Michael Pooley/Dharma Bodhi's teachings and private coaching sessions embody the tantric approach to ecstatic living, conscious loving, sexual healing, and sacred sexuality. His work integrates a lifetime of study and exploration of tantra, yoga, meditation, psychology, breath and energy work, bodywork, music, movement, self discovery, and the creative process. His teachings and insights reflect his passion for and experience with applying tantric principles in the bedroom, in the living room, in the board room, and in everyday life.

Background & Expertise
In the past decade, Michael has developed a sterling reputation for integrity, wisdom, and compassion as a tantra teacher as well as in his coaching and counseling sessions with individuals and couples. Most recently, Michael was a senior Certified SkyDancing Tantra® Teacher, licensed and empowered by Margot Anand (world-renowned tantra master and best-selling author) to teach her SkyDancing Tantra® methods and techniques for healing and transformation. He facilitated SkyDancing Tantra programs for over seven years, co-taught with Margot Anand across the United States, and also co-taught the most recent SkyDancing Tantra Professional Facilitators & Teacher Certification Training Program.

In addition, Michael's background and training spans two decades working with modern tantra teachers such as Bodhi Avinasha, Maryse Cote, Robert Frey, Danier Odier, and Charles and Caroline Muir; taoist and Qi Gong master Mantak Chia; and tantric and buddhist scholars Dr. John Mumford, and Robert Svoboda. His methods and techniques for sexual healing and conscious relationship have been further developed through extensive work and studies with Jack Painter, Ph.D; Dr. Peter Levine; Carlo Pati and Sohini Genevieve; as well as best-selling authors and relationship experts John and Jennifer Wellwood, Dr. Terrence Real, and Gay and Kathleen Hendricks. And his spiritual perspective and meditation practices have been strongly informed by Osho, Pema Chodren, Thich Nhat Hanh, Lama Yeshe, and H.H. the 14th Dalai Lama.

Services & Offerings
Michael offers workshops, classes, pujas, private coaching & counseling services – all of which are equally appropriate for singles, couples, and partners. These include:

  • Beginning-to-Intermediate Tantra Instruction
  • Intermediate-to-Advanced Tantra Instruction
  • The Art of Orgasm: Multi-Orgasmic Response for Men, Women, and Couples
  • Pelvic-Heart Integration & Sexual Healing (Identifying, Healing, and Re-Patterning Sexual Wounds and Behaviors)
  • Sexual Education, Intimacy Coaching
  • Chakra/Energy Healing Touch
  • Reiki Energy Healings and Conscious Touch Bodywork

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