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Nirah Bella

Nirah Bella

I am Nirah Bella, an expression of the divine feminine, here to fully support you on your journey to emotional wellness and spiritual development. From many years of solo travel, meditating in monasteries, and doing tantric healing in spiritual communities, I have cultivated a plethora of wisdom that has turned reality into a blissful space.

Joy and pleasure are your birthrights, and I will provide you with a safe and secure container to return to this resting state of bliss that is always here, under all the stress and mental games of daily life. The tantric path is one that harnesses the body, mind, and spirit through conscious awareness. There is a devotion to the present moment and an attunement to life’s subtleties, where the magic lies.

My intention is to tune into your specific personal needs and choose practices that best serve you and where you are at. The focus will often be on regulating your nervous system and putting you in a state of deep relaxation, where you can release any stagnant emotions and be a clear channel so the sweet nectar of life can flow through you.

I use a combination of techniques, from Taoist tantric breathwork, to conscious touch, healing massage, and authentic relating. The sessions will leave the mind in a peaceful state and the body in a vibrant aliveness, as your life force will awaken. In these higher states of consciousness, there is an increasing feeling of oneness, and a connection to a higher intelligence.

In my care, all of you is honored and respected, and together we will move with grace towards our greatest potential, our highest calling, to love and be loved.

I have a background in neo tantric work, and have completed Tantric Retreats, and assisted in holding space.. I have helped couples with conscious relating and guided breath work sessions for circulating energy. I am certified in Yin Yoga, which is used for targeting deep connective tissues and reducing stress & anxiety.

I also work in heightening public awareness about the realm of plant medicine, specifically 5 MeO DMT and psilocybin ceremonies. These altered states of consciousness have allowed me access to different dimensions of reality and broaden my view on both life and death. I have entered non dualistic states that have helped me to transcend personal suffering. I believe all people can access this state of peace this with the right tools.

I have also completed multiple Vipassana retreats in Southeast Asia, living in silence for weeks and meditating ten hours a day. Vipassana translates to insight or “seeing clearly”, meaning that when we de-clutter the mind, we can see our inner nature under all the muck of social conditioning & past programming. There lies equanimity and the ability to respond instead of react to external stimuli, thus life transforms in accordance to the clearer mental state.

Through following my curiosity and my inherent desire to live a rich fascinating existence, I have been called to this transformative work. I am honored and truly excited to be a part of your path back home to the light that is you.

With gratitude,
Nirah Bella

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Nirah BellaNirah Bella

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Nirah Bella

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