I create Air as an offering.

My eternal heart is open, receiving.

I am awake, taking a walk at home

in my hot black boots.

I am a monkey, a cat, a fairy, a dragon,

with visionary spiders as guardians.

I am surrendering

into innumerable birds,

flocking together, becoming rivers:

focused Water flowing as an offering.

I build supple bridges with my celestialness,

hewn with utmost trust

in the adventure of time and space

and choosing lucidity.

I ripple,

feeling everyone feeling everyone.




I am immense amounts of energy

spewing forth from places

of high sensitivity.

I am fiercely hungry and

relishing in it.

I release into rootedness,

my flowers planted inside

the Earth of Eden.

Enfolded and uncoiled

in love,

I humbly offer myself,

gracefully and with fervor

I create Fire as an offering.

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I awake each day

to the re-discovery of loving you.

Your heart,

intricate antique lace,

and your soul,

rich intoxicating brandy,

have become my favorite books of poetry.

I relish you more with every reading.

Once heart-broken,

I’d gone vagabond,

riding freight trains with

my dopey side-kick ego.

Now I am heart-woken,

a vibrating piano string

struck by your presence.

Our love is a smolders,

a peach being ripened by the sun.

And yet sometimes, you become ill

with the poison of past disappointments.

I hold you tenderly until the fever passes.

Sometimes I am a mess of ancient rage.

You sing me calmly back to peace.

We meet once again in this place,

filled up with

life’s perfection.

We love each other this way,

and we are

salty and buoyant

as the ocean I see us swimming in

before I awake each day.



Visionary poet