Isaac Mills is a digital painter and designer from the east coast of Canada. He chose the moniker “Mugwort’ to embody his intention as an artist. Mugwort artemisia is a sacred tool used by ancients for lucid dreaming and astral projection, and much of his art blossoms from scattered sensory recollections of his own dreams. He seeks to strengthen the flow between the gateway of the dreaming and waking worlds, to open imaginal portals for the viewers and to guide them to an internal temple of inspiration and awakening. Much of his work is thematically centred around a paradigm shift that he sees happening around him in the world, and portrays archetypal forces, ancestral depths, evolution and shamanic symbolism. Visually synthesizing windows into both the bygone industrial era and a multitude of potential future realities, he anticipates the brink of time. His art has been displayed at galleries and festivals in Canada, the US and Europe.