January 8, 2010

“"My first visit to the San Francisco TOB was at the end of a long, brutal day and week. On every level, I was a train wreck. I took a chance on this one, sight unseen, having something nobody else still available seemed to have... I needed more... I needed to get back to a place where feeling includes real contentment. It's a lot to put on someone else, but that's what I was hoping for.

After bringing me in, she looked concerned, and maybe a little worried. See, that's because she's all clairvoyant and tuned to energy, and I would have looked to someone with those kinds of senses like that smoky black monster on Lost. I assured her that whatever she was seeing was something around me, and not me, and that it would clear out. She took me at my word, I showered, and hopped on the table.

She went to work, warm oil and smooth strokes, as expected, but done better than most. Without being cued, her pressure was always perfect, as she worked what was going on in my body, rather than running a program, as many do. Her hands and arms searched my muscles and skin, found patterns and smoothly worked to correct them. Full body contact throughout, naturally, and every part of her was delightful.

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