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Thank you for meeting me here.  I am an intuitive healer, using intention, bliss, love and touch.

Tantra is not something outside of you. Tantra is what you are at your very core. I’m here to help you unlock it.

Let’s explore together how to uncover your bliss, removing layers of heaviness, confusion and every day muck, to be replaced by your most authentic nature. Every session is a unique journey and I am here to honor your unique expression, guided by the higher energies channeled through me. I simply love the discovery!

It is my offering to help you surrender into the nurture of spiritual love and feel your energy levels lifted, being more optimistic, more clear and more real about who you are.

Let the journey begin!

From my heart,


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A few hours ago I finished my second session with the exquisite Juliette. This testimonial will be worthless unless I am completely honest about what brings me to the Temple , and to this powerful Dakini. Having lost my lifelong soulmate of 42 years, I have struggled mightily to salvage my life as man without his woman.I felt that I needed an experience with a skilled healer who could help me re-engage with my inner world and energy.I thank the blessings of the universe for bringing Juliette to me.This extraordinary woman is helping me in ways I never could have dreamt of. She stays firmly locked into the moment as she guides me with her vibrant breathing and skilled bodywork.Simply put, I trust her.She truly hears what I say to her. Todays session has left me with a renewed sense of joy and hope.She possesses a high level of intellectual and emotional intelligence. Her sweetness uplifts my soul. Thank you Juliette.


Jun 26th, 2021

Session was great, I felt completely at ease and left feeling refreshed and relaxed, with a little back alignment on top of it


Jun 8th, 2021

After a bit of a mix up with another therapist i was lucky enough to meet the gorgeous Juliette. It was a wonderful experience. Her eyes and smile and loving touch melted away my stress and tension and i look forward to repeat visits.


May 23rd, 2021

It was a delight to have met Juliette. She’s an expert with her hands and touch. Made me feel relaxed and at ease


May 21st, 2021

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