Level I Tantrika


A Nurturing & Loving Goddess for those who appreciate Wisdom & Refined Elegance


Hello Loves,

I invite you to take a deep breath and connect with me on a blissful journey of the mind, body and spirit. I am passionate about energy work and the healing arts! And as your sacred bodywork therapist and guide, I'll use my loving magnetic touch and tantric massage techniques to help you relax, reset, balance and heal in a deeply liberating experience. 
My energy is sweet and nurturing, yet powerful and alluring. In my caring hands you will feel safe to dive deep within and know your needs will be exquisitely honored with compassion and grace. I offer you in this sacred and tranquil space, the freedom to surrender and empower your most authentic and joyous self. It is my gift to you, to awaken your divine energy within.
I look forward to our ecstatic journey together.

Ongoing education and experience

~Tantra Massage Training from Somananda Tantra Yoga School

~Tantra Massage Training and have worked with Luna Lauren, LA - Teacher, Therapist, and Coach

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I have seen Sara twice and will see her as often as I can. What a wonderful woman that I felt I could really connect. Her loving touch allows me to totally surrender and enjoy receiving all she has to offer.


I had an incredible experience with Sara. She emits such positive vibes and makes you feel so comfortable during the session. She’s also incredibly gorgeous and to be able to admire her perfect beauty was a gift. Together we explored the potential of touch, and just how pleasurable it can be. Please experience this for yourself, as I’m sure I will repeat it myself.


I was so blown away by Sara. Her energy was amazing and is truly beautiful inside and out.


Wow, what an incredible experience sharing her energy. She is so welcoming and relaxing. Gorgeous, inside and out.


I have had the luxury and privilege to connect with Sara a few times now and I could not recommend her any more highly! She is skilled, intuitive, engaged, spiritual and beautiful! Can’t wait to see her again!


Sara is wonderful. She has such terrific energy that
she imparts to you. My session was so relaxing
and full of loving energy. I highly recommend her.


I had a very sweet & heart opening session with Sara.Her energy is nurturing, soft & attentive and she quickly eased my stress and anxiety. Sara has a keen understanding of energy and knows how to move it.I found her session to be comforting and deeply healing.


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