Level II Tantrika

Fully Vaccinated


Men, Women & Couples


I am an intuitive healer, artist, performer, "instrument of the divine",  priestess of the sacred way... and I am here to serve.
Every person is a snowflake made of the same core fibers yet uniquely different, glorious, and gifted. My magic grants me the ability to talk to your body, while like whispers in the breeze you call out to me ~ and by my nature I hear and receive.
Those I am meant to touch will find me. My hands glide across your skin, your chakras, your being. My soul is a vessel of loving light to shine thru. I explore your vessel and intake vibrations and energetic sensations, all while sweetly smiling upon your face in unconditional acceptance.
Guided by light my body delights for the chance to heal and be healed for we are the teacher and the student. The practice of intimacy building techniques naturally taps us into one of the most sacred of spaces.
As we face each other and as we embrace the moment, the breath…the deep eye gazing… we feel as if we’ve been here before.
Containers of mass quantities of infinite light… we are alive, electric, & joyfully ecstatic.
Feel the tingling movement of life force running from you to me. Without a word…we drop in… breath pulls us deeper into trust, compassion, and understanding.
Once this occurs my gift…my offering ignites.
*10+ Years - Celebrant / Wedding Officiant
*20+ Years Professional Dancer & Performer
*Thai - Vedic Bodywork - Completion of Bronze, Silver & Gold Levels
*Initiation & Study with Modern Mystery School
*Student of Holy Love Institute Shivakti Tantra Yoga Teacher Training
*LandMark Forum
*Non Violent CommunicationI am honored to also offer:*Meta Meditation & Breath work Massage
*Various Guided Meditations (with or without Massage)
*Guided Breath Work Modalities
*Thai Vedic Body Work
*Elemental Temple Dance
*Tantric Breathe Work Partner Dance
*Tea Service & Ceremony
*Weddings, Union Bonds & Hand Fasting Ceremonies
*Blessings Ways
*Energetic Cord Cuttings
*Toning/ChantingI have Cultivated Practices in:
*Breath Work
*Fitness & Nutrition
*Authentic Connection
In Holy Love,
Lena Evonne

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Amazing double experience with Lena & Mimi. Simply spectacular. Don't walk, run as this is an outstanding pairing.


Nov 9th, 2022

I was blessed enough to be able to schedule a two-hour Tantra session with Lena at the last minute. It was by far the most blissful, loving, mind-expanding and emotional session I have had with anyone anywhere. It was uncanny the way Lena zeroed in on my particular needs, struggles and aches. The wisdom and compassion with which she treated me could not have felt more divine. I wish I were able to see Lena every week. She is intelligence, intention and beauty personified. Please do yourself a favor and book her whenever you have the chance.

*er*k S*

Oct 30th, 2022

Lena is a true mind reader, wonderful spirit and strong pressure when needed. She reads your body map needs and knows where to go. When she massaged my face I felt like her fingers tips were redesigning my lines . Priceless . Great clean energy and genuine personality . Brava !!!


Oct 29th, 2022

Lena was so graceful and welcoming. I was nervous when I first entered the space. I felt safe to share my jitters with her. Lena took the time to put me at ease and to explore what I was hoping to get out of the session. I left feeling absolutely empowered, relaxed, more in contact with my agency, and energized. I highly recommend Lena to women who are looking to feel more alive and free in this life.


Oct 1st, 2022

I had the privilege of receiving treatment from Lena and highly recommend her as a warm, empathetic care giver. Lena is all about encouraging you to feel better both physically and emotionally. Her practice was skillful, intuitive, and truly generous. Thank you Lena!


Aug 20th, 2022

My experience with Lena was incredible. I felt seen, held, uplifted during my time with her and left rejuvenated and walking on clouds. Her voice is so calming that I was able to sink completely and immediately into her gentle touch. The most restoring and comfortable experience I've had at ToB! I will be back to see Lena again.


Aug 19th, 2022

Lena is a Dakini who is a master of her craft. Each movement is with intention and she has much wisdom to share. Her beauty is enchanting. Let her guide you through your journey together. A beautiful soul.


Aug 17th, 2022

Exceptional couples session with Lena! Her artistic spirit and intuitive qualities created a comfortable, engaging environment of trust and communication as she guided us through intimacy building techniques that allowed us to strengthen our connection as a couple. Our session was relaxing and restorative which is exactly what was needed. Lena is a beautiful, knowledgeable teacher and we hope to experience her amazing energy again. Highly recommend!


Jun 19th, 2022

Lena is the real deal. A true tantric goddess and Dakini. She is a lover of life and brings magic to the work she does. I have seen Lena a few times and our connection grows deeper with every visit. Her touch is healing. Her words have wisdom, experience, and weight behind them. She is a true unicorn. I look forward to spending time with her every time she visits SF.


Mar 8th, 2022

Lena was excellent. She is beautiful and a breath of fresh air. She also has amazing skills that produce a spine tingling massage. Must definitely see her again and again…


Mar 4th, 2022

Lena is such a beautiful soul. She has magic hands and energy that put me in a state of deep relaxation. She guided me through healing breath that put me in a truly meditative state. Then she worked her magic removing stresses throughout my body. I was completely relaxed yet alert. The session was pure bliss!


Mar 4th, 2022

I've been going to the temple for over 5 years and my session with Lena today was one of the best. She is gorgeous inside and out and a very intuitive healer. Highly recommended.


Mar 2nd, 2022

In the turmoil of daily life one seeks a haven of relaxation and abandon; this treasured elusive state is abundantly acquired in the delicate aura of the mystical Dakini and masterful teacher Lena. Beauty, knowledge, attention and response made a 90 minute session float by at once as if instantly and at the same time an eternity of bliss with a desire never to leave. Don't believe me? Experience for yourself!


Feb 27th, 2022

She combines the healing energies she has acquired from her stays inHawaii and Thailand into a wonderful experience.


Feb 25th, 2022

I went to see Lena few weeks ago, and I still have in my mind her sweet voice, smile, and how perfect was the whole session, I enjoyed every minute that I spent with Lana, from the beginning to the end, for sure I will visit her before she goes again.


Feb 25th, 2022

I had a magical experience with Lena. My experience was second to none! I was able to achieve deep relaxation while Lena and I connected in deep layers. I am thankful to have worked together.


Mar 10th, 2020

Lovely Lena, her healing hands and hypnotic voice led me into a very relaxed trance state. She moves slow and intentional, caring and thoughtful. Tonight I received my first Purely Therapeutic massage from her, and now I get to share my tantric transmission and initiation with her. She’s already a natural and clearly collected many gems in her travels and life & temple experience. -Queen Love

*Queen Love*

Mar 5th, 2020

Lena was lovely. Loving beautiful and wise. I fell in love with her a little bit.


Feb 8th, 2020

It is such a wonderful experience. She eased my stress with different techniques. I learned about the breathing ways to calm myself down and able to use them for meditation. The massage was provided with warm touch and mutual trust. Thank you for teaching me.


Jan 29th, 2020

Lena’s massage was true bliss. She is beautiful inside and out and i could not have felt more relaxed after my time with her. She was fun, made feel at ease, and by far exceeded my expectations. Thanks Lena 🙂


Nov 27th, 2019

Lena understood what I was looking for when I explained my state. She helped me get in touch with the better parts of life I was looking to reconnect with after a hard week.


Oct 4th, 2019

I enjoyed the most wonderful session with Lena. Her hands intuitively guided me through an amazing massage. There is a unique energy through her touch that made me feel energized, healed and deeply cared for. I felt her unique, warm, connected, loving presence.
Lena is a special person. She is beautiful inside and out. I hope to see Lena again soon!


Oct 1st, 2019

Grounded, authentic, and mesmerizing, Lena dropped me into a state I hadn't experienced before. It was an extremely special experience, both healing and decadently enjoyable. Thanks to Lena, I now realize there is so much more to learn.


Oct 1st, 2019

Lena Evonne is welcoming and playful... and also, a wise and intuitive guide. With her warm and generous touch, her knowledge of yoga and tantric techniques, and her verbal instructions, she led me through a marathon 2.5 hour session that felt wonderful.


Sep 30th, 2019

Lena was amazing - she provided everything I needed and could have hoped for. Truly a soul fulfilling, healing, enlivening journey performed with love, skill and integrity. I could write pages about how beautiful and skillful she and her work is - in short I know what I needed, went to a temple, met a priestess (first time working with her), explained as best I could, and left feeling clear, aligned, loved and fully connected. So much gratitude for Lena, TOB, and life!


Sep 27th, 2019

Great guidance thru my entire session. Lena has a wonderful gift of helping you feel present and seen. Highly recommended.



Aug 23rd, 2019

Once again, Lena delivered an incredibly blissful experience. I truly felt like I was floating at one point!!! Lena is simply exceptional!



Aug 21st, 2019

I had the privilege of training Lena when she first came to the Temple. Needless to say, she needed very little training. She is an absolute natural, a true priestess in every sense of the word. She is skilled at the art of sensuality; clear and focused in her approach of meeting people where they're at and working from there. Her outer beauty is stunning, but what shines even more is what comes from inside: a mature woman who has done her inner work and radiates that from every pore of her being. I might add too that her comfort in her own body and skin is contagious, coming from a dance background it shows with every touch, breath, and movement. I highly recommend visiting with Lena and booking an extended session so she can take you on an ecstatic journey of true Bliss.

Teresa Angel


Aug 20th, 2019

I did a duo with Kara and Lena. I transcended. It was mind blowing and expansive. If you are looking to become an estate warrior of love do it with these two.



Aug 7th, 2019

My first session with Lena was perfect. She is engaging and incredibly beautiful. More important. she is a master if her craft who reminded me how important her work can be. I left refreshed, relaxed, and eternally grateful.



Jul 10th, 2019

My recent session with Lena was awesome! She has an incredibly calm vibe that immediately relaxed me, but then shifted into a wonderfully sensuous touch that melted away every knot in every muscle of my body. She's a fantastic addition to the Temple!!!



Jun 18th, 2019

My 1st ever visit with Lena. She is incredible! Very caring, intelligent, & has great touch. She explained everything including tantra. She has a warm heart. I had a doubles session with Lena & Venus & they were both great.



Jun 18th, 2019

Session with Lena was fantastic. She has amazing energy. Felt very relaxed and connected. She is absolutely gorgeous in person even better than online photos. This was one of the most unique experiences as I was tired from a long week week when I showed up, but felt amazingly charged and refreshed after I left. I'm convinced she unblocked some channels and gave more life energy. Not joking. Very healing and amazing.


Jun 9th, 2019

Lena is fantastic. She's got great energy. Enchanting & beautiful with wonderful hands. Looking forward to seeing her again.


May 28th, 2019

Very nice double with Lena and Therese. Lena was very tuned and listened to my priorities, she also has a nice sense of humor. I enjoyed the introduction and will repeat when solo.


May 27th, 2019


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