Olivia Curry operates on a colorful creative frequency that defines the core of her imagination. She grew up in the southeast United States surrounded by Mother Nature, which has a strong influence on her artwork. Most of her art education was self-taught but she had various teachers along the way. Now, as an artist Olivia works in a digital flow and also continues her traditional painting. The practice of both along side each other have a strong symbiotic relationship between the two mediums that strengthen her arts skills in ways she never imagined.

Most of Olivia’s art is inspired by the visionary journey that the world shows her; such as the intelligent and beautiful design in nature. The healing power of sacred geometry, esoteric traditions, eastern cultures, ancient civilizations, altered states of consciousness, meditation, love, and much more also inspire her. Many artists, family, and friends continue to help her transition into a better artist. Deep love and gratitude goes to all of these individuals and wonders of the universe.