What is bliss but your own being ?
You are not apart from being which is the same as bliss.
You are now thinking that you are the mind or the body
which are both changing and transient.
But you are unchanging and eternal.
That is what you should know.

– Ramana Maharshi –

What is a Mystery School?

The Temple of Bliss highly recommends Natalia Price Vales, for anyone curious in learning more about this path of the 13 Moon Priestess. What is a Mystery School?   A mystery school is informed by many mystical and spiritual traditions and exists to offer beings the opportunity to move deeper into the Mystery of divine revelation, rather than to recapitulate the known. In experiencing the offerings of the Mystery School, beings are assisted in emptying to become direct receivers and living embodiments of divine principles, direct knowing and wisdom that can only come through full attention in the present moment. … Continue reading

Follow the Light within.

Need a Guru to Follow? Need a dogma? A spiritual stigma? Need 5 simple steps to kill your ego? Need plant medicine? Need a special detailed puja that will unlock the mysteries of the universe? I have a secret: < It’s ALL within you. You don’t have to leave your body, renounce all your worldly possessions or walk on your knees through the desert for 40 days to get there.> Yes, many (most) of us are clouded by illusions -or stuck in repeating patterns of karmic fuckery- to some degree, and it can be extremely beneficial to have a path, a … Continue reading

Holy Love Priestess Councils

We are the women of old returned to raise the lost lands up from the deep blue Sea. Come Land of Sheba, Come Amazonian Queens, Come Land of Atlantis, Come Queendom of Kush, Come Land of Women “Suevi”, Come Na of Mosuo, Come Hopi, Come Isle of Avalon, Babylon, Assyria, Ur, Come Arks and Return, Awaken and Remember.  In the era of #metoo, we are here to assist our sisters in collecting all soul parts across space and time, to be here now, fully embodied and shining bright, as the Priestess Lamps in which we are. The Temple is here … Continue reading

Work with Us!

We are always open to hearing from like-minded beings in the community who are interested in joining our Collective. Are you a healer/teacher/dakini therapist devoted to spiritual awakening & assisting others in embodying bliss? If so, go here:  Work with the Temple Please also include a Facebook, Instagram or professional website link. We look forward to hearing from you!

Join us at Krishna Das…

*JOIN US IN THE HEART OF HOLY LOVE, WE OFFER YOU A SPECIAL PROMO DISCOUNT 50% off tickets to Krishna Das on APRIL 21st at The Scottish Rites Center in Oakland, as our special guests. *Purchase tickets/open post/click banner  Promo Code: temple

Empower The Roots of your Temple Body

Introducing The Roots of Temple Body Arts: A 5-Week Creative Movement Arts Journey to Harness your Feminine Confidence, Wisdom and Sacred Sensuality! Online Temple April 11 – May 9th, 2017 Are you ready to stop playing small and let your full self shine? The world needs the brilliance that shines within you. I am Sofiah Thom, creative muse, mentor and sacred movement artist here to guide you into sharing your unique gifts with the world. There was a time when I allowed my self-doubt and my fear to keep me small and keep me stuck; it was through working with … Continue reading

Nirvana Shamanic Showtime!

We had a wonderful evening on Monday night Februsry 27th, 2017… priestess playtime: reciting poetry, singing with a drum, goofing around & getting creatively inspired on ways to bring even more Yum and Fun in to this Temple life! We plan to create some playful videos snippets to offer here in the near future, in a section we will call “Shamanic Showtime!” It will be akin to our Dakini Temple life version of Saturday Night Live. Stay Tuned!       

Sacred Union: Honoring the Beloved Within

2/19/17   ~We held a beautiful devotional day of Sound Healing with a Gong Bath & Crystal Bowls, an Herbal Cacao Tea Ceremony, Breathwork & Prayer, Mind & Energy Clearings, Kirtan/Chanting, Kundalini Yoga, Shamanic Temple Dance, Hands on Healing, Tantric Essays & Reflection. Led by Queen Love, Ciela Belle, Sasha Nicole, Aliaksandr, Lakshmi Devi, Kali Dawn & Tyler Nilson. If you are interested in this sort of workshop in the future, please send us an email to [email protected]  “The main purpose of our coming together is to open our hearts so fully to one another that even the slightest remnant of … Continue reading

Springtime Specials: Double Bliss & Double Tantra…

It’s SPRING! And we are alive with the sweetness of all that Spring brings. “The moment you say YES your heart starts to open and blossom as if it’s been waiting for it for many lifetimes. YES is SPRING to the flower of the soul.” – Osho Come truly Alive and say YES to your Bliss Awakening by indulging in a Double Goddess Special…. $100 off normal double price for the entire month of APRIL!

Marina Temple Now Open!

We are pleased to announce the opening of our Marina Del Rey healing sanctuary space: The Marina Temple of Bliss. Our general hours (some exceptions) are 10am-10pm. We also welcome many new dakini therapists to us. Please see the Therapist pages for promo specials. Holy Love & The Sacred Yes, Temple of Bliss