Jezebel Blü

Level II Tantrika

Jezebel Blü

Jezebel Blü

Step into a world of sweet surrender as I shower you in the fountains of my divine love. A love that is raw, unconditional and emanates in the purest white light. I am here to serve you, as an open channel, a conduit for love and healing. I hold space for everything that you are and honor your greatest potential, welcoming you with open arms and a gracious heart. Let us bask in the essence of the bliss from which you were made of.
During our session I will be using various modalities of intuitive touch, sound frequencies, breathwork and reiki to clear any debris clouding your energetic field. My goal is to bring your body back into a state of balance so you may vibrate at your highest frequency. Together we can pave a new way, reveling in beautiful transformation that will unveil your truest and most radiant form.
I am a certified sound practitioner, reiki level 1 and 2 practitioner, lomi lomi massage therapist, licensed aesthetician and empath. I also completed my 200 hour Shivakti Tantra yoga teacher training through the Holy Love Institute.
Eager to share my fullest expression, I show up to every session in my most authentic form, and I invite you to do the same. Get lost in my soft gaze only to find yourself as I grant you access to the deepest core of my soul. I am a mirror for the beauty that already lives within you. Feel my love surrounding every inch of your being as we melt into a moment of pure presence.
It is my pleasure to serve you in holy love.
I see you. I honor you. I love you. Thank you.

Jezebel Blü

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Jezebel BlüJezebel Blü

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We visited as a couple, hoping to shift our dynamic and seeking a deeper level of connection. We honestly didn’t know what to expect but from the moment the door opened, quickly felt at ease as Jezebel and Mimi welcomed us with a calming, inviting manner. Jezelbel has a beautiful presence and seems to be lit from within. The experience was beautiful, playful, and a bit surreal. I felt respected and empowered and am truly grateful to Jezebel and Mimi for being our guides.


Sep 10th, 2022

This was my second session with Jezebel Blu and it was even better than the first. She has a way of making me feel warm, safe, and welcome. Her energy is inviting and her touch is soothing. I look forward to spending more time with Jezebel Blu again.


Jul 8th, 2022

I was literally speechless after my time with her. I started coming to the Temple to work through trauma and re-open myself, and this was my second session ever and first with her. I was pretty anxious and uncertain about the session going in, but she is one of those people who can immediately connect with you and make you feel at ease. During the session I felt comfortable, unjudged, and loved. By the end I never knew I was so immediately capable of surrendering to that kind of experience. She was kind, attentive, respectful of boundaries, funny, charming, and a phenomenally skilled masseuse. She also incorporated reiki and sound work which was a lot of fun. I was grateful for the enormous amount of effort and attention she gave the session.

I’m honestly still processing that experience, but want to make sure I remember to leave this review because she deserves it. I can say for sure it was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced, she is an amazing human, incredible at what she does, and I’m really hoping she comes back to the Bay soon. It’s hard for me to imagine how anyone could be better at this.


Mar 6th, 2022

Jezebel Is awesome and pure beauty. Hands down the best experience I have had in a long time. It’s just magical and pure bliss. Her technique and touch are of an advance tantrika. If you don’t believe me go visit her.


Mar 3rd, 2022

I was drawn by her colorful photos, not realizing how much more colorful she is in person. Jezebel is such a vibrant and sweet soul who made me feel like she wanted to do everything in her power to meet my needs. Her eyes are powerful and her touch is soft. You could tell that Jezebel is experienced and has deep knowledge of the tantric arts. Every move is both purposeful and thoughtful. I’m glad I took a chance on Jezebel. Her vibe is out of this world.


Jan 4th, 2022

A warm intuitive girl who’s easy to connect with. Nothing felt choreographed or routine. Her magical hands and touch seemed to come from all directions, and it felt like I was floating and losing my orientation. The experience was A+ from beginning to end. Pure bliss!


Dec 20th, 2021

I had a magical time with Jezebel, very feminine touch just what I need. Truly wonderful I hope I can see her again. She really put her heart into it, so beautiful thank you Jezebel.


Sep 3rd, 2021

Spent a remarkable 90 minutes with Jezebel, and was transported to another plane - she is a beautiful soul, both inside and out. She is an amazing tantrika, and one that should not be missed.


Sep 2nd, 2021

Jezebel is one of the rock stars of the temple. She is more beautiful than her pictures. She has delicious low voice and a throaty laugh, which hints at a wicked sense of humor which I only glimpsed. The vibe is spot on. She is present in a grounding and alluring fashion. Her skills are superb, her wordplay is almost hypnotic. I'll certainly see her again, as she left me revitalized.


Aug 30th, 2021

Jezebel is an absolute goddess that has blessed us all by deciding to live among us mere mortals. I saw her over a week ago and I'm STILL thinking about how magical it was. Every moment of our session was perfect, and she made me feel like I was the only person on the planet. Her gaze is heaven on Earth, and I can't say enough great things about her. Thank you for being a much needed healer in this world Jezebel. 1,000 out of 10 stars!


Aug 27th, 2021

I'm just came home after a transcendental session with Eva Love and Jezebel. From the beginning I floated between the energies of these two human been. Probably my best session at the Temple so far.
I look forward to see them again.


Aug 24th, 2021

I’ve visited the Temple off and on for a while, and it’s always a pleasure to meet a new member. Tonight I had the good fortune to meet two new additions to the Temple I hadn’t met before, Jezebel Blü and Eva Love, for a doubles session.
Jezebel and Eva work very well together. Alternating strokes, sometimes synchronized and sometimes one after the other, everything blended together nicely and they both created a very welcoming atmosphere.
Jezebel Blü is a kind soul, very in touch with what’s happening during the session, and she makes every effort to make things as comfortable and relaxing as possible. She embodies the skill and energy I’ve enjoyed on some of my favorite previous visits.
I’m looking forward to meeting with both of these healers again, together or singly. They helped me reach a moment of peace that I needed.


Aug 24th, 2021

From the moment I met jezebel I was at easy. She is warm and friendly. The session was second to none leading me to such a pleasurable relaxing experience! I know she will not be around long I hope to see her again soon!


Aug 16th, 2021

As a long time patron of the temple, I have to congratulate the collective in recruiting and training yet another amazing and incredibly gifted healer as Jezebel. She is such a beautiful and confident soul who has such a profound understanding, appreciation, delivery of the tantric arts. I am so grateful to have had her as my muse today and look forward to connecting again in the near future.


Aug 14th, 2021

Jezebel was warm and welcoming. Never once felt that anything she said or did was performative. Felt honoured and the genuine focus of the 90 minutes. Loved her use of the meditation bowls to amplify the vibrations of the session. Powerful. A truly special therapist.


Aug 14th, 2021

I just got out of a session with Jezebel and I’m still tingling! She is extremely gorgeous and has inviting eyes and a warm kind demeanor. There were no awkward silences, it was as if we were brought together by kismet. I wish I could have her all to myself, but I know the world needs her healing touch. I give her 10 spirit fingers!


Jun 24th, 2021

I was able to see Jezebel yesterday and let me just say it was an amazing experience. She is one of the kindest therapists I have worked with. She was extremely accommodating and ensured that I was comfortable. Overall great experience.


Jun 23rd, 2021

Jezebel was beautifully refreshing, a spirit with so many beautiful components moving all at once, reminding me of my first moment and then later with Luna and then Dhyanna...she is that special. She has heart and spirit, and an engagement, a warm and beautiful engagement that quietly says, HI, and then, a warming from the heart, a warming from the soul that just endears you to her presence.

We talk, we and I just want to understand more about her, but this is a moment for me. I let her smile guide me to her world and a touch, a certain touch which I initially was disinclined to find memorable, but it was a part of a process.....and slowley, she engaged in here own way and found with a certain touch, and sometimes strong touch some places which just needed....say the Kneading and I could have had her stay there for hours... she transitions from section to section and as I absorb, she reflects and I realize as with Luna and Dhyana....she is so very very very intuitive....she understands how touch is tied to so many emotions and physical energies and there are so may variations of touch....she understood...she just understood.

I will see Jezabel again, as with how I miss the presence of some of the others I mentioned....she is special, very very special.


Jun 14th, 2021

Amazing. Not only is she beautiful, but gave really good personal attention. The breathing, the strokes across my body, the eye contact. Definitely recommended.


Jun 13th, 2021

Very happy to have met Jezebel. She is warm, genuine and seductive. She is an excellent guide, making me relaxed and bringing me to a divine bliss. Amazing eyes will draw you in. Thank you.


Jun 11th, 2021

By every measure, this is the finest Dakini I have seen. On a scale of 10. She is a 20


Jun 9th, 2021

The introduction of Jezebel into the Temple catalogue of therapists is another amazing gift to all of us who visit. I saw Jezebel on a promo double with Gabriella and I was amazingly surprised at my luck to have her in the same room with me as Gabriella. She is simply stunning. Her eyes enjoy meeting yours, and her heart and caring bathe you in bliss. Her presence was genuine, and fully engaged with me. Sweet smiles weave with her touch. Did I mentioned physically stunning? I cannot imagine how one could only be mildly affected by her. Yes


Jun 8th, 2021

I have been wanting to see Gabriella for quite some time. I was determined this time not to miss her on her visit to the Marin Temple. She was everything I was hoping for and more. What a real and delicious human being. I wanted to see her one on one but she encouraged me to indulge the promo double with Jezebel which I did. It is difficult to take your eyes off of Gabriella, but Jezebel was also incredibly beautiful and I found myself with one of those exquisite dilemmas on which beauty to take in at a time! Gabriella was so gracious with her co-therapist and it allowed me to enjoy them both fully with equal measure. There is something so lovely about Gabriella. A down to earth beauty that really is there with you in session. Her eyes were mesmerizing and I want to see her again when I can devote my full attention to receiving her beauty with a one on one. Physical beauty is apparent in her photos, but I can say from experience now, there is so much more to this young woman you will enjoy being with.


Jun 8th, 2021

Jezebel BlüJezebel Blü

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