Ka Monique

Level II Tantrika

Ka Monique

Ka Monique

KA• [kah]

: A spiritual entity, an aspect of the individual, believed to live within the body during life and to survive it after death. Eternal life source.

Welcome all,

   My name is Ka, a sonic priestess providing rooted vibrations and activation. I come to invite you to enter a safe space of surrender, euphoria, nurture & healing. My medicine is an expression of my ancestral rhythmic soul. Together we will delve into sacred movement of mind, body, spirit and emerge into source. My touch is loving and intuitive. My heart is wide open and sincere. My intentions are pure and will connect you towards divinity and truth.

  I look forward to guiding you on your journey towards Holy Love.




-Sound bath healing 


-Kundalini body bliss~Sacred Tantric bodywork~ Purely Therapeutic massage.

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Ka MoniqueKa Monique

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TherapistDateTemple NicknameExperienceComment
Ka Monique12-27-2019*MiOr*10

Ka was incredible. Great hands, intuitive, warm, friendly, what more can I say? She has incredible instincts, is patient, knows bodywork, and just a beautiful person inside and out, this was my first experience at the Temple, and will definitely be back to visit again. Soon!

Ka Monique08-27-2019BaDr10

I left Ka feeling the best I have felt in years. She put me in a new emotional space. Kind, gentle, and perfect for what I needed.

Ka Monique06-28-2019*TR*8

Ka wasn't good...........She was GREAT!! For anyone looking for an amazing massage and someone who is super talented with her hands, Ka is the one to book!

Ka Monique03-06-2019Queen Love

Ka is simply one of the sweetest embodiments of gentle and loving femininity ever❣️ My massage was nurturing, rhythmic and softly soothing. I slipped in and out of twilight trance. She has a true heart and shared her heart openly.

Ka Monique02-20-2019*CH*10

This was my first visit to Ka and what a beautiful visit it was. I had an amazing experience that was one of the best tantra sessions I have ever had. Ka managed to bring me to an amazing state that stayed with me the whole day and night, what a wonderful experience, I will for sure pay Ka a visit again. Thank you!

Ka Monique02-14-2019*TMSWZ*10

Ka is a beautiful soul inside and out, and created a transcendent bubble of escape for me. I left peaceful and I had forgotten all my troubles. Highly recommend.

Ka Monique02-03-2019*BFY*10

What can I say, I had the most divine session with Ms. Monique. Her touch is very warm and intuitive. An experience filled with ecstasy, something you wouldn’t want to miss!

Ka Monique01-11-2019*AH*10

I saw Ka a few times, always left the temple feeling just fantastic. Loving and caring person. Talked to me, made sure I was doing fine, made sure my mind was clear from any cluster of the day. She would remind me to breathe throughout our session as i would stop from such a bliss. Truly great.

Ka Monique01-10-2019Luxy Star (Temple Therapist)10

I had the most blissful birthday session with Ka today and I had to share my experience. Ka is a deeply intuitive therapist with wonderful bodywork skills and a powerfully healing touch. As she guided me into my breath I felt stress melting away. She is a gentle spirit with a loving and compassionate energy that instantly puts you at ease and allows your heart to open. If I could have stayed longer I would have! Divine!

Ka Monique01-01-2019*K*10

I have been to KA a few times now and every time without fail I feel this
wonderful sense of peace after our sessions she creates a beautiful space
to feel, I will be seeing her again sooner than later as should you 🙂

Ka Monique12-31-2018*Dako*10

Visiting from the NW, I ventured to the Temple looking for a new journey and came upon a precious gemstone name Ka Monique. A lovely lady with an enchanting smile, a gaze that warms the heart and a voice calming to the mind. Her photos are not a true reflection of her natural beauty. You must see her with the naked eye to appreciate the radiance of her natural gifts. Before the session, she inquired what I desired and I responded take me on a journey and she did. Her touch is soothing with an intuition to please and unwind tension deep within the core. Our session twisted in bliss along the river Ka and I left with body drained of tension yet fulfilled with euphoria. For those weary travelers, seek her care and if granted, be open and receptive to a charming muse with skills abound in the art of touch.

Ka MoniqueKa Monique

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