Luna Lauren

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Luna Lauren

“Luna Lauren is a princess of bliss. She restored my heart, my soul and everything else.”

Luna Lauren

"Luna-- as I catch my breath -- I'm writing to thank you for the intoxicatingly satisfying, sensationally sensual, deeply nourishing time we just spent together. Words cannot do justice to the incredible experience but here are a few that come to mind: intense, tender, delicious, warm, seductive, inspiring, heart-pounding, connected. Oh and here's another strictly about you -- ravishing. 😉 Your unparalleled looks and lingering touch took me to unexpected heights & vistas of bliss and learning. I felt open to you. And I felt we both dived in. Unreal. Truly. Let's do it again soon." -Eric, 2/2015

Divine Indulgence ~ Tantra Massage & Sensual Domination for the Sacred Connoisseur...

Welcome Seeker of Light and Shadow, of Luna & Sol,

Our time together will be a memorable experience where sensual passion and desire illuminate your journey to Omnipotent Surrender.

Encounter the BEST in Tantric Healing & Sensual Domination, as I guide you on a Deeply Euphoric Journey.

Do you know what complete sensual submission feels like? Do you long to explore elongated states of Sensual Elation? I have created Dakini Domination just for you. It is a magnetic realm you will not soon forget.

Highly skilled and experienced in the Tantric Healing Arts, Sensual Massage and BDSM play, I highlight a unique, heart-centered approach to my dynamic sessions. Let me guide you through the luscious landscape of my playful, strong yet nurturing nature. Beginning from a place of sultry safety, I will gently nudge your boundaries to deliver you to higher states of pleasure and Conscious Eros.

It is my intention to tease, titillate and satisfy your desires and to make a genuine connection that will have an intense effect, far beyond our time together.

In Loving Service,

Luna Lauren


I have studied extensively in the Arts of Holistic Healing, Massage Therapy, Kundalini Bodywork and Tantra in the United States and India. I am also learned in Yogic philosophy and practice. This includes initiation into the Sri-Vidya goddess worship lineage, and the Kashmiri Shaivite Lineage. Plus I am certified in Bondassage and numerous other teachings.


I began this work in 2006 when I moved to Oakland, California, where a loving friend showed me the ropes and then I started climbing to the top. I held a 5 STAR, Number One rating as one of the best sensual therapists in Marin County while I resided there in 2008. My interest expanded to Tantric Healing and then evolved into BDSM play in 2012. I now incorporate all of my training into my dynamic sessions.


I love learning about my Seeker’s body as it tells me a story about who he/she is.  I absolutely adore melting into the tissues of the body; the sublime moment when all thought ceases and we join together in a moment of loving silence.


* The BODY OF BLISS Massage *

250/hr 400/90min 550/2hr

Looking to let go? Uncoil in bliss ecstasy as I guide you through an inward journey of sensual elevation and sultry surrender. Soft, strong, fast, slow, but always close; a Goddess' embrace soothes all. Bathe in the deep, gentle caress of my skillful touch as I trigger delicious inhalation, inviting you to breath into the luscious landscape of my body as it traverses yours.


300/HR 450/90min 625/2hr

This is an introductory journey into Conscious TANTRA. Melt in my sublime love as I lead you through a beautiful initiation of sensual spirituality.

Gently rocking to the flow of each other's movement, we will explore Shakti activation breath-work and meditations on pleasure to unite and excite.

The goal of Kundalini tantra is not to move up and out of the body, bringing dissociation with reality, but instead to become ecstatically embodied, engaged, and fully awake in the present moment.

* Tantra Ties -Tantalize *

350/hr 550/90min, 750/2hr 1,050/3hr

Curious about your Submissive Side? Torturous Bliss at its finest, this devious delight is for the bold adrenaline junky. LUX TIE AND TEASE is a thrilling, exciting expedition into Elated Euphoria. Riding the edge between sensual surrender and afflictive tactile play, I will guide you through delicious restraint, sensory deprivation and body percussion.


400/hr 600/90min 800/2hr 1,200/3hr

Explore your deep-seated desire to lose control to a powerful woman, and to feel the dynamic magnetism when you completely let go. Learn how to serve your Goddess, and you will be richly rewarded.

The culmination of all sessions, Dakini Domination blends principles of Tantra, the Luxury of a massage and the tactile sensations of the Tie and Tease session! This is the ultimate way to build trust and abandon, to Awaken into breath, and to completely be immersed into the full-spectrum sensory world.

Dakini Domination is like Skydiving into a thrilling sensual experience; jump and let go!

*Please inquire about Dinner Dates & Extended Sessions! *

All Outcalls add $100 travel fee.

Luna Lauren

Listed below are reviews of my sessions posted on a massage review website & submitted by *temple clients*:
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TherapistDateTemple NicknameExperienceComment
Luna Lauren11-28-2017*AV*10

I was intrigued by the term, Dakini Domination, and as I’d had no experience with the realm she described, I thought I’d give it a try. Luna took me on a ride of sensations and surrender that left my entire being energized and vibrating. She has mastery of this realm and brings with it sense of adventure, affection and fun. You may balk at the price tag, but Luna delivers and it’s worth every penny. (You’re lucky if you live in L.A.)

Luna Lauren10-19-2017*nk*10

OMG!!! I had a double therapist session with luna and luxy and i have to say my mind was blown, it was bliss overload , they're majestic sensual touch was almost too much for me to comprehend, really an amazing time that everyone should experience at least once in their life times 11 out of 10

Luna Lauren09-22-2017*SerinNew*10

Luna is an amazing human being! My session with her was profoundly loving and fun. To connect with such a beautiful, intelligent, genuinely loving, and absolutely wonderful woman was truly breathtaking. I look forward to the next session with this Goddess of love ❤


Excellent visit to the temple.

Luna Lauren07-26-2017*PetATB*10

Luna Lauren is a beautiful ecstatic Dakini elegantly skilled in Tantric arts.

She took me through many different forms of ecstasy and left me in bliss ...she really understands tantric bliss intimately and explored deeply...kundalini jolts came immediately and are still reverberating days later...

The goddess flows through her...Namaste Lauren! See you soon !

Luna Lauren02-01-2014jay10

Wow! Wow! and... WOW! She looks better in person than in her photos. While those are great, she has amazing eyes and a warmth about her that doesn't completely come through in the pix. Read her full profile. Take a look at the menu of services. Very descriptive and accurate. I've seen her twice now. First time was basic bliss massage for 60 minutes (anything but basic in my book!). Second time a light Dom session for 90 minutes. I'd never tried this before and she was amazing! The experience was Unreal! I shall repeat. Often.

Luna Lauren11-15-2014nick10

Luna oozes sensuality from every fiber of her being. Her tantra sessions are truly spiritual and deeply soothing. What's more, she is a genuine person that develops a connection with you, and gives you her real self, not some invented persona. And given how divinely beautiful, and downright mesmerizing she is, she's someone I'm always left wanting more of. Our sessions are always magical, and I only wish that I could see her more often. I'm looking forward to exploring the 'shadowy' section of her offerings when I get the chance.

Luna Lauren11-01-2014will10

Spectacular! Luna Lauren is your person if you want a massage better than any massage therapist, along with an exceptional, sensual touch throughout. I had traded e-mails with her after seeing her website - which very accurately describes her talents and inspiration. Once we agreed on a time, I drove to a very nice, but small apartment and she opened the door wearing an outfit that complimented her svelte figure, showing off just how beautiful she is. After some light conversation and a quick shower, I was shown to her massage table where the fun started. Highly recommended.

Luna Lauren11-08-2007Sauce18

Hot, Beautiful and Fun

Luna Lauren10-06-2007zed020210

Wonderful time with a very seductive provider. Highly recommended!

Luna Lauren07-27-2007Ilovecomedy10

I felt like a 5-year-old kid in Disneyland. I went back twice. There will be a third one. =) X 10

Luna Lauren06-01-2007tanman7.5

very good first time

Luna Lauren12-14-2007piton4919

This is what FBSM should be!

Luna Lauren12-30-2007blueboy9910

LunaStar-in-Heaven is aptly named...she'll take you there.

Luna Lauren01-29-2008guyonetwo9.5

Can you over-recommend someone? She has my vote if this is possible. Pure love.

Luna Lauren02-22-2008cgrant8.5

Wonderful experience.

Luna Lauren03-07-2008tanit8

sensual and loves it

Luna Lauren04-01-2008drummerlad9

Lauren is at the top of my massage list!!

Luna Lauren04-03-2008priapism10

Lauren is absolute perfection...Liquid sensuality wrapped in flawless beauty

Luna Lauren07-16-2007biscuit8

Girl Next Door, more than the usual massage

Luna Lauren07-15-2007doubledown9

One of my best experiences.

Luna Lauren10-09-2006satirev10

Simply a sensual and luscious trip to Heaven

Luna Lauren10-18-2006profligate558

I want to do that again!

Luna Lauren11-04-2006bilbaox9.5

Luna offers a happy, sensual experience. I enjoyed every second.

Luna Lauren12-06-2006fecudfred10

Indulgent, yummy, and lithe: a happy, healthy, sexy ass girl who enjoys what she does.

Luna Lauren01-04-2007farthur10

I thought I was in Heaven

Luna Lauren01-09-2007jorge9.5

An exciting session with a tall and slender cutie!

Luna Lauren01-11-2007puzzled9

Since meeting Luna I have become a lunatic: I

Luna Lauren04-23-2007Vaten10

Sensuality at its best!

Luna Lauren07-13-2007loopy14210

Sensual Isn't Strong Enough To Describe This

Luna Lauren07-15-2007wackwack10

Total relaxation

Luna Lauren04-07-200845boardgames9.5

thoroughly enjoyed the experience

Luna Lauren04-07-2008budmanjo9

almost perfection

Luna Lauren04-05-2008fahkmaster696910

I have found my muse; her name is Lauren...

Luna Lauren01-19-2009bagus9

Fantastically delicious experience to quench my thirst

Luna Lauren04-12-2008blueboy9910

Three times already and going back for more! Nuff said?

Luna Lauren05-05-2008Sauce19

Repeat visits get even better with this cute little hippie

Luna Lauren05-11-2009rodd999

Reviews are accurate...

Luna Lauren04-27-2009relaxer10

An amazing service. I felt like I was on cloud nine when Luna left.

Luna Lauren03-08-2009nicolas509.5

My first tantra

Luna Lauren02-01-2009NorCalSurf10

You dont know what you've been missing! Luna is my ATF and I am sure she will be yours!

Luna Lauren01-03-2009toc0510

Gorgeous, warm and welcoming

Luna Lauren12-09-2008Fistandantilus8

Harlequin haired Luna will reflect back whatever you want to see and make it last forever (almost)

Luna Lauren10-03-2008clubsoma200010

WOW - Reviews are accurate if not understated - Will repeat.

Luna Lauren09-01-2008BenjaminPinkerton9.5

She's a risk-taker within the FBSM framework

Luna Lauren07-16-2008gr8luvrrr10

treated me like a king!

Luna Lauren06-11-2008cicerogolden9

She's a good teacher.

Luna Lauren06-01-2008mikeman5318

As cute as her pictures...

Luna Lauren06-06-2010earthbound9.5

You won't believe it

Luna Lauren06-04-2010peacedick9.5

She's a princess of bliss. Restored my heart and soul and everything else

Luna Lauren04-06-2010rptor9

open, fun and engaging companion

Luna Lauren03-16-2010bioengineered10

Doubles Bliss session was way, way more incredible than I thought it could be

Luna Lauren06-25-2010jimmc279.5

Tantric Goddess!

Luna Lauren07-08-2010johnsonjohnsen10

Cute and gorgeous. She really is Blissful Serenity Inside & Out!

Luna Lauren09-03-2010carnival8.5

Still great FBSM...

Luna Lauren12-05-2010Smasteve10

Incredible Session. FBSM, DFK, deep eye contact, great body, best massage+ I've ever had!

Luna Lauren12-14-2010bioengineered10

Lauren sets the bar for sensuality

Luna Lauren01-20-2010blindfox8.5

good first time

Luna Lauren03-09-2010Orcman9.5

She offers both a very good (CMT) level body work and a Tantra experience

Luna Lauren12-04-2009beansnfranks9.5

A strong "first time" experience, left feeling really good

Luna Lauren06-07-2009photodan9.5

She knows what she's doing

Luna Lauren06-14-2009carnival9.5

One of the best FBSM experiences you can have

Luna Lauren07-17-2009ISO138.5

Beautiful girl and quality time

Luna Lauren07-18-2009bigsid10

Amazing Tantra and FBSM skills; Enjoys what see does

Luna Lauren08-04-2009On_A_Journey10

Explore Tantra with Luna!

Luna Lauren09-18-2009thebreadman10

Looks, talent, attitude and creativity...she's the top of the line.

Luna Lauren10-29-2009bigsid10

Simply The Best

Luna Lauren10-30-2009dd17119

Consistently great time

Luna Lauren11-18-2009eh_wik8.5


Luna Lauren10-15-2009winemakernapa10

A dream come true

Luna Lauren05-11-2011libdotso9

Amazing FBSM. Setting the bar. I cant wait to go back. She is hot

Luna LaurenLuna Lauren

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