Need a Guru to Follow?

Need a dogma? A spiritual stigma? Need 5 simple steps to kill your ego? Need plant medicine? Need a special detailed puja that will unlock the mysteries of the universe?

I have a secret: < It's ALL within you. You don't have to leave your body, renounce all your worldly possessions or walk on your knees through the desert for 40 days to get there.>

Yes, many (most) of us are clouded by illusions -or stuck in repeating patterns of karmic fuckery- to some degree, and it can be extremely beneficial to have a path, a practice, a teacher, or a healer to guide you from darkness to light. 

But just be aware when the light becomes swallowed by it's own brilliance. 

When the path to freedom itself becomes the new prison.

When you lose yourself in the process of awakening and your new illusion becomes the prison of overly identifying with the rules to the extent that it shuts your Truth out.

What I LOVE about Tantra, (specifically the way I was taught Tantra), is the key to healing is to use your own body, your own mind, your own story and your own nervous system, as the map out of the prison which it has become.

Every locked door inside of you is a potential opening into the infinite.

Every trauma, every scar on your psyche, is a passageway through into the heart of all the suffering of the world, and if you can go all the way in and stay awake to the role you play in the collective suffering, you might see things that show you a new way of being. 
You might encounter a new way that leaves your old ways obsolete.

Personal shadow work and spiritual healing is planetary healing. 
Staying rooted in presence is a practice of listening to the sensations of the body and the breath. Learning how to move the energy through the body to balance what has become blocked or flooded is a key to self mastery.

The tools we use are the tools of introspection and self awareness. From the microcosm we can see the whole. When we heal the inner, we heal the outer.

Follow the Light within.

Miriam Elyse