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Returning Dakini


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Welcome dear one,

You’ve found your way to the temple of Holy Love, what an honor it truly is to be here! I invite you to treat yourself to the bliss that is experienced through intentional breathing, even now, while you're reading this. Let your body be nourished and reassured, surrendering to divine life force, awakened and channeled by your presence and integrity. Sessions with me are a healing journey, working simultaneously with your physical, energetic, emotional and spiritual self. I’ll meet you where you’re at, tuning in to what’s needed in each precious moment. Together, we unlock the beautiful phenomenon of your infinite potential. We remember this ecstatic bliss, we call upon it, knowing it is always available. Each session is a fresh opportunity to show up, be seen and honored as the delightful being that you are. May we graciously receive the gifts and gems offered to us.

With Holy Love,

Ananda River

Massage Therapist,  Aromatherapist working with pure highest quality essential oils, Chakra and Reiki practitioner, gifted, powerful, empathic, a clear channel, a Queen, matriarch, and Creatrix.

I am a student of life, Shamanism, Kundalini Yoga and Shaktiva Shamanama

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River is amazing. Kind, gentle, giving, sensitive, and captivatingly beautiful. It has been 4 days and I am still thinking about what a wonderful experience I enjoyed.


Aug 4th, 2015

There are so many wonderful and exquisite aspects to mention about River. I will simply say she is a good masseuse, as a trained body-worker in advanced disciplines, I felt very comforted to receive such confident and competent work.


Jan 6th, 2015

River is the sweetest! She has a very soft touch and gives all her positive energy during the session. I'm definitely coming back for more!


Jan 3rd, 2015

River has wisdom in her hands. She knew just what was needed each moment. She has intuitive healing resonance combined with natural sensuality. She is Bliss Medicine. Let her lead, leave yourself behind and you will end up feeling new and refreshed. I did. And I will definitely repeat. I like walking on air!


Nov 28th, 2014

She is an extraordinary combination of experienced, intuitive Dakini and beauty. I felt welcome and comfortable from the moment I walked through the door till I left, delighted, later that evening. The best massage I've ever experienced. I will see her again


Oct 14th, 2014

Everyone should be so blessed - a four-hand goddess session with River and Alia was like a sea of skin, joy, and passion. My sense of time, space, and connection was completely altered - for the tingly best. Highly recommended.


Oct 11th, 2014

With a lovely smile, sparkling eyes, an alluring voice, and a soft but playful touch, River led me into a place of sensual bliss that was truly amazing. She has a remarkable touch, a divine sense of pace, and a sensual presence that mesmerized me. She is a truly beautiful, sensual, and genuine person, deserving of praise, respect, and adoration. I will definitely be a repeat client!


Sep 29th, 2014

All temple personnel are terrific, but River transcends that. She creates a sensual nirvana, so rare and so overwhelming to the senses that it is not to be missed.


Sep 16th, 2014

River is just so cool... she's brilliant in every sense and is an amazing sensual therapist. Can't wait to hang again...highly recommend


Sep 9th, 2014

River exudes an open heart, skillful hands and an amazing ability to tune right into your mind, body and spirit. I look forward to seeing her again; while she is relatively new to the Temple she already shows an amazing ability to truly connect...


Aug 4th, 2014


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