Ishwari Swan

Level II Tantrika

Ishwari Swan

I am someone who loves to be active and explore new things, places, and ideas. I have been traveling internationally solo for years so I’ve learned how to be flexible and navigate new situations with an open mind and confidence. People are naturally at ease and comfortable in my presence.

Ishwari Swan

As a vessel of the divine feminine it is my desire is to lovingly take you on a sacred journey in seducing all the senses... to awaken your essence by weaving and expanding energies... to bring consciousness into every breath, the dancing cycles of fullness and emptiness... to playfully explore deeper connection... to achieve an ecstatic state of existence in every cell of your body... and to rediscover that place where the mind is at ease and where only Love has power.

I was born with a wild gypsy soul to enjoy my life in every moment, with every person before me. I am an explorer. I am innately curious,  playful, sweet, loving; very nurturing and also a hot-blooded bruja.  I am a Yogini life dancer and utilize the flow of breath with the flow of spirit, flowing in grace and ecstatic space.

In our sessions and beyond, my desire is for you to access deeper levels of relaxation, free flowing creative energy, inner wisdom, joy, love, compassion, and oneness with all that is. Each sacred ceremony is infused with the intention to empower and inspire you to strengthen the connection between your higher self and the Divine Feminine, creating an otherworldly union of balance and harmony.

Women, men, couples, all forms of identity and expression are always welcome in this safe and sacred space. You are lovingly, graciously, fully seen, heard, and embraced here.

I invite you to join me in this journey.
In loving devotion,

Ishwari Swan

Shivakti Tantra Yoga Teacher Certification 2022

Tantra Illuminated Workshop: Stanzas on the Recognition of Divine Consciousness 2022

Certified Reiki 2 practitioner

Sacred Hawaiian Temple Lomi Lomi Massage Certification 2023


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Ishwari SwanIshwari Swan

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Ishwari is a dream come true! Absolutely stunning and yet makes your feel comfortable and relaxed from the first moment. From the moment I left I was already looking forward to our next session.


Apr 6th, 2023

What an amazing person. She took me in as her last client of the day. It was quite late in the night. I had somehow managed to find a parking for my car a few blocks from the SF temple and walked all the way through the cold a quiet streets, thinking how the session was going to be. When I got into the temple I was literally blown away by her warm welcome and a genuine smile. She was very beautiful and friendly. During the session I could feel myself slowly peeling away from the outside world, stress and getting enveloped by her tantric moves on that warm table. Her whisper still echoes in my ears. What a great tantrika and one of the best humans I’ve come across, so beautiful and yet very charming and humble. I’m so glad that I met her. After the session I blissed out and as I walked back to my car down the peaceful streets of SF I reminisced the great experience I had just had. Thank you Iswari Swan!


Sep 12th, 2022

Ishwari was amazing! We were her first couple that she worked with ar the temple. We would have never guessed! Her energy was calming, fun, welcoming, peaceful, and overall, made us feel completely comfortable to embrace the whole experience! We were very elated after our session! We look forward to booking another session with her!


Aug 13th, 2022

Ishwari gracefully toes the line between friendly and warm. She is equally mysterious as well as familiar— and she is incredibly beautiful, even more than what the pictures in her profile make her out to be. It’s a strange feeling but one that you’ll understand once you see her. I felt like I went in for therapy, and left with a friend. 10/10.


Jul 16th, 2022

I have met Ishwari twice before she has left for a while. I am still amazed by her present in the sessions. She is a true gem and a born healer. She has now become my ATF. Hope she could return soon.


Jul 4th, 2022

I have never been really comfortable with myself, but from the second we sat down I felt warmly welcomed. Her beauty is so more than skin deep. Her kindness and understanding showed the depth of her beauty. I will sync my next visit to SF to her availability.


May 21st, 2022

What a sweetie!! An old soul in a vividly beautiful form. Playful and in control, compassionate and good-humored. A weight has been lifted from my shoulders, a burden on my mind has been put at ease. I feel refreshed in my journey of life, motivated to carry forwards into new and better challenges.


Apr 21st, 2022

While on my cross country road trip last spring I came across this genuine soul in southern Florida. She practiced tantric meditation and I can honestly say I have never felt more connected to myself and another individual before. As life progressed I came back to California and would like to see if finding something similar is possible.


Apr 14th, 2022

It’s been almost a week and I’m still thinking about me session with Ishwari. Sometimes you connect with someone in a way you can’t explain and I think this was one of those moments. She was cool and inquisitive, like an old friend I haven’t seen in a long time. She made me calm and happy and at ease. I can’t wait to see her again. Just Wow!


Feb 25th, 2022

If I could give 100 stars, I would. My experience with Ishwari was next level. She’s very chill, just like me. Her vibe and energy seemed to mimic mine during our session. Ishwari was funny, charming, and extremely professional. Communication was key for our session and I felt like our conversation before and after my massage enhanced the experience. If ever there was a time where I felt a connection, this was it. Her hands are gentle and warm. I wish we had more time together. So maybe I’ll book more sessions with Ishwari so I can leave enough reviews to reach that 100 stars.


Jan 15th, 2022

I just met Ishwari this week, as we’ve been staying in the Vajra Temple together. I must say, she is one strong, clear, fiercely loving firecracker! I felt immediately at ease with her and she “holds her own” quite well. I received a massage session from her this morning. She is loving, sweet, feminine, and generous with her energy. She is eager to learn, absorb, grow, give, share, and be the best healer she can be. Her heart is huge. She’s definitely worth a visit!

*Queen Love*

Nov 12th, 2021

Absolutely amazing first session with Ishwari. It felt like being with a long lost friend and accomplice that I've been wanting to reconnect with. She's meticulous with her attention to detail and overflowing with confidence. You'll easily get lost in her frequency.


Oct 28th, 2021

i couldn’t believe ishwari was new she has a wonderful and what felt like a very seasoned touch
i will definitely be back for more, i was really blown away by the way she connects to your energy
so very in tuned, great addition!!!!!


Oct 27th, 2021

Ishwari is a beautiful, warm, caring person with a very intuitive touch. Highly recommended and looking forward to the next session.


Oct 25th, 2021

I met Ishwari on one of her training days and it was a really enjoyable session. She has beautiful eyes and a warm and welcoming personality, and a superb sense touch. A good addition to the Temple!


Sep 23rd, 2021

I had the pleasure and privilege to see both Ishwari and Tiffany today at the Marina TemplNoe. Wonderful experience. Before the session they interviewed me as to my physical and emotional concerns My session was Tantra and they made me both relaxed and in tune with both my body and soul. Melodic Eastern music only added to the incredible milieu. Ishwari in particular was sensitive to my needs with expert hands and soothing words. I definitely recommend a two Goddess session but, I if that is not feasible, either alone will make you one with the Universe


Sep 21st, 2021

Ishwari SwanIshwari Swan

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