Level III Tantrika

Fully Vaccinated.


“Tantra says, accept whatsoever you are. You are a great mystery of many multidimensional energies. Accept it, and move with every energy with deep sensitivity, with awareness, with love, with understanding.” Osho


Hello Darling,

I invite you to take a deep breath and connect with me on a blissful journey of the mind, body and spirit. I am passionate about energy work and the healing arts, and have trained in many therapeutic and energy related modalities. As your sacred bodywork therapist and guide, I'll use my loving magnetic touch and tantric massage techniques to help you relax, reset, balance and heal in a deeply liberating experience.
My energy is sweet and nurturing, yet powerful and alluring. In my caring hands you will feel safe to dive deep within and know your needs will be exquisitely honored. I offer you in this sacred and tranquil space, the freedom to surrender and empower your most authentic and joyous self. It is my gift to you, to awaken your divine energy within.
I look forward to our ecstatic journey together.
Bliss, Tantra and Tantra ties for men, women, and couples.

Training and Certifications

2022 Tantra Illuminated Workshop: Stanzas on the Recognition of Divine Consciousness

2021 "Breath Work" (Master class/Summit)- Embodied Yoga/The Embody Lab

2021 "Healing Trauma" (Certificate)- Dr Peter Levine, Ergos Institute/The Embody Lab

2021 "Rhythmic Vinyasa" (Master class)- Shiva Rea, Embodied Yoga

2021 "Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy" (Cetification program)- The Embody Lab

2021 "The Essence of Meditation" (Master Class)- Dr. Richard Miller, The Embody Lab

2021 "Coregulation & Growing the Capacity for Love" (Master class)- Dr Stephen Porges & Dr Scott Lyons, The Embody Lab

2020/21 CMT Training- Massage Center/Advanced School of Massage Therapy- Swedish, Thai, Lomi Lomi, Deep tissue, Myofascial Release, Reflexology, Aromatherapy….

2020 Certified Reiki II Practitioner

2019 Tantra Massage Training (workshop intensive)- Somananda Tantra Yoga School

2019 Tantra Massage Training and have worked with Luna Lauren, LA - Teacher, Therapist, and Coach.

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Sara was warm and welcoming as this was my first visit with her. All I can say is when I left I was walking on air. Her touch was magical and her care for my physical limitations was perfect. Sara was just what I needed and will enjoy spending time with her again.


Dec 9th, 2022

What a beautiful human being. She made me feel alive again with her warmth and angel like touch. What a wonderful first experience. I will be back many times.


Dec 2nd, 2022

Sorry for the Late Post. Sara radiates beauty, sweetness and innocence. Her face shines with inner and outer beauty. I saw Sara in October when she was in SF and she was amazing again. Her energy and power was enough to make my soul awaken and feel great!. My heart and body felt so alive connecting with Sara again
She is the Best therapist I've had at the Temple by far!!!


Oct 12th, 2022

An absolutely wonderful experience. I can be a bit nervous going into these sessions, but Sara was a sweet and gentle guide, and made sure to always ensure my comfort. I did a doubles session, with Cheyenne who was new at the time, and Sara took the lead, leading to a seamless, astounding hour of bliss.


Sep 25th, 2022

What an experience with Sara! From the moment we met, she was attentive to my needs and fulfilled them. Her soft touch made it possible to be in a blissful state. Her beauty and personality is unmatched.

Jo*n T*Ave*ls

Aug 30th, 2022

İt was our first time and Sara lead us through a blissful experience. It was a pleasure and honor to experience this blissful occasion with her


Aug 23rd, 2022

Saraswati was an absolute joy to be with. Right from receiving me with open arms to giving the treatment, she is a bundle of energy and compassion. Probably one of the best Daikinis that I have interacted with. She is absolutely professional and caring in her therapy. We started off with some gazing and rhythmic breathing and effortlessly glided into rekindling our energies. She genuinely showed love and compassion and I can't describe enough how good the session was. Thanks Sara for that joyful moments. Shanti Shanti Shanti



Aug 19th, 2022

Hello People who are all Beautiful! How can I put into words what Heaven on Earth feels like? One must truly have experienced it in order to even begin describing it. Since I know that Devi Sri Laxmi, Devi Sri Durga, and Devi Sri Saraswati comprise the Holy Feminine Trinity, and since I know that they reside in the Heavenly Abodes of Sri Vishnu, Sri Maheshwara, and Sri Brahma -- wherever they are, that must be Heaven!

I can safely say that I've been to Heaven, and back, on Earth. This has been possible thanks to Devi Sara*Swati.

I bow to you, Devi Sara*Swati. Dear Tantrikas and practicing Yoginis, I bow to you all. Namaskaram.

Until next time... with Love, Light, and Laughter,


Aug 2nd, 2022

I went to see Sara just yesterday and honestly it was a truly amazing experience. This was my first time and she was very gentle, calm, and welcoming. Her touch was truly healing in nature and I left feeling completely renewed. This was my first experience and I know that I will be back again, she is a beautiful goddess and i felt lucky to have been in her presence!


Jun 21st, 2022

My Tantra session with Sara was amazing and fantastic! She has an incredibly warm and open energy, and really makes you feel comfortable. She is absolutely gorgeous inside and out and is an amazing healer. I left feeling lighter than I had in weeks, and she has truly helped deepen my practice and further my journey. I can’t recommend her enough. I will see her again soon.


Jun 20th, 2022

Gorgeous, Communicative, Interesting, Soothing - First time at the Temple - Will not be the last. Thank you Sara!


Apr 5th, 2022

Another wonderful experience with this Goddess. She's the best!


Jan 26th, 2022

Sara was amazing. I was having a terrible morning and she let me forget about things for an hour. Absolutely unforgettable experience that left me feeling incredible. Thank you in advance for the next session.


Jan 6th, 2022

Simply amazing. Words cannot capture the power, beauty, and divine energy that Sara so masterfully moves and dances with. She is a gorgeous goddess that has mastered this sacred art. I’m forever grateful for this blessed experience.


Oct 20th, 2021

I’ve seen Sara many times, and each session has been better than the last. Not only is she beautiful, but she always makes sure I have the best session possible. Her touch, her feel, and her knowledge always keep me coming back for more.


Sep 13th, 2021

I connected with Sara the moment she met me at the door and the mutual connection only strengthened throughout our session. Her beautiful smile brightened my day, while her touch calmed my body. A truly wonderful experience. Thx, Sara.


Aug 4th, 2021

On a blustery Monday afternoon when I desperately needed a respite from reality, Sara and the Marin Temple were the perfect answer. Sara is simply sublime. She is beautiful, thoughtful and warm. She intuitively reads you with her hands, calms you when needed, and understands exactly when and how to energize you. She guided me through an afternoon session that left me floating home, and thinking how much I will enjoy returning to her wooded sanctuary!


Mar 15th, 2021

Unbelievable! I cannot express how amazing my session was with Sara*Swati. Do yourself a favor and see her ASAP!


Jan 6th, 2021

Sara was wonderful... had a great experience and so friendly and welcoming


Dec 24th, 2020

Awesome experience! Sara is a joy to behold with a magical touch. She has a way of making me feel so at ease. Highly recommended!!!!


Aug 26th, 2020

A lovely relaxed visit with a blonde goddess who knows her stuff! Highly recommended.


Jul 16th, 2020

Had a wonderful time with Sara for our first meeting. Such a warm and receptive energy to match an unexpected magical experience with a beautiful woman. I look forward to seeing her again 🙂


Jul 4th, 2020

I saw Sara for the first time yesterday, but it won't be the last. She is gorgeous. so much energy. She is very patient, I had a very incredible experience with her.


Jun 2nd, 2020

I have seen Sara twice and will see her as often as I can. What a wonderful woman that I felt I could really connect. Her loving touch allows me to totally surrender and enjoy receiving all she has to offer.


Apr 27th, 2020

I had an incredible experience with Sara. She emits such positive vibes and makes you feel so comfortable during the session. She’s also incredibly gorgeous and to be able to admire her perfect beauty was a gift. Together we explored the potential of touch, and just how pleasurable it can be. Please experience this for yourself, as I’m sure I will repeat it myself.


Apr 6th, 2020

I was so blown away by Sara. Her energy was amazing and is truly beautiful inside and out.


Feb 27th, 2020

Wow, what an incredible experience sharing her energy. She is so welcoming and relaxing. Gorgeous, inside and out.


Jan 20th, 2020

I have had the luxury and privilege to connect with Sara a few times now and I could not recommend her any more highly! She is skilled, intuitive, engaged, spiritual and beautiful! Can’t wait to see her again!


Dec 5th, 2019

Sara is wonderful. She has such terrific energy that
she imparts to you. My session was so relaxing
and full of loving energy. I highly recommend her.


Oct 27th, 2019

I had a very sweet & heart opening session with Sara.Her energy is nurturing, soft & attentive and she quickly eased my stress and anxiety. Sara has a keen understanding of energy and knows how to move it.I found her session to be comforting and deeply healing.


Oct 16th, 2019


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