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We invite you from the comfort of your own home, on a loving heart-intimate journey with us through a Video Call. Escape the chaos of the outer world, slow down your breath, free and empty your mind of all the chatter. Tune into the present moment.

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Looking for a Delicious Detour
We can enchant you, hold space for you, amuse, offer Tantric Dance, Sound Baths with Gongs & Bowls, tarot readings, personal astrology, practice some yoga together, share personal health & immune-boosting advice… we can even sing together.... The depth, knowledge & talents of the Temple Dakinis are vast and varied.
Desiring a more Tantric Experience
We offer Tantric Practices, Tantric Coaching, Meditation, Breathwork, Tantric stories, Tantric Taoist Practices, Tantric conversation & advice…  Please pay close attention to Tantra Levels & read bios thoroughly. 
Wanting an in-depth Heart-Blast-Wide-Open Counseling Session
Talking and connecting, sharing where you feel stuck, anger, fear… We are here for you to share our magic, wisdom, Dakini Medicine, Energy-Work, Compassionate Communication skills and more.
Looking for an experienceFor Couples
Experience a Tantric Ritual together with Tantric Coaching, learn about Tantra or have a Compassionate Communication Relationship Coach get you out of old stuck patterns, please pay close attention to Tantra Levels & read bios thoroughly.

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"The Sacred Yes" is the most powerful "ON" switch. 

What are you saying YES to in your life? What are you co-creating in your Life Story & your Love Story? We invite you to have a Sacred Conversation with us about anything & everything: from your deepest fears to your highest aspirations, from your darkest confessions to your most inspired Soul's purpose. Let us free you of what binds you, while reminding and reflecting your highest excitement, that you may live awake in your dream.

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