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Thank you for meeting me here. I am an intuitive healer, using my knowledge of somatic embodiment, mythology, herbalism, touch, and love, to bring you a unique experience of soul and body.

I bring the wisdom of my South American and Mediterranean heritage into my practice in the forms of plant medicine, exploration of mythological archetypes, passion for life, and the offering of a warm space to connect and feel truly held and witnessed.

I have traveled extensively throughout the USA, Europe, Southeast Asia, and South America developing my keen skills of intuition, body awareness, and learning various philosophies and healing modalities—In those places I specifically studied rootwork and folk magic in New Orleans and the Pacific Northwest, Greco Roman mythology in Italy, and Tantra and yoga in Southeast Asia. I pair these subjects with my inherited knowledge of my lineages, a lifelong dance practice, and college degree in somatic psychology to bring you a holistic and creative approach to unlocking your divine potential.

My intention is to show you that Tantra is not something outside of you. Tantra is what you are at your very core and I’m here to help you reclaim it. It is a deep resource of potential energy, inviting us to replenish ourselves completely and liberate our unexpressed selves.

We will turn towards our blockages and shadows with utmost compassion, unraveling and lovingly integrating that which keeps us heavy and constricted in our lives, with each session going deeper than the last. Together we will unite the breath and body with your authentic spirit to meet in bliss beyond what you have ever experienced!

Every session with me is a unique journey waiting to be savored, and I humbly receive your unique expression, guided by the higher energies channeled through me. I thrive on this alchemical discovery, and it is my pleasure to witness your surrender into the nurture of divine love. We will lift your energy, and leave you feeling clearer in your relationship to your inner world, and connected to your true self. Let us begin!

Warmly and with love,


Tantra Illuminated Workshop: The Ecstasy of Being 2022

Fall/Winter 2022/23 Shivakti Tantra Yoga Teacher Training 200-hour Graduate

Personal rigorous bodywork practice 2013-current

Personal rigorous Ashtanga yoga practice 2015-2017

Personal rigorous dance and embodiment practices (adult age focus 2013-2020)

College level somatic studies 2014-2017

College level Jungian and Gestalt psychology 2014-2017


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We had a session with Juliette in the hopes of jump starting healing and a new impulse after a difficult period in our lives. Juliette had good insights about moving forward and starting fresh and she had a healing and loving energy. We hope to meet her again soon. Thank you!


Dec 21st, 2022

Juliette took me deep into her realm - removing the elements of time and space. It was exactly what I needed.


Nov 26th, 2022

Wow - what can I say. Her calming presence, charming allure and healing touch will relax you to deep inner heights. She is an intuitive healer and knows exactly how to remove blockages. I felt immediately at ease with Juliette and am blown away by her detail and precision. Shes a true master of her craft!


Nov 23rd, 2022

I had the pleasure of spending time with Juliette and I found her to be bold and comfortable with her touch. She massaged me in such creative ways. I was so comfortable with her. Her body touched mine and I felt her motion with such magnetism and energy. Treat her well and she will take care of you. I can’t wait to schedule another tantric session with her. She is very healing and fun!


Jun 26th, 2022

Juliette is sweet and intuitive, a true natural. She was very thorough w her hands and it felt like she left no singular muscle fiber untouched. And that extra attention to detail and level of care continued all the way to the end. Truly amazing. Can’t to go back!


Apr 1st, 2022

She is a wondrous practitioner of the sacred arts and shares her beauty, goodness and many talents with gentle ease.


Mar 23rd, 2022

It was my first time at the Temple and I was uncertain what to expect. Juliette was the perfect person to work with: honest, trustworthy, intuitive, generous, and profound. We immediately spoke about things I would rarely share with anyone, and I felt the deep openness and caring that Juliette brings. A beautiful, healing experience.


Jan 11th, 2022

My session with Juliette was absolutely unforgettable. She is exhilarating, kind, and sweet all at once. Her touch is electrifying, yet soothing. She is a goddess. If you have the opportunity see her, do not miss out.


Nov 13th, 2021

I was fortunate to see Juliette recently, she put me immediately at ease and is stunning in person both in personality and her physical being. Having been a temple member for a number of years I can confidently say our session was amongst the most memorable I have experienced with TOB. A true body and soul experience that I am eager to repeat. Thank you Juliette!


Nov 3rd, 2021

Juliette is a gifted healer. She tailored a session specifically for my healing goals and concerns. I especially loved how much her sound bowl added to the massage. She is a skilled and gifted healer and I look forward to seeing her and experiencing her gifted touch again. She’s amazing.


Oct 12th, 2021

Juliette is a gifted healer. She tailored a session specifically for my healing goals and concerns. I especially loved how much her sound bowl added to the massage. She is a skilled and gifted healer and I look forward to seeing her and experiencing her gifted touch again. She’s amazing.


Oct 12th, 2021

Have you ever felt like your baggage was getting heavier to bear? If you have, just know there is beauty in letting that go. Juliette is a healer that will root you with the world and rekindle your inner fire. Her presence will revitalize your spirit. I feel so much more connected with myself welcoming this beauty.

A beautiful soul willing to unfold - Juliette is your guide.


Oct 1st, 2021

Some sessions at the temple are memorable. Then there are the ones that touch you deeply and are unforgettable. My session a couple of days ago with Juliette was one of the later ones. She is an angel!


Aug 23rd, 2021

What a treat! Started with amazing communication and ended with the most needed massage. Juliette was kind, patient, and very lovely during the entire experience.


Aug 21st, 2021

She is so beautiful and has an amazing body and most importantly, she is so kind. My experience with her was amazing. Completely different by any other provider here. She is easy to talk and treat you like a king. Strongly recommend her and btw, go for 90 min and believe me, you won't regret! This is the MUST HAVE experience.


Aug 17th, 2021

My boyfriend and I went in for a session with Juliette and it was perfect! I loved her energy and the way she was present with my partner and I. She’s also gorgeous, inside and out. I’d highly recommend her to anyone looking for a beautiful loving experience.


Aug 15th, 2021

It was my first time meeting Julliette and was not sure what to expect. found her attractive, pleasant and attentive. The session had left me rejuvenated body and soul. well definitely repeat


Aug 8th, 2021

Not even sure where to start - From her touch - To her energy - To her kindness - throughout entire session their was that energy was in the air - She feels you right away and just knows how to do it. The way she makes you feel comfortable is amazing - From the moment I walk in till I walk out I just wanted it never to stop ...It was not enough time and never will be.
Looking forward to meet again


Aug 7th, 2021

A few hours ago I finished my second session with the exquisite Juliette. This testimonial will be worthless unless I am completely honest about what brings me to the Temple , and to this powerful Dakini. Having lost my lifelong soulmate of 42 years, I have struggled mightily to salvage my life as man without his woman.I felt that I needed an experience with a skilled healer who could help me re-engage with my inner world and energy.I thank the blessings of the universe for bringing Juliette to me.This extraordinary woman is helping me in ways I never could have dreamt of. She stays firmly locked into the moment as she guides me with her vibrant breathing and skilled bodywork.Simply put, I trust her.She truly hears what I say to her. Todays session has left me with a renewed sense of joy and hope.She possesses a high level of intellectual and emotional intelligence. Her sweetness uplifts my soul. Thank you Juliette.


Jun 26th, 2021

Session was great, I felt completely at ease and left feeling refreshed and relaxed, with a little back alignment on top of it


Jun 8th, 2021

After a bit of a mix up with another therapist i was lucky enough to meet the gorgeous Juliette. It was a wonderful experience. Her eyes and smile and loving touch melted away my stress and tension and i look forward to repeat visits.


May 23rd, 2021

It was a delight to have met Juliette. She’s an expert with her hands and touch. Made me feel relaxed and at ease


May 21st, 2021


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