“WOW, AMAZING. It is like being with a physically perfect supernatural goddess. A great depth to her presence, she is strong, beautiful & passionate. She exudes playfulness & truly enjoys Tantra. She is a Treasure."


Greetings Beloveds,
It is an honor to welcome you into the sanctuary of my heart. Your mind, body and soul deserve an exquisite space to surrender all tension and melt into loving  memory and embodiment of who you truly are. 
The world we live in too often can be harsh, hard and cold. The detriments this causes to our psyche creates strain and fragmentation on the connection to body, to Earth, and to soul. This is what in part propels me in serving as a dakini. Within this space I hold you in pure presence, I witness you and I collaborate with you. You will be met and be seen in places within yourself longing for attention and integration. I hold the space of non duality, where there is no judgement and no agenda; only the desire to be of service. 
I offer sessions that can go in a variety of different directions depending on your intentions  as well as what shows up in the room. From ecstatic tantric bodywork where you experience pleasure coursing through you in ways you may never have before, to deep shamanic healing where broken pieces of your soul emerge to receive unconditional love and care, you will be held and supported in divine feminine energy. 
My Offerings:
Shamanic Temple Bodywork, Body Of Bliss Massage and...
Tantric Ecstatic Bodywork: 
Within the container of ritual we will explore tantric practices that ignite your divine energy to awaken. A journey of surrender, play, touch, and exploration, you will experience heights of pleasure and possibly cosmic merging in ways that will astound your ego and leave little room for it. I cater to every measure of experience, from first time beginner to advanced. Expand upon your relationship to your senses and your soul through a ceremony of Awakening.
Shadow Alchemy:
The shadow lives in our unconscious. It is that deep mass of dark and unexplored depths of our inner ocean floor. When we dive in and catch one of the creatures living there, we free up more of our life force, our essence. I use the word “creature” as a metaphor for memory, experience, pattern, desire, shame, guilt, embarrassment, the list goes on…We integrate an area that was stuck, forgotten, and trapped and then are able to use the energy that was keeping it there in our conscious life. The more we are able to consciously engage and interact with the elements of shadow, the more we are able to embody our sovereignty. We become integrated and robust in areas of life where we were once imbalanced, small, and dis-regulated. Shadow Alchemy will enhance your self-awareness and offer profound, deep healing, so you can have more of YOU to work with in all aspects of your life! These sessions may include: exploration of impulses, Interaction with dreams, meditation, visualization and imagery, integration through polarity play, shamanic fusion movement, externalization of internal aspects, somatic sensing, or something else! 
My Background/Qualifications:
Bachelors of Arts in Integral Studies: Spirituality & Healing, Ordained Priestess through Iseum of Quimera, Shamanic Fusion Dance Educator, Yoga Instructor, REIKI level II, Performance Artist in Sacred Dance and ritual, Graduate of Tantric Shamanism Mystery School, Graduate of Somatic Healing Level 1 in Somatic Healing Institute, Graduate of Level 1 Tantra in Source School of Tantra,  Shadow Work Facilitation Trainings with Shakti Malan, 3+ years experience serving as Dakini 


Listed below are reviews of my sessions posted on a massage review website & submitted by *temple clients*:
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Therapist Date Temple Nickname Experience Comment
Lalita 08-20-2018 *GeoPR* 9

I saw Lalita this past Saturday and I’m still feeling the “aftershocks” of our session together! She is simply put: Amazing! Her beautiful eyes and her nice smile are very welcoming. And her soft and warm hands will leave you with a feeling of pure bliss!! Go see her and be ready for something very special to happen!

Lalita 07-12-2018 *WS* 10

Lalita is a true wonder that words fail miserably in trying describe. She has the gift to work with you on all three levels; mind, body and soul. She is welcoming and receiving in a way that makes you feel like your souls have known each other forever. Her warmth, intuition, and expert guidance create the most perfect, wonderful, and blissed out experiences that I could ever imagine. Every session I’ve had with her has been spiritually impactful in a way that lingers on in the following weeks. I feel truly blessed for the time we shared together and look forward to seeing her again.

Lalita 07-07-2018 *IND* 10

She has me comfortable in the setting immediately. Incredibly beautiful. Her movements are enticing and exciting. She is very in the moment, the energy is so immense that she is always in the moment. I felt in ways I have never felt before. I wish I could see Lalita everyday. And what I mean by that is she makes the rest of my life happier.

Lalita 06-15-2018 *BHE* 10

Lalita was an absolute delight, I was having a rough day and her presence put me at ease right away. Her warmth, her touch, and the way she engaged with me really got me out of my head and helped me feel present. She is incredibly talented, loving, earnest, and beautiful inside and out. I left my session floating. I had an absolutely wonderful time and highly recommend her!

Lalita 06-03-2018 *Bl* 10

Lalita is a beautiful, intuitive, and deeply spiritual. I felt a wonderful connection during the entire session and will definitely see her again.

Lalita 05-28-2018 *Ninjtu* 10

Welcome Lalita, As an older member of the Temple, both in age and as a participant, I have been blessed with many enjoyable interactions. We often rely on others feedback for our choices but I can unequivocally state that Lalita brings a communion of her Tantrica talents to the session that is second to none, unexpected with a newbie. Her radiance shine from the first greet, her physical beauty will leave you breathless (photos are overly two dimensional) but the most impressive attribute is how present she is. Hard quality to described but you feel listened to, understood, without judgement but with a physical connection reinforced by the most loving, intense visual gaze. Most unexpected and delicious in someone so young.
Lots of words that inadequately described a rich moment in time that I spent with Lalita.
I not only highly recommend this beautiful spiritual being, I would suggest you run to her and share in her magic.

Lalita 05-27-2018 *Elv* 10

She is truly an artist, a wonderful talent and a numinous type, she is not to be missed. A preternatural massage and supernatural, soft and strong, there is no doubt she is a shooting star. and yes, she is a jedi.


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