Grace my tantra with your subtle touch ~ Love Goddess ~ I dream of reaching enlightenment through sensual surrender ~

Allow me to expand and contract
Inside deeper dimensions of your breathing ~

The light of your touch, The seduction from your scent ~ Bending me, transforming me ~

Let’s dive
Together, head first
Inside deeper dimensions
Of reality...

~ No regrets,
No resistance
Only us, you and I
Defining our lives
How we like
~ Scantily ~

Won’t you
Grace my tantra and
Expand my consciousness?
Won't you guide me to the light
Within myself?

Allow me
To release you
In to the waterfall
Of kundalini rising
And never look back on times
Or forwards,
But to be one
Right now
In body
And mind

Beyond words,
Beyond signs,
Beyond meanings -
You and I,
United by one love -
One tantra - (Revised Version) Jason Brain

We invite you to love yourself this much. Give yourself the gift of sacred surrender… Make this a May to remember! Introducing a new dakini to us, Jasmine - in the Bay Area. xoxo