Join us at OMRISING where we will be presenting Temple workshops. 15% discount Promo code as our honoured guests: HOLYLOVE

Awaken to the Universal Tantra of Truth: HOLY LOVE:

Join us for an Immersion into HOLY LOVE thru Kundalini Activation, Musical Enchantment, Shamanic Temple Yoga & Dance, Mudras, Primordial Sound Trance, Sacred Story-telling and Heart Songs. 

Please journey with us in celebration of these temple bodies through the understanding that in bliss, only love exists. In Tantra these bodies are our gift to awaken and realize Heaven, Nirvana, Supreme Bliss, Shambhala ALL here now. Play & pray with your bodies.

Let us become Krishna's flutes. Let us shine the Lamps of Atlantis within. Let us all Remember Union and that we were born of Bliss.

Come Land of Sheba, Amazonian Queens, Babylonian Kings, Egyptian priests & priestesses, Hopi, Sufi, Isle of Avalon, Garden of Eden, Come Arks and Return, Awake in the Dream.