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Ali Jewel

Ali Jewel

As a natural practitioner of the nurturing, Tantric arts I delight in holding space, showing you that bliss and joy are accessible if you allow yourself to open up and embody the divinity of somatic and energetic alignment. I believe there is no greater gift than to be of service toward collective bodhisattva, and I glow in the opportunity to be present with you as I guide you toward greater enlightenment.
During our session we will connect with every sense, co-regulation of breath, healing bodywork and the many other gifts I offer that may resonate with you. We will create a container where heart-centered practices allow you to be more open to the blissful joy already available to you in your daily life.
My passion is to share the teachings and rituals that allow you to fully surrender, drop in, and release attachments created by the mind & body. I also infuse embodiment practices such as sacred mirror work, Asana yoga, altar building, aromatherapy, dance, tarot, meditation, and somatic breath work.
I promise to hold your spirit with the grace of awakened loving surrender.
Graduate 2022 Shivakti Tantra Yoga Teacher Certification with the Holy Love Institute.

With devotion,
Ali Jewel


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Ali JewelAli Jewel

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When you finally experience transmutation of negative energy into positive, it is like a pharmaceutical that lasts for weeks…


May 12th, 2023

I felt comfortable and valued in Ali’s presence. On a purely physical level she helped me recover from a long trip. On an emotional level she helped me process losses in my life. And spiritually she has so much to offer. Healing touch. Yes. And also a kind and healing spirit


Aug 8th, 2022

"Temple of bliss" is the only way to put in words the place to which Ali brought me. I felt so deeply and safely held, guided through landscapes of emotions and energies. And what natural intuition she has! There was no need for verbal exchange since Ali would know exactly what my body and soul craved at every moment. After the session I experienced feeling like I was floating on a cloud, enraptured by the memories of our journey together. Even today as I write I can reconnect with the flow of energy, the pure joy of being with Ali. I'm so looking forward to the next time that she guides me to the Temple!


Aug 8th, 2022

Words are not needed to describe the experience with jewels as she vibes so radiantly that she takes you into the depths of yourself and beyond. While her bio may be brief the experience will last a time time. Say YES and let her take over


Jun 17th, 2022

I had so much stress pulsing through my system and Ali simply washed it away. Her massage has an exquisite finesse, combining stronger/firmer pressure with gentler, loving touch. Ali is a natural in the realms of tantra, easily able to hold space, mirror energy and drop into a raw shamanic authentic state of being. I offered her a "tantric initiation"after receiving her massage... but truly, she's already quite dialed in. She is a rising star, watch out!

*Queen Love*

Jun 9th, 2022

Perfectly amazing experience! Even more beautiful in person. Great energy and incredibly soothing practice.


May 5th, 2022

Ali Jewel quite simply is sublime. From her smile to her touch and especially her unaffected and genuine empathy. Her indelible smile lights the darkest of days. I met this gracious Dakini on a double and thought the other young lady was lovely but Ali's presence was like negation of everything else in the universe. This is not hyperbole but merely the only way I can speak about my experience. And it was not just the physical but, and this is quite important, intellectual. We spoke (most me, since I suffer from enjoying hearing my own voice) about literature and a few devious movies and realized we have very similar interests, though we are separated by a generation or two we landed in the same space of thoughts. I am blessed and so happy to have met Ali. Alas, I've spoke too much. And next time perhaps I'll have the discipline that allow her more time to share her passions. Jusqu'a la procaine fois ma cherie!


Apr 25th, 2022

Ali Jewel is sensual sorcery, playfulness, calming surrender and confident touch all wrapped up in the body of a goddess with a naughty smile and a disarming sense of humor. Time with her was pure bliss. I left speechless and wanting more.


Apr 22nd, 2022

Where do I start? What can I say that hasn’t been said before? Ali was such a pleasure and an honor to be in her delightful and vibrant presence. Her smooth touch and open spirit was calming and relaxing. She knew exactly what to do and how to do it without hesitation. Will be a repeat customer


Apr 20th, 2022

Ali is simply wonderful. Not only is she beautiful (the pictures don't do her justice), she is deeply intuitive, sensitive and playful. We really connected on many levels. And best of all, our session was fun! I'll definitely see her again.


Mar 29th, 2022

Amazing. Amazing. Ali is a true jewel in the temple. She brought a delightful energy and calming presence, which was exactly what I needed. Her technique is infused with deep intuition, patience and joy. Having met other Dakinis over the years, I can truly say she’s one of the best.


Mar 12th, 2022

My doubles session with Ali and Leela was life changing. They were an absolute joy. The tenderness and care they showed allowed me to feel safe enough to truly ground myself and stay present in the experience. After holding on to stress and grief over the past couple week, Ali and Leela helped me transform my heaviness into bliss. I am truly grateful to these two and for the experience. I will be back!


Mar 7th, 2022

Ali JewelAli Jewel

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