Jezebel Blü

Level I Tantrika

Exceptionally gifted newer Dakini therapist

Jezebel Blü

Jezebel Blü

Hello Bliss World,

I am excited to be here. I look forward to sharing beautifully crafted sacred space with you.

When we remove energetic obstacles that block our abilities to see, hear, feel and connect more intimately with our own Body-Mind-Spirit, we discover the keys to longevity and happiness.

Tantra is a Yogic practice and covers much ground in its applications, as it works with all levels of the Body-Mind-Spirit in it's healing, clearing, revitalizing, ecstatic pleasures and awakening.  And while I am a novice, I am intuitively well-suited to being here on this journey with you.

It makes no difference whether you choose to  use the practices by yourself, with a partner, or whether you incorporate the tactile-body oriented techniques into a regular daily experience.  "Living Bliss" is a daily YES to your creative life force and the gratitude of these bodies to celebrate within.

In love,

Jezebel Blü

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Jezebel BlüJezebel Blü

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I just got out of a session with Jezebel and I’m still tingling! She is extremely gorgeous and has inviting eyes and a warm kind demeanor. There were no awkward silences, it was as if we were brought together by kismet. I wish I could have her all to myself, but I know the world needs her healing touch. I give her 10 spirit fingers!


Jun 24th, 2021

I was able to see Jezebel yesterday and let me just say it was an amazing experience. She is one of the kindest therapists I have worked with. She was extremely accommodating and ensured that I was comfortable. Overall great experience.


Jun 23rd, 2021

Jezebel was beautifully refreshing, a spirit with so many beautiful components moving all at once, reminding me of my first moment and then later with Luna and then Dhyanna...she is that special. She has heart and spirit, and an engagement, a warm and beautiful engagement that quietly says, HI, and then, a warming from the heart, a warming from the soul that just endears you to her presence.

We talk, we and I just want to understand more about her, but this is a moment for me. I let her smile guide me to her world and a touch, a certain touch which I initially was disinclined to find memorable, but it was a part of a process.....and slowley, she engaged in here own way and found with a certain touch, and sometimes strong touch some places which just needed....say the Kneading and I could have had her stay there for hours... she transitions from section to section and as I absorb, she reflects and I realize as with Luna and Dhyana....she is so very very very intuitive....she understands how touch is tied to so many emotions and physical energies and there are so may variations of touch....she understood...she just understood.

I will see Jezabel again, as with how I miss the presence of some of the others I mentioned....she is special, very very special.


Jun 14th, 2021

Amazing. Not only is she beautiful, but gave really good personal attention. The breathing, the strokes across my body, the eye contact. Definitely recommended.


Jun 13th, 2021

Very happy to have met Jezebel. She is warm, genuine and seductive. She is an excellent guide, making me relaxed and bringing me to a divine bliss. Amazing eyes will draw you in. Thank you.


Jun 11th, 2021

By every measure, this is the finest Dakini I have seen. On a scale of 10. She is a 20


Jun 9th, 2021

The introduction of Jezebel into the Temple catalogue of therapists is another amazing gift to all of us who visit. I saw Jezebel on a promo double with Gabriella and I was amazingly surprised at my luck to have her in the same room with me as Gabriella. She is simply stunning. Her eyes enjoy meeting yours, and her heart and caring bathe you in bliss. Her presence was genuine, and fully engaged with me. Sweet smiles weave with her touch. Did I mentioned physically stunning? I cannot imagine how one could only be mildly affected by her. Yes


Jun 8th, 2021

I have been wanting to see Gabriella for quite some time. I was determined this time not to miss her on her visit to the Marin Temple. She was everything I was hoping for and more. What a real and delicious human being. I wanted to see her one on one but she encouraged me to indulge the promo double with Jezebel which I did. It is difficult to take your eyes off of Gabriella, but Jezebel was also incredibly beautiful and I found myself with one of those exquisite dilemmas on which beauty to take in at a time! Gabriella was so gracious with her co-therapist and it allowed me to enjoy them both fully with equal measure. There is something so lovely about Gabriella. A down to earth beauty that really is there with you in session. Her eyes were mesmerizing and I want to see her again when I can devote my full attention to receiving her beauty with a one on one. Physical beauty is apparent in her photos, but I can say from experience now, there is so much more to this young woman you will enjoy being with.


Jun 8th, 2021

Jezebel BlüJezebel Blü

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