so at home with her light touch. She knew exactly how to read my body and what it needed. Afterwards I felt so warm and comforted by my experience with her. I fully recommend spending time with Valentina. I felt so taken care of with her and so soothed. You will know what I mean.


Mar 21st, 2022

When in the presence of Valentina, I felt whole. As if my Prayers had been answered. I was searching for connection, presence, and healing. Valentina helped me to feel seen and her kindness held me when I really needed to be held. I’m really grateful to have met her. Her massage was so intentional, that even her gentle touch felt deep and impactful. Every session with her, I leave feeling so light and inspired. I can’t say enough about Valentina. I can’t wait for the World to get to know this Gem of a person.


Mar 10th, 2022

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