Lucy Luv

Level II Tantrika


Lucy Luv

I love to inspire others to embody their most authentic self and guide them into experiencing the greatest health, happiness and love. My passion is Self-Love and I consider it my calling to help others cultivate an honest and unconditionally loving relationship with themselves.

Lucy Luv

Greetings Beautiful Beings!

I look forward to sharing my heart with you. Over the last 10 years I have studied with several shamans as well as completing certifications as an NLP master practitioner, Tantra/Sacred Embodiment Educator, Life/Motivational/Social & Emotional Intelligence Coach, Health & Nutritional coach, Reiki, & Sound healing Practitioner.

I have been offering 1-1 tantric multisensory sessions for the last 8 years and have worked with hundreds of clients.

I am heart centered and have a daily spiritual practice. I consider myself a beautiful (inside and out) healthy conscious and embodied person with a sincere desire to learn & grow with the temple!

See you soon in the Sacred Playground/Prayerground.
In loving bliss,

Lucy Luv


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Lucy LuvLucy Luv

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She was one of a kind, heart skipped beats. I would love to see her again!


Apr 14th, 2020

My experience with Lucy was fantastic. She is welcoming, passionate, and beautiful.


Feb 2nd, 2020

Lucy is a warm and loving soul, beautiful inside and out. Her touch and words were incredibly uplifting, can't wait to see her again!


Jan 29th, 2020

It's all true. Lucy is the Goddess we all seek in Tantra. Nurturing, loving, playful, and beautiful - she is both journey and destination . She inspires you to learn, to grow, and to seek peace within yourself. Pleasure is used as a teaching tool. Lucy has a generosity of spirit I have seldom seen. What a special person.


Jan 19th, 2020

Awesome time, great techniques and it was an unforgettable experience.


Jan 18th, 2020

I saw Lucy in two consecutive days because I felt really supported by her and craved more. I really appreciated that she was spontaneous and that she was so sincere. She gave me a number of helpful ideas and was so generous with me. I hope to see her again!


Jan 10th, 2020

Unforgettable. Incredible. Like 2.5 hours of heaven on earth. Pure joy, curiosity, presence, play… Lucy’s mission in life is to share and embody pure, unconditional love. She does. It’s unreal. She is spiritually in tune, radiant, and connected to a deeper power—I felt it in her every touch. This session will linger in my mind for some time.


Jan 8th, 2020

Lucy gave everything in her effort to care for me, listen to me, and teach me. She’s truly amazing and I hope to see her again.


Jan 6th, 2020

Did a double with Lucy and Moon and it was even better than expected. They were both amazing. Highly recommend!


Jan 5th, 2020

The session with Lucy was the most incredible one I've had to date. I can't say enough great things about her. She was beautiful and had a wealth of knowledge about tantra which she generously shared. The conversation was very fun and her warm presence put me at ease right away. By the end of the session, my hands were literally tingling with energy and my mind was completely relaxed. I am grateful for the experience and eagerly look forward to my next session with her!


Dec 31st, 2019

Had a doubles session with Lucy and Ashley and it was my best experience at the temple ever - which is saying a lot since almost all my experiences have been stellar and life-altering! Lucy was impossibly beautiful, incredibly warm, fun and loving, and along with Ashley they brought out sides of me that I’ve never known - inside or outside the temple. It was truly transcendent and I wish I could keep her all to myself 🙂 Can’t wait to see her again! Till then, I’ll always have my memories of the session to keep me smiling and tingling.


Dec 31st, 2019

Lucy is amazing, loving, spiritual and a special therapist


Dec 23rd, 2019

I saw Lucy Luv as a double with Angel and a pair of love angels they are indeed. This may just have been my greatest experience at either temple (SF and Oakland) EVER! They are truly loving practitioners of their art from the heart. Simple magical.


Dec 13th, 2019

Amazing experience. Lucy has an amazing spirit and my session had me feeling great for days afterwards.


Nov 28th, 2019

Lucy is new to the temple but I have already seen her three times. She is loving, funny, and a total stunner. She makes the session all about you and will teach you things about yourself that you did not expect. I highly recommend her!


Nov 26th, 2019

Excellent. She has it all: beauty, skills, love, sweetness. A rising star here who shines a very bright light. -Queen Love


Nov 19th, 2019

Lucy LuvLucy Luv

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