Kamala Devi

Level II Tantrika

Fully Vaccinated

Kamala Devi

Kamala Devi


Hello magical beings of light and love.

I am passionate about embodied practices and holistic care that expands consciousness and gives way to a newly inspired, connected and joyful way of living. I have studied both eastern and western modalities and have honed my skill set to cater to each individuals unique experience. I truly believe that honouring our magnificent bodies and cherishing each sacred union is an act of honouring the divine and a profound celebration of life. Through my passion and state of full acceptance, I invite you to embark with me on this journey of erratic self exploration and to transcend to the collective consciousness. As we swim through the depths of our true essences, we are able to harness this life force into all other aspects of life and love. It is a gift and blessings to share these moments in the never ending practice of connection with you.

Come dance with me in the magic of life!
Love and Blessings on your path.
Kamala Devi
Certified Massage Therapist
Usui/ Holy Fire Reiki

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Kamala DeviKamala Devi

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I don’t know how many stars there are to give, but I give Kamala all of them. (There really are a lot of stars.) Kamala is the first goddess I have had a session with at the temple. I really tried to be different and just write “person” instead of “goddess,” but you got me. I’m a convert. I’m at an age where true connection is what I need and want. And it can happen in small moments, although less likely. My small 90-minute moment with Kamala feels like a world of its own. It takes a special person, I mean goddess, to meet you, see you, hold you, and guide you to something more than the sum of your parts. Humans are lovely. I forget that sometimes. And two persons coming together to create something beyond themselves is one of the great joys of being here. This was more a reminder of how tender and compassionate we can be with one another, even strangers (at first blush), than anything else. All that is needed is a soul ready to receive and another filled with boundless care. Kamala is that soul and through her I discovered a 90-minutes I will not only never forget, I will treasure. And I’m not one for flowery reviews, or reviews of any kind. In fact, this is not that. It is a testament to my time with her. Thank you, Kamala.


Feb 22nd, 2023

What an angel! Kamala is like a sweet flower fairy, a delicate, gentle, sincere and precious beauty that has a bright diamond light heart which shines thru in the energy of her session. She has the presence that you feel safe to be held in, safe to be seen. Holy Love!

*Queen Love*

Aug 25th, 2022

Kamala was respectful, attentive, and deeply intuitive to the exchange of energy. She guided me through breathing and releasing energy. I had a wonderful experience with Kamala. What a kind soul.


May 7th, 2022

My session with Kamala was nothing short of sensational. She is a kind and gentle soul with a heart-warming smile and a nurturing touch. I can't wait to see her again.


Apr 4th, 2022

I had the most wonderful session with Kamala. Her personality was heart warming and her touch was blissful. I cannot say enough good things about my massage and I already look forward to booking my next appointment with her.


Feb 17th, 2022

I saw Kamala a while ago and forgot to leave a review. She was truly lovely, playful, light-hearted and easy to relax with -- playful and sweet but with wonderful touch that went deep into my heart. She is a gift you owe yourself!


Dec 24th, 2021

I had an absolutely wonderful 2 hour session with Kamala and I'm still feeling blissful hours after. She put me at ease right away and knew exactly how to tune my body to a state of pure relaxation. Would definitely come back to see Kamala next time.


Nov 20th, 2021

Seriously the best…a charming and refreshing human. I cannot wait to see Kamala again!


Aug 23rd, 2021

I had an amazing time with Kamala. She was so lovely and sweet. Her beauty and welcoming aura made me at ease right away. My day is so much better thanks to her. I can’t wait to see her again


Aug 5th, 2021

I had the distinct pleasure of having a session with Kamala Devi and Isabella recently and I can't begin to say enough wonderful things about them both. Kamala has an amazing command of energy and a soft sensual touch that transported me to a world of bliss and relaxation. Slow, loving and most importantly, a natural, intuitive feel for transmitting loving, healing sensation into my body where I enjoyed an incredible experience all the way. Isabella was an amazing guide and facilitator in the journey and was equally remarkable, as always. Looking forward to seeing Kamala Devi (and Isabella!) again soon!


Jul 14th, 2021

Kamala is a perfect addition to the Temple. Her warmth and natural beauty put me immediately at ease. Her massage technique pulled me in all the right places and the rhythmic sound of her breathing pulled me right out of my daily mental grind and stresses. She was just what I needed at this moment in time. Easy to talk to and vibe with, beautiful to look at, perfectly present. I didn't want our session to end.


Jul 9th, 2021

Experience calm mindfulness and let yourself untangle in a session with Kamala. Her beauty, angelic voice and touch will leave you energized, stress dissolved and mind cleared.


Jul 9th, 2021

Amazing experience. Very calming ambience and Kamala herself brings a very relaxing appeal to the way she talks.
I would definetly come again to get the experience that I have had never before.


Jul 3rd, 2021

I had a promo double with Kamala and Isabella. Both attractive, pleasant and attentive. The session had left me in a transended state. Well definitely repeat
Thank you Kamala and Isabella!


Jul 2nd, 2021

My session with Kamala was wonderful. She was warm and welcoming from the start. After a quick shower we started with some breath connection facing each other on the table and I was able to let go of my tension and anxiety and relax into an intimate space completely under her spell. Her massage skills are great and the whole session felt like a "moment out of time". I highly recommend a session!


Jul 2nd, 2021

Kamala Devi

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