Regarding Reference Requests
Our policy about answering inquiries from other Healers/Providers whom do not work with us:

If you are an established Temple client who has seen one of our providers, you treat her as you would any other independent provider, and give HER as your reference and not simply "The Temple"...

To make that easiest for all involved, you should:
1/Contact the temple Provider and notify her you wish to use her as a reference. Ask for her personal email in case she is wanting to be reached on a day she is not working & therefore not available by phone.
2/Look up her(the temple provider whom you saw)schedule, which location/days she will be working and therefore can be reached, the telephone number of that specific temple, and provide all that information to the provider you are wishing to see, including her email.

Providers, please only go directly to the specific provider being given as a reference.
Be sure to:
1/Ask your prospective client if he has spoken to the Temple Provider about using her as a reference.
2/Check to see which Temple she is working at so as to get the right number to call, or email her if she is not working.
3/Have ready: First name, Last name/or nickname and phone number of the client you are seeking a reference for.

*Please understand that fulfilling Reference Requests may take up to 72 hours, as we do not always have the space & time in our off-Temple personal lives to respond to emails, calls & such. However, we WILL follow through if you adhere to our Reference Request Protocol."