Amber Parvati

Level III Tantrika


Amber Parvati

Amber Parvati

I am here to meet you on a loving, lavish, loving adventure.

You will find that I am as intelligent and experienced, as I am kind and caring. I combine just the right combination of  energy therapy and skill, to guide you to the gateway of trust, remembrance, bliss, and Holy Love.

 I am the definition of a modern day Goddess.

Whether you are seeking stress relief from a hard day's work, looking to completely surrender to the ultimate Tantric experience, or are simply seeking an authentic, nourishing escape for yourself, I aim to hold space for whatever you desire. Here, we create an honest approach to bettering your life through freedom of physical expression, in a warm, comfortable, and non-judgmental atmosphere. I encourage a genuine experience, and welcome the request for true one-on-one connection.

Until we meet, xoxo

Amber Berlin

5 years Temple Healer experience

Purely Therapeutic Offerings   Kundalini Bliss Massage   Tantric Bodywork

Amber ParvatiAmber Parvati

Listed below are reviews of my sessions posted on a massage review website & submitted by *temple clients*:
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TherapistDateTemple NicknameExperienceComment
Amber Parvati aka Amber Berlin03-28-2019*Queen Love*10

Amber has been coming to work with us on extended work immersions for the past Five years. Today, she graduates to level 3 dakini. I feel that her time training, growing and working with the Temple qualifies her to this level. She embodies the attributes which we aim to bring into our sessions. I just received a very nourishing and loving Bodywork session from her today, and I can honestly say that aside from being wonderfully relaxing, she also implemented some moves that were new for me to receive (which is saying a lot). Generous, kind, sincere and honestly caring, Amber is also deserving of a new name which shows the embodied goddess priestess she has become: Parvati. Amber Parvati, we offer you our blessings as you go off to open your new Temple in Germany: The Priestess Temple❣️

Amber Berlin01-22-2019*Zsol*10

Amber has an amazing intuitive physical empathy. She was able to resonate exactly to what I needed. She is a kind and loving presence. My sessions with her leave me feeling deeply cared for.

Amber Berlin01-19-2019*AH*10

She was the first person i saw over a year ago, and waited so long for her return. She took her time with me. She brought my emotions to a rolling thunder while I also felt safe.
Thank you Amber

Amber Berlin03-30-2017*JeSe*10

Warm, enchanting, and unforgettable. Amber gives an amazing Bliss massage. Her session is incredible.

Amber Berlin03-26-2017*AiDa*10

Had an amazing end of a long weekend/start of the new week session (Tantric Ecstatic Bodywork 60 minute) with Miss Berlin. Still novice to the tantra experience (tried a handful of other great healers from the LA Temple) Amber brought her unique-style sensual touch/massage, breathwork and chakra healing from start to finish without sense of rush/urgency. My session with Miss Berlin left me numb in the face and body. She knew exactly what I needed after to bring me back - fresh orange slices, and cold water! Wow, thank you for the care... The no sense of urgency... Highly recommend Miss Berlin.

Amber Berlin03-25-2017*MatE*10

Amber is so loving, beautiful on the outside and most importantly inside. She takes time to know you. I was feeling dead inside and she awakened my spirit. I feel alive again and able to have energy for everyone in my life. She is so compassionate and can awaken energy deep inside which I thought was dormant and gone. She is herself and comfortable and confident in who she is. Two hours was almost enough time I could happily spend the rest of the day in her company.

Amber Berlin03-23-2017*go*10

Been visiting the temple from the beginning of LA in echo park. I have always had wonderful experiences and every once now and then there is someone like Amber! Perfect blend of touch and sensuality...

Amber Berlin09-21-2015*Svi*10

I have been to the temple many many times and with different daikinis-But Amber was very very special. She received and treated me as if I knew her for ages. I felt very close to her. Her touch was special and was like no other. She is very special to me. Amber you are a great lady.

Amber Berlin09-01-2015*Anon*10

I am immensely grateful for my two sessions with Amber, and look forward to seeing her again soon. Her intuitive, gracious manner put made me comfortable immediately, and I felt as though I had been friends with her for a long time. Amber's skillful technique, genuine nature and expansive openness are definitely therapeutic and will lead you out of this world while keeping you fixed in the present moment. Very special.

Amber Berlin08-05-2015*ALI*10

It started with a call and there where the magic began. Amber was so beautiful and a very sweet person, her massage can't be described in words but has to be felt because she knows exactly what she is doing... her touch makes you feel like a whole new person.. I had the pleasure to have an appointment with amber and the whole experience was so magical. Thank you so much for the best massage I've ever had.

Amber Berlin10-08-2014*Niy*9

I was welcomed by a gorgeous goddess with mesmerizing eyes leading up to a relaxing time which I'd needed for awhile. I'm definitely going to arrange future sessions.

Amber Berlin08-22-2014*Grace*10

I just had a great with Amber. She is Amazing! She is beautiful & has a very nice personality...has a great massage skill & sensitivity. I will definitely be a regular client.

Amber Berlin08-05-2014*Jul*10

I am totally flabbergasted ! --- I know "Amber Berlin" from my visits to where she worked before... and now - I still can't believe my luck ! - I find her here / She is THE BEST ( ! ! ! ) Body & Soul.

Amber Berlin08-04-2014*Mic*9

Awesome girl. Great session . Great massage and just the perfect touch. Will repeat.

Amber ParvatiAmber Parvati

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