We are the women of old returned to raise the lost lands up from the deep blue Sea. Come Land of Sheba, Come Amazonian Queens, Come Land of Atlantis, Come Queendom of Kush, Come Land of Women "Suevi", Come Na of Mosuo, Come Hopi, Come Isle of Avalon, Babylon, Assyria, Ur, Come Arks and Return, Awaken and Remember. 

In the era of #metoo, we are here to assist our sisters in collecting all soul parts across space and time, to be here now, fully embodied and shining bright, as the Priestess Lamps in which we are. The Temple is here in be inclusive and co-creative, as every color in the rainbow is beautiful, special, welcome and necessary. 

We are putting together a Holy Love Priestess Council program series, in-person and online, to raise our collective vibration, to facilitate understanding, provide education and create solutions for current issues which are arising. We are uniting and remembering our true power, purpose, value and collaboration potency.

We are stronger together in all ways. Let us not tear one another down, but rather lift each other up. We recognize the value in the voices of passionate outrage to create transformation, yet we invite these councils to be in the Spirit of bridging hearts and minds, creating understanding and solutions. 

If you are interested in taking part in these future Councils, please send an email and we will contact you in the near future with further information. 

[email protected]

Blessings on your heart, your life and your light.