Ishwari Swan

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Ishwari Swan

I am someone who loves to be active and explore new things, places, and ideas. I have been traveling internationally solo for years so I’ve learned how to be flexible and navigate new situations with an open mind and confidence. People are naturally at ease and comfortable in my presence.

Ishwari Swan

I am an explorer. I am innately curioys,  playful, sweet, loving; very nurturing.  I am a Yogini life dancer and utilize the flow of breath with a Tantric living dance.

I invite you to join me in this journey.
In loving devotion,

Ishwari Swan

Certified Reiki 2 practitioner

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Ishwari SwanIshwari Swan

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I met Ishwari on one of her training days and it was a really enjoyable session. She has beautiful eyes and a warm and welcoming personality, and a superb sense touch. A good addition to the Temple!


Sep 23rd, 2021

I had the pleasure and privilege to see both Ishwari and Tiffany today at the Marina TemplNoe. Wonderful experience. Before the session they interviewed me as to my physical and emotional concerns My session was Tantra and they made me both relaxed and in tune with both my body and soul. Melodic Eastern music only added to the incredible milieu. Ishwari in particular was sensitive to my needs with expert hands and soothing words. I definitely recommend a two Goddess session but, I if that is not feasible, either alone will make you one with the Universe


Sep 21st, 2021

Ishwari SwanIshwari Swan

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