Samantha Belair

Worship does not mean offering flowers. It means offering your heart To the vast mystery Of the Universe...

Samantha Belair

~ It means letting your heart pulse with the life of the universe without thought and without reservation. It means being so in love That you are Willing to dissolve And be recreated in every moment!

Samantha Belair

Together we will go on a journey to explore your deepest pleasures and expand your capacity for delicious blissful embodiment. Float away from your day and allow my touch to send waves of exquisite pleasure that wash over you. Watch your how your physical boundaries dissolve, time disappears, and your worries and problems fade. With my guided touch your body is free, expansive, pampered, and lovingly held. My wish is to nourish and lavish all of your body as you step into a world of ultimate Nirvana and heightened awareness.

I am an artist and Certified Sexological Bodyworker ready to serve you as you discover the fountain of heavenly delight. I have been a practicing Tantric Dakini with the Temple of Bliss for 2+ years and I love this path. Allow me to welcome you into my loving heart and skillful touch.

In light and breath, Samantha Belair

Available for: Body of Bliss Massage, Couples & Doubles Tantra & Bliss

Purely Therapeutic Offerings: Purely Therapeutic Spa Massage, Shamanic Temple Bodywork, Private Yoga & Meditation, Spiritual Counseling/Life Coach, Couples Counseling/Love Coach.

Samantha BelairSamantha Belair

Listed below are reviews of my sessions posted on a massage review website & submitted by *temple clients*:
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TherapistDateTemple NicknameExperienceComment
Samantha Belair12-26-2017*Diamo*10

Samantha is a wondful tantrika who knows how to activate the energy in your body. I felt calm and energised at the same time during the session. She is very caring and nurturing towards one’s needs. I felt a peak in energy flowing across my body after the session. Definitely coming back again. If you haven’t tried Samantha you are missing something.

Samantha Belair11-02-2017*Dia*10

Sam was extremely open, positive, and caring from the moment I arrived until she sent me on my glowing way. She felt like a guide and a partner as she dismantled my anxieties and help me dissolve into the session. She was able to move me between melted calm and up to energized bliss seamlessly and artfully. Like I told her: I felt truly cared for. When she's back in my neighborhood again, I definitely intend to see her.

Samantha Belair07-24-2017*Nirgo*10

My first session with Samantha far exceeded my expectations and each session thereafter has been better. I am experiencing some difficulties in my life, but all my concerns have melted away during our sessions. I have always left our sessions feeling so relaxed and so much better. Samantha is a warm, engaging and intuitive Dakini. I am looking forward to seeing this very special person many more times.

Samantha Belair12-26-2016*AV*10

I have booked sessions with just about every woman in the Temple and my time with Samantha was definitely one of the most sublime experiences yet. She is warm, engaging, spontaneous and she provided a totally divine tantric experience. And as the saying goes, the pictures of her do not come close to capturing her beauty. Highest recommendation.

Samantha Belair05-04-2015*RicF*10

Spectacularly healing and nourishing work. I felt completely and utterly accepted and safe in Samantha's hands – which still surged with vitality and unleashed zeniths of pleasure. I came in with some specific goals and needs, and she helped me not only in meeting and overcoming them, but revealed deeper, hidden energies that needed unbinding and release. I learned so much from her and from our time together. Thank you!

Samantha Belair04-10-2015*DugFr*10

Samantha changed my life. This is not an exaggeration or play on words. I was raised in a household that, though loving, was repressed regarding almost anything to do with the body. Over several sessions, she helped me to open up my mind, heart, body, and soul to a level of comfortability and excitement that I was not aware I could achieve. She created a warm, safe environment in which to teach me about myself and gave me the tools to start on this amazing path of self-exploration and love. This is clearly reflected in my interactions with others as well, and has deeply enriched my life. I know her to be sensitive, kind, sincere, intelligent, intuitive (to a very high degree), open-hearted, and extremely funny. She is also beautiful, sensual, soft, and warm. Samantha, I cannot thank you enough for the ways that you have helped me to grow, expand my consciousness, and deepen my understanding and enjoyment of the human experience. You are a truly amazing spirit.

Samantha Belair03-27-2015*QL*10

This lovely woman exudes divine grace, embodies a sensual & soft femininity, while a power & presence pierces you with her eyes.

Samantha Belair03-15-2015*RajV*10

I’m relatively new to the Temple’s offerings and recently had my first session with Samantha. My initial impression of her peaceful demeanor and external beauty is that the session will likely be nice, pleasant and relaxing. My first impressions were actually turned upside down on my head and were the opposite. The session was energizing, riveting and ecstatic. Had no preconception of where the session was going, it quickly took off into a spontaneous wave action like surfing on land. She’s adept at creating and holding a safe, nurturing space and coaxing spontaneous movement of my core. These days there is so much chaos and negativity in the world. It’s so renewing to find an oasis for a brief moment out of time. I suggest you won’t have a pleasant, ordinary experience with Samantha more likely extra-ordinary.


What an amazing beautiful woman, Samantha is what the Temple of Bliss is all about; her therapeutic and sensual techniques are beyond human comprehension, you will consider yourself a very extremely fortunate person after meeting Samantha. I cannot thank her enough for the unforgettable intoxicating experience she bestowed upon me. Thank you Samantha, hope to see you back in Hollywood again someday.

Samantha BelairSamantha Belair

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