Officiated by Shivakti Shaktiva
Contact: [email protected]

“Love in its essence is Spiritual Fire...
And to Love and be Loved is to feel the Sun from both sides!”

It is my highest joy & privilege to offer alternative Spiritual Ceremonies to celebrate life, for any situation involving the union of souls... weddings; vow renewal ceremonies; and commitment ceremonies for lovers of any kind, including traditional, tantric, or same-sex unions. I will work closely with the Couple to co-create a custom wedding flow, script, and vows which best express the sacred beliefs shared by the Couple & their highest truth. You may also choose to combine your wedding or commitment ceremony with private tantra coaching/counseling.

I am an ordained minister with a Doctor of Divinity, a facilitator of Shamanic 'journey' circles & a Tantra & Shamanic Temple Yoga Teacher. Having initiated and counseled countless truth seekers over the years into owning their Lives as a True Treasure, offering "The Heart of Union" is my highest Bliss!

My intention is to assist Couples in aligning with their souls' truth & future together, to further awaken their divine magic, synergy, beauty and power, to facilitate kundalini activation and soul-remembrance of Cosmic Union, "Beloved Holy Love." We ALL hold the keys to unlock our treasure chest of the Universe's Sacred mysteries! I offer to you the palette on which to design a personalized ceremony which aims in bridging ideals with the material, the past with the future, intentions with hearts, Heaven with Earth, Partner with Partner...

New relationships or old (vow renewal), I aim to create a safe, sacred space for you to delve to the depths of your souls, discover your truths and treasures, while making your relationship a Golden Sun of Pure Creative Bliss.

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Destination Wedding and/or Honeymoon ~ Costa Rica!

“Life is a Flower of which Love is the Honey, and Love is the Flower of Life! The moment you say YES you open up. The very climate of yes and your flower starts blooming, as if it has been wanting for it, and waiting for long, maybe for many lives. Yes is spring to the flower of the soul.” ~Osho

On January 23, 2010, I had the honor of marrying my dear friends; Brendan Jaffer and Sofiah Thom in Costa Rica Puerto Cito on the Pacific Coast, close to Dominical. The guests numbered one hundred and seventy, with most of them flying in from the United States and Europe.

Brendan & Sofiah live in Dominical on the Pacific, just south of Manuel Antonio, and Sofiah runs a Yoga & Healing Center there: Bamboo YogaPlay. Brendon & Sofiah had a wonderful website constructed, which provided the most economical flights (example: round-trip from Los Angeles, CA to San Jose, Costa Rica for under $300 dollars), to places to stay for all price ranges (as low as $25/per night for a single), and all the other wedding details were presented as well. People were so thrilled with the ceremony, the location, the entertainment, food, music, accommodations, shuttles, group waterfall adventures & other group outings, that we realized we have something pretty special, unique & affordable to offer to others... SACRED WEDDING CEREMONIES IN COSTA RICA!!

The Hawaiian Islands has long been a popular wedding & honeymoon destination for Couples. Far more exotic, beautiful, unique and affordable, we offer you Costa Rica!

I will handle the details here in the U.S., as well as officiate the ceremony and work closely with the Couple in the Creative process, while Sofiah Jaffer-Thom will handle all the details in Costa Rica!

For more information, please contact Shivakti Shaktiva @ [email protected]

Fees & services range and vary, based on needs.
See more photos from the Jaffer-Thom wedding below!


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