The guitar player Ronaldo Leite de Freitas - or simply called Carioca - was born in Rio de Janeiro in 1955.

He started very early with his musical education. From experiences in rock bands he passed on to study different styles of music and to master the knowledge of his instruments.

In 1979/80 he finished his first album "Misterios da Amazonia". Afterthe 80ies he has been working as a music teacher, as an arranger of more than thirty independent LPs, as a composer for theatre, dance and movie. Due to constant touring in Europe, he also started to live in Switzerland. Together with Ted Barlocher he founded the "Escola de Samba do Apito". Arranging, composing, producing soundtracks, recordings for studios and television soon characterized his work which started to be known in Europe, Australia, Africa, Asia as well as in South and Central America.

His first LP was followed by "Luar do Sertao", "Ciranda", "7 dias 7 instrumentos, Musica", "caRIOca", "Danças de Caboclo", "Beija Flor", "In Circle", "Meeting in the Forest" and "Danças Brasileiras".

The purpose of the last one was to translate Brasilian rhythms and dances into a happy and folkloristic version of Brasilian music. "Danças Brasileiras" reveals the style of chamber music, which inspired suites and reminds of little popular pieces of dance music.

For the performance of "Danças Brasileiras" Carioca invited cellist Dimos Goudaroulis and bass player Celio Barros.

Together they create an atmosphere purely instrumental, though without losing the Brasilian soul, humour, the dance and happiness of the Brasilian art of music.

Repertoire: Variaçois sobre um tema, Vôo livre, Baiao, Maracatu, Maxice, Bailado, Sambando, Forro, Fafieira, Quadrilha, Serenata.

Since 1986 he travels world wide performing and giving workshops in countries like France, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Germany, Canada, USA and Israel.