What is the Art of Shamanic Tantric Communion?

Here, Shamanic means “Accessing authentic Truth” and Tantric means “Awakening the Heaven Within.” By acting impeccably in the world, we create an atmosphere within and Rose_Cross_Lamen.svgaround us, which not only nurtures our own development as human beings, but also beckons our ecstatic entry into the realm of self-awakening.

We will need to be brave to open to the reality of who we are, but being brave in this context is simply having the courage to wake up to who we really are, to open ourselves thoroughly and honestly to this basic expression of what it means to be alive, to look deep within the mirror, the crystal temple of the soul.

 We ALL have our work to do and we may be clumsy as we learn how to be truly impeccable, thus we call upon Compassion & Permission for ourselves and for others as we learn our way Home, ‘Remembering Union’ to our highest way of being and relating.

And so, The Art of Shamanic Tantric Communion requires the sensitivity to be completely, intentionally present, the willingness to feel raw emotional vulnerability, the openness to explore the unknown, and the courage to let the genie out of the bottle, completely transforming the way you see the world and your place within it… There is the potential of entering altered states of consciousness, where you may receive ecstatic visions and transmissions.

Choosing Communion is a choice to open to our divine channel. Our Bodies are conduits of and for this divine energy. The more energy we channel through our bodies, the more powerful our offering is to the world. By simply setting the intention consciously, we immediately open ourselves to the Universe, to the Source Of Love & All that is. It is as simple as: “I choose to open myself up to the Divine, and to be a vessel of pure love & light.”

Consciously choosing to be a vessel of Love, Light & Grace is a choice you make in every moment. The more devoted you are to your spiritual path, the more you can open. Your degree of spiritual devotion to your path can be measured by how often you make this choice, which often takes the form of practice. Every moment is an opportunity to consciously observe your actions and reactions, to slow down, take a breath, find your center, and move forward from a clear space. Every moment is an opportunity.

A simple practice:
Invite the Light first in through your Crown Chakra, and envision this light pouring through you like Fountains of Bliss cascading through you (you as a Chalice, as the holy grail/the Ace of Cups). Abundant and full from this down-pouring light, it overflows from you, as its streams are then cast from you out in to the world like rays of a Sun. You are that. You are a Holy Sun.

Next you may take your forehead up toward the Sun in the sky and invite the Holy Light in through your third eye. As you do, invite it to shine its light in to the shadows, that all parts of you may be guided by the heavenly light. Allow faith to fill the caverns of doubt. Invite the light in to every cell of your body & being.

Quietly tune in and say, “YES. I am a vessel for Love, Light & Grace. I am a divine instrument for Shamanic Awakening. I ask that my path be guided by the Holy Light, that my words be guided by the holy light and I open my heart fully & completely to Holy Love."

Holy Love & The Art of Shamanic Tantric Communion is entirely complete within you. Others can be a channel for love, an expression and embodiment of love, but they are not the Source of Love. Your connection to the Source of Love is within. It is the highest part of your true self, and it is not dependent upon anything external.

The absolute best way to experience love is to become love, to allow love to be your natural state of being, so you can experience that euphoric feeling all the time, without any attachment to others, or requiring any external conditions. Simply live as love itself by giving love to all of creation. Seek it not. Naturally, by the Law of Attraction, the more you shine your love unto all as the divine sun being that you are, the more you will be surrounded by shining reflections of pure love shining back at you.

Amen, Allah, Selah, Om Nama Shiva, Aho, Sat Nam, Holy Love!