Level II Tantrika


"Love is but the discovery of ourselves in others, and the delight in the recognition."


I am here to be your loving reflection…

Mysterious, full of creative passion, empowered WOMAN, excitedly inviting this new path into my world, and yours. I am new to the temple of bliss, and look forward to exploring this journey with you.

Hello Loved Ones,
I am a warm, tender and passionate bodyworker ready to send you off into bliss. Allow me to guide your body, mind and spirit into full relaxation, peace and expansion. I am firm, but deep and gentle with softness.

My sessions calm and rejuvenate your senses, as I ground and uplift you.

I am trained in Chakra Balancing,  Lomi Lomi healing and Love. I hope to release any stress and send you off flying.

I stand strongly in my divine feminine power and use my intuition and breath to guide our sessions.


Bella la Rosa     ~Beautiful, Feminine, Fragrant Rose~

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Bell La Rosa is a wonderful woman. From the second she opened the door, I knew I was in the presence of a warm and loving spirit, which shines from her like liquid gold. Her smile alone has healing properties, and though I hadn't met her before, I felt I was every-so-briefly home. What a wonderful experience. I'll definitely be back!


Dec 17th, 2018

Bella: delicious curves, soft skin, gorgeous face & soul, voice of an angel with penetrating eyes. I received a massage from her tonight for the first time. She listened to my needs and adapted her moves to suit my preference. I felt truly cradled by the divine feminine with her. ❤️ - Queen Love


Nov 21st, 2018

Bella was fantastic. I came in to the appointment a little stressed but she immediately put me at ease. She is absolutely beautiful, sweet and also very down to earth and easy to talk to. It quickly felt as if I'd known her for a while. In addition to her engaging personality, her touch was perfect. Soothing and exciting at the same time. She seemed to be a step ahead in reading me and helping me sink deeper in to a state of bliss. I enjoyed every moment and I will absolutely be seeing Bella again.


May 26th, 2018

I experienced the divine feminine energy and purity with her very being, and presence. She took time to talk, understand me and then made an offering through her compassionate loving touch in response. It is something I will carry as a gift, because that what she is- a true gift with so much soft loving power. Thank you Thank you Thank you.


Jan 19th, 2018

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