The Temple of Bliss highly recommends Natalia Price Vales, for anyone curious in learning more about this path of the 13 Moon Priestess.

What is a Mystery School?  

A mystery school is informed by many mystical and spiritual traditions and exists to offer beings the opportunity to move deeper into the Mystery of divine revelation, rather than to recapitulate the known. In experiencing the offerings of the Mystery School, beings are assisted in emptying to become direct receivers and living embodiments of divine principles, direct knowing and wisdom that can only come through full attention in the present moment.

In the Mystery School, you step deeply into your soul evolution and have a direct experience of initiation into the Female Mysteries. In and through the experiences offered from the 13 Moon Mystery School, you will remember what it is to be a Priest/ess through mythic enactment, sacred time and space ceremonial work, chant, sound, art, dance and moving on the inner planes. You are supported in embodying your full expression of the Divine, to nurture you in being the God/dess you intrinsically are, and to offer you a direct experience of all wisdom being within you.

About This Lineage

Lineage as it is held in the 13 Moon lineage, is looked at as evolutionary lines of flow as a soul. Star lineages are seen as gifts, talents and abilities that you developed in other lifetimes that you presently are bringing to a higher coherency, attunement and ability to demonstrate in this present lifetime. We are aware that the gift or talent is something that we have known before or we would not be able to demonstrate it with such ease, profiency and effortlessness. As you become aware of these remembered lineages, you create pathways that allow you to express these gifts in the world through your unique creativity.

This 13 Moon Mystery School lineage is a vehicle to come into connection to and remembrance of those lineage gifts and talents, that we are here to bring forward as an embodied, pure frequency offering in the world. The 13 Moon Mystery School is a lineage that offers a structure for us to come more fully into Essence so that we can express the gifts that we innately are. In the process, we remember what we have “forgotten” and then demonstrate that remembrance in our offerings to the world. A lineage is a thread that flows throughout a particular life that we select because it brings us immense joy and so we choose to amplify it to offer others, enjoying the fruits of that chosen Priest/ess path, whatever the lineage. The 13 Moon lineage creates a way (as other lineages do in different ways), to access our Divine Essence and to learn to alchemize everything that appears to be in the way of that expression in our lives and the world.

About the 13 Moon Oracle and Archetypes

The 13 Moon Oracle is a concentrated form of light! Though it is written through the lensing of feminine consciousness, it is intended for the evolution of all beings, since each of us contain both male and female energies. We are dedicated to uplifting and transforming collective consciousness through the lens of the Divine Feminine.

The 13 archetypes, tools and frequencies utilized in this oracle only provide doors through which to unify with Her essence. At one level all is Ma. Through this work and repeated interaction with the archetypes, the intent is to gently shift your focus of awareness to the archetypal aspects of self as a primary lensing of reality, rather than reinforce a focus in the ego mind.

The need for a way to embody and express empowerment based in love is great. Bringing these heart centered, mythic role models to life in each of our unique expressions, serves the individual, the community and the collective. Reminding and inspiring men, women and children how they, too, are a part of the unconditional Love that exists beyond all duality.