Skyler Lake

Skyler Lake

A gift of relaxation and positive intentions, warmth, good energy & Intimacy: Enjoy your Blissful nature with me!

Skyler Lake

Greetings Beloveds,

I bow before the precious expression of God that is uniquely manifesting through you.
In loving devotion to the Beloved Oneness that illuminates this play of existence, I will adorn the divine consciousness interpenetrating through our bodies with the light of my feminine essence. I welcome you home, with all my warmth, fully into this gift of a sanctuary where one can dissolve and awaken from the illusion of separation. I surrender myself into the deepest and most exalted embodiment of what it means to be truly transparent, where all thats left to expose is the radiance of Love's presence, to envelop us together in the sacred panacea of gorgeous grace flowing from the source of creation to drench our experience in ecstatic beauty. There is a secret garden blooming inside of me that I would like to offer up through my heart and my hands to touch & transform your life from within.

I invite you to enjoy a private session with me!

*Also a previously published professional model*

Bless, Skyler Lake

Skilled in: Chakra Balancing, Guided Relaxation Meditation, Restorative Yoga, TM, Tantra, Sri Vidya Goddess Worship, Massage, Reiki, Sound Healing, Cacao Ceremonies, Energy Clearing, Healing Arts & Sacred Wellness. *I have been holding sound and guided meditations every Sunday and I am currently studying plant medicine with a shaman.


April 2017 - 5 week course completed:
The Roots of Temple Body Arts guided by Sofiah Thom.
Creative Movement Arts Journey to Harness your Feminine Confidence, Wisdom &  Sacred Sensuality. I learned to create a positive relationship with the body through tantra yoga, expressive movement, meditation, & mantra - with emphasis on the Chakras energy clearing & energy healing.

FALL 2017: Completion Chakra & Deity Mantras 6 month sadhana: Sri Vidya Goddess Worship Course. This class was an incredible in depth deep journeying through the ancient wisdom wisdom of Tantra with a Powerful Sadhana of women.This course taught me a much deeper knowledge about Tantra, giving a new meaning to this work and it's ancient lineage. I found the connection to body mind & spirit full of beauty & undeniable truth. I feel this course has enriched my Tantra knowledge & given me some powerful tools to work with both in healing  & personal growth. Using Mantra, Chakra, Mandala, Sound, Meditation, Sadhana, Diety Worship to create a space of divine worship & sacred wellness.




Skyler LakeSkyler Lake

Listed below are reviews of my sessions posted on a massage review website & submitted by *temple clients*:
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TherapistDateTemple NicknameExperienceComment
Skyler Lake06-30-2018*ChCo*10

Skyler is the sun and the moon. She's a fantasy come true. I honestly could not believe it when i met her for my first session. Truly. She's astonishingly beautiful, smart, intuitive, and healing. I've had many, many sessions since and I continue to be forever grateful for each and every one of them. She's a goddess and your best friend. I can't say enough good things about her. I can't wait for our next session.

Skyler Lake12-11-2017*Ti4*10

There are not enough good words to say about the experience with Skyler Lake. She is beautiful inside and out. She takes great care to accommodate one's every need. She is well spoken and makes one feel immediately at ease. Throughout the session she works to provide peace and tranquility. After the experience with her, you are is a rested, peaceful place. Looking forward to our next session. It was truly awe inspiring. Thank you Skyler.

Skyler Lake11-15-2017*OA*10

A week ago, I had the most memorable Tantra session. it was a dream that I never wanted it to end. Skyler is an angel that will make you feel better no matter what. With her soft hands and beautiful voice you will think that you are in heaven already. I would love to go back and see her. Thank you Skyler for the amazing time I had with you. See you soon! :}

Skyler Lake10-11-2017*AFor*10

Had 2 sessions with Skyler for 90 mins. Every session with her was so divine and I can't wait to have more. I got lost looking into her eyes and her voice is so melodious. The advice given by her during the session has tremendously helped me and my relationship with my wife. Can't wait for the next session.

Skyler Lake08-19-2017*GeoPR*10

Skyler is just sensational! From the moment she opens the door to welcome you with a big smile and a warm hug, you know the experience is going to be a good one. Well it was amazing, a true goddess! During the session with Skyler you forget everything else, it's like you are in cloud 9!
She is sweet, caring and loving.
I had a one hour reservation that I decided to extend to 90 minutes. Well, next time I think 2 hours will be better.
I'm in heaven!!!

Skyler Lake08-04-2017*For*10

Skyler is amazing. Beautiful and full of light.

Skyler Lake04-07-2017*Idk*10

There are a lot gorgeous girls out there, but Skyler is one of the few that will make you a better person. LISTEN instead of look as hard as that may be with her.

Skyler Lake03-18-2017*DenLo*10

Not only she is drop-dead-gorgeous, her massage technique is second to none. I had the most amazing time with her which will be remembered for a long long time. She has become my all time favorite at The Temple now. Hope she comes to town often.

Skyler Lake03-04-2017*QL*10

Generous & Gorgeous. It's astounding how truly beautiful this woman is & how honestly humble. Brand newly initiated in to offering Tantra sessions tonight, her garden has new flowers. ~Queen Love

Skyler Lake02-22-2017*FR*10

Skyer was the most amazing person I have ever met! I'm still shaking after our session. You are crazy if you don't book time with her! Thank you Skyler!

Skyler Lake02-05-2017*ChCol*10

An absolute dream come true.

Skyler Lake01-18-2017*nyt*10

Skyler thank you for the wonderful and unforgettable 1.5h of your exquisite everything, you, bringing me into your space was a divine experience and probably addictive cause i'm already planing to go back to you before my trip so i'll see you soon.

Skyler Lake01-12-2017*QL*10

Yes ~ Yes ~ Yes! This new Temple dakini is incredibly special. I have just had the honor to receive an incredibly delicious massage from Skyler. She has learned & incorporated the trainings here so far at the Temple very well. Her pressure is exquisitely perfect: strong & tender. It is rare you meet such a gorgeous woman who is so insanely warm, caring, humble & real. I am quite pleased Skyler has joined our collective & I look forward to more Tantra Massage exchanges with her in the future. She's a natural & her star will rise quickly! I recommend. - Queen Love

Skyler LakeSkyler Lake

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