Certified Massage Therapist, Spirit Healer, White Tantra Coach, Shamanic Tantra Teacher, Private & Public Workshops, Spiritual Counselor, Minister, Yoga Teacher, Private Yoga Therapist, Love Coach, Life Coach, Couples Counselor, Shamanic Guide & Creator of Shamanic Temple Bodywork & Shamanic Temple Yoga™

LEARN how to Journey...

...to an ecstatic retreat within yourself, to the light of the lotus, through a vibrational, healing, loving, pleasurable & relaxing massage led by spirit. I provide a safe and nurturing space to move through states of shamanic liberation.  Uncoil with me. Open up to Divine Love. Forgive. Let go. Be born again, becoming absolute pure energy. Find the calmness and clarity, purpose and passion, that reside within your heart and body.

What do you do in your sessions?
Breathing deeply, we open to Love. My sessions are intuitive and guided by the Queen of the Forest, the Divine Mother, the Holy Light of Christ, Lord Shiva and the Goddess Shakti. I pray to be a clear conduit for Divine Remembrance, for all parts of you to feel the vibration of bliss. With an open heart, open mind, open body, I invite you to ride the cosmic energy train, allowing the energy to flow where it needs to go, moving beyond old blocks, opening yourself up to limitless expansion -- and if Spirit Willing, Kundalini Awakening.


My sessions are a blend of:

  • Body Prayer
  • Contact Yogassage
  • Full Body Flowing Strokes, Lomi-Lomi
  • Hot Oil Ayurvedic Sensual Massage
  • Acupressure
  • Stretching
  • Swedish Massage
  • Rocking
  • Barefoot, Forearms & Knees Shiatsu
  • Hot-Stone Therapy
  • Energy Work, Tantric & Shamanic
  • Soul Retrieval
  • Breathwork, Toning and Rebirthing
  • Holistic Integration
  • Hugging
  • Aromatherapy
  • Holy Love
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I offer private yoga sessions & private/public yoga transformational workshops, based in Kundalini yoga, while weaving the universal principles of alignment as understood through Anusara yoga. My yoga sessions are dynamic, devotional and transformational, working considerably with pranayama. I encourage the use of shamanic expression, inviting you to release energies from a soul level, while employing techniques learned from spiritual journey work. I work with where you are presently in your body, assisting you to find more space through appropriate stretching and movement tailored to you.

I am available for confidential counseling, life coaching, love coaching, couples counseling, spiritual guidance and shamanic journey facilitation. Shamanic journeys are available one on one, and in small groups. If you have health concerns, abuse issues (physical, emotional), are experiencing a spiritual crisis, or are looking to establish a stronger connection to the Divine, I offer my heart and wisdom to you. We begin the session by setting intention through prayer and opening ourselves to the guidance of Spirit. As we open, we use some shamanic breathing techniques to clear the debris in our minds and energy bodies, so that we may be clear to hear. We slowly enter discussion on the issues, allowing Spirit to reveal the truth of what may be needed from you to transform.

I have experience in opening myself through my crown chakra to receive the gems and words of Divine truth. I have the gift of positive affirmation, also known as the flood of ineffable light, a powerful sensation, a shower of light that originates from the Divine and moves through my crown chakra, sending vibrations all the way to my feet. This allows me to know absolute truth as I speak it or hear it. This gift was first received in 1989 during a near-death-experience. At that time, all the lights were turned on, within me and around me, as the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ was revealed to me. In other traditions, this light is known as the "Wahe Guru" (teacher within you), the Lamps of Atlantis... essentially your spark of the Light which connects you with Source Creation. Whatever your faith or religious background, I honor and respect your search for Truth.

Tune in, dial up, Open & Receive! Sat Nam & Holy Love, Shivakti

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